Guide on Epic Rework, Qigong-Yang, and Future Vagabond Updates

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    Hello guys, it is Clearwater here. I am finally back from the long summer break and now ready to commit again to the fight in DFO!
    I am really happy to see a growing number of Vagabonds in game and this Epic rework definitely in every way works in our favour.
    So, if you have not been following closely to the international (Korean) Vagabond arena, let me bring you up to date >_<

    Table of Contents
    1. Epic Rework + Gear Selection
    2. Qigong-Yang + Recommandations
    3. Buffs to Vagabond in the September patch in Korea
    4. Some suggestions for our current patch rotatio

    This patch has seen many drastic changes to the Epic poll.
    The most notable ones are :
    1. Dark Gothic set being nerfed to the ground for Vagabonds
    2. Byello grants attack speed and is no longer super punishing for missies (only -5% HR instead of -15%
    As for the rest of the major sets, here I have some good data calculated from my mentor in Cdnf.
    Here I will save you the time of reading pages after pages of calculations and justifications, and only bring you the results.
    Of course, everything is for your consideration only >_<
    1. All comparisons are made to Lv.85 Halidom sets
    2. Only Armour is concerned in this case (so if you have other smash or crit modifiers on weapon or accessory, it will change the result)
    3. No amp or enchantment are taken in to consideration
    4. All + skill level taken into account
    5. Attack Speed/ Movement Speed / Crit Chance not taken into account
    Swift Chameleon Set - 35.6% increase without defense shred, 42% with 4 stacks of defense shred.
    Tactical Commander Set - 80.4% increase with four men party
    Assassin's Creed Set - 103% increase with disguise activated. 113% increase with full back-attack and counter-attack
    Volcano Set - 51% increase
    Nature Guardian Set - 85% increase with wind buff, 107% increase with correct elemental buff
    Dark Gothic Set - 63.8% increase
    ***Finally, the Gracia Legendary Set (6pc) - 51% increase

    Please note that these are all theoretical values only and can only be applied with each player's unique discretion.
    For instance, if you have a Balmug, the damage increase of the Assassin's Creed Set would be dramatically lowered due the +18% smash being overriden.
    At the same time, Tactical Set does not offer large amount of innate elemental damage, and thus has great synergy with Ice Princess Set.

    P.S. Lightning Sword Gorun got a decent buff to its damage and could be used with great synergy with the Gracia Sets.

    On the Topic of PocketWatch vs. Textbook

    Pocketwatch - around a 7% damage increase in all damages beside 2nd active
    Textbook - 3.5% increase for all skill without TP, 14.6% for with TP, 10% for 1st active, 23% for 2nd active.
    ***Hint: Textbook is the best (Only wish I had one toooo >_<)

    I have seen quite recently that many Vagabond are in eager pursuit for the road of Qigong-Yang and are quite optimistic about the result.
    I want to tell all of you:
    Stop and Rethink Now!
    During the past few month, I actually went ahead with my own Qigong-Yang set and I must say that the result is most disappointing.
    First of all, I was able to rack-up around 155 abnormal status level on my Qigong-Yang with the Dirty Adjutant Rib and a Queen of Pain LS.
    With full Tarantula Set, my electrocution was doing around 55K damage each tick to Tog at max stack.
    At the same time, I was doing around 1 - 1.5M each tick to Tog with a Sadre.

    Now, it may seem great and can actually Kill even raid Tog with efficacy, it is not worth it.

    First of, the full set actually request somewhat high investment, including the +3 title, the sub-equipment and the full Epic Set
    Second, most of the Anton Raid bosses have incredible abnormal resistance, especially to abnormal damages. For instance, with a Sadre I was barely reaching 20K a tick when I was trying to damage Nerbe.

    So what now?

    If you really like Qigong-Yang and want to invest into it, go ahead. It does let you be the Raid Tog killer
    Also, you could use it to hold a few of the named monsters and bosses in Raid:
    1. Tog (snare)
    2. Agnes (Stun)
    3. Kres (stun)
    4. Molten Rock (stun)
    5. Medel (Stun)
    Utilize this skill well and you could be a good team support!!

    Other content coming up... (Too tired for the day...will continue tomorrow)
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  2. Randomaq

    In my experience, full plate (the other lvl 85 plate set that isn't mana vortex) is stronger than sub cano set just in case anyone picks up pieces for it and is thinking about dissing it... Not sure how it compares to other sets though...

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