Goodbye for now.

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  1. Munu summy 4 life

    Well, this is it for me. I tried my best to stick with this game and find reasons to play everyday and to enjoy my time with friends, but I cant find anymore enjoyment out of this game. I used this game as a coping method for my depression and it hasn't helped me, its actually made things worse for me. My next step is trying to make my life better by going out more and making some friendships where I can. I'm really struggling right now, but I just wanted to say to everyone: Thank you. Seriously, you all get some shit for being awful people, but I love all of you guys and I'm glad that Ive received so much help and love from all the members of this community. You guys have taught me a lot about this game and I'm glad I got to experience the highs and lows of this game. I hope you all can make some good changes for this game and for our community. Heres to the goodbye and maybe the eventual return.
  2. Reyak

    I respect you for being able to stop playing out of your own choice and not because of the direction your life is taking.

    Cheer up! You might actually have alot to be happy about, but just dont realize it yet.
  3. James ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░

    I feel like DFO is a poor coping mechanism/escape. If you can't invest into it, it's not going to give back to you unless you're lucky. Being unlucky in this game is simply depressing and unfun. Personally, I think DFO at this point is just unfun in general. Not an attack at your decision to use DFO, but rather an observation of my own.

    Regardless, props to you to trying to change yourself and your situation. All the best. :hungergaymes:
  4. Misukun ◤◡ᴥ◡◥

    byebye! on the upside volleyball s3 just started again :)

    good luck!

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