Grab Mastery Wording.

Discussion in 'Grappler' started by DivineArc, Apr 9, 2015.

  1. DivineArc

    The way Grab Mastery is worded now is slightly confusing. Does Grab Mastery work like Heaven's Net now? I'm asking because I did a test with a friend and when I had him strike a couple of enemies and when he did, the damage was inconsistent. When I held the enemy with Fling, it did the same amount of damage for each attack which was fixed at a medium between the highest crit he did and the lowest damage he did without me Fling holding.

    Also my passive is at level 4 which is 4 percent damage on grabbed enemies.
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  2. Dubin carried by fmage

    "Grabbed enemies receive additional damage."

    Actually that sounds like it just buffs the damage of *our* grab '3' so like *our* Fling/WCS/etc. gets a universal damage buff scaling according to the skill description. I remember Neople implemented a bunch of stuff like this that made Shoulder Tackle ded and MAX ALL DA GRABS dabest.
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  3. marlymar PIGPEN

    need some spreadsheets for this one boys

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