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Discussion in 'Glacial Master' started by Yankotsu, Sep 2, 2015.

  1. Yankotsu

    Hello all. I recently Made my first Glacial Master and the game says to use a rod. However a Staff has better MA so wouldn't that be the ideal weapon of choice?? If someone could help me figure out which is better and why that would be cool.

    The main issue is that GM is mostly cast based so is the attack speed needed? I've hear that attack speed helps with spell animation?
  2. Nier FPriest main since 2017

    it's the other way around actually. Most GM skills are instant cast meaning it's affected by att speed. If we're just talking about magic sealed weapons, rod is usually preferred but I've seen GMs use staves just because they could care less about aspd.
  3. Chardo Fight for truth and tacos al pastor

    Most GM skills are based on attack speed actually

    Grand shatter, Snow-flower spear, windmill spear, ice white sword, Ice hammer, ice trap, are all based on Attack speed

    later (or at least in my version of kdnf) the magic attack difference is absolutely minuscule (liberation staff is only like 10 Mattack higher than liberation rod)

    just also get shorter cooldowns. which are kind of a thing you want to consider once you havea 9pc chronicle set and want to exploit your strongest skill as fast as you can.
  4. Yankotsu

    Thank you both.
  5. Crumps

    Just a quick question about weapons. Would the +12 coupon in kdnf/cdnf work on a liberation rod?
  6. Alex X

    I don't know for sure, but since posts here have said the final Liberation weapon is tradable and most Anton parties request a minimum of a +12 liberation weapon equipped for most classes I would place bets on it being likely they do work.

    Either way the liberation weapons are coming soon though, so whenever the tickets arrive we can always test it directly.
  7. Chardo Fight for truth and tacos al pastor

    yes, if you succeed that's it

    if its a 100% succeed +12 coupon, that one must be worth thousands of millions.

    there are certain coupons which only work on certain event weapons however, but Im pretty sure the ones you get from skellington boxes work on any weapon.
  8. Aciano

    Hello, i have a +11 ticket and im not sure which weapon to use it on. i have a Air Rod and a Spirit Lord Protection Rod, air rod is +12% dmg acorss the board, but spirit rod has +3 resonance, +3 frozen soul, and alot of other skill boosted. not sure which is better for solo play
  9. Vatar

    According to the kdnf minimum rais entry thread, they seem to ask from GMs to have at least 18 levels in Resonance so Spirit Rod could certainly help with that.

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