Glacial Masters: Kings of the Cold

Discussion in 'Glacial Master' started by Pure, May 22, 2014.

  1. Mr. Sly Guest

    Thought so, and there's only like 5 threads in this whole category lmao.
  2. Serkia

    To be fair there is like 10 Glacial Master mains :<
  3. Mr. Sly Guest

    I'm not sure if I'ma main or not, but so far, he's had the best luck in OV. Gotten 2 floral hell pieces before I even finished the necklace quest... Not to mention self res is nice <3. Hopefully it all changes when 2nd awakenings come though, I rarely see male mages these days x.x
  4. Is this guide still relevant / up-to-date now that second awakenings have come out?
  5. Acewing


    You just have choices between every single OV set now, even Ultimate Ice. Which means you'll have varying skill builds depending on what you want to go for: IFH = GS, IA = Broken Arrow, Long Ice = Ice Trap, Short Ice = Crystal/windmill/lance, (actually, I think you only go 3 piece Ice Vine...), and something with 6 piece ultimate ice and something else for Ice Hammer spam.

    What I'd like to know: is what a neutral build would be if you went all epics or used sea god set. Having a bit of a hard time figuring that out....

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