General questions I have about the Monk. Can I get some insight?

Discussion in 'Monk' started by Butch, Nov 21, 2015.

  1. Butch

    1. In the current version of DFO Global, can the Monk still perform an infinite combo in PvP? or does gravity make it impossible?
    2. What is the ideal attack speed and movement speed for the Monk in PvP? What should be a Monks attack/movement speed goals?
    3. At the moment, is a maxed out Nuclear Punch stronger than a maxed out Dragon Kick? (I'm asking this because I remember that Dragon Kick was one of, if not the, most powerful non-awakened physical skill in the game.)
    4. What elemental damage should a Monk specialize in? (I see most of the High Geared Monks stacking Light Damage / Light Attribute cards on their accessories and weapons, should I do the same?)
    5. Besides maxing the skill, how can a Monk bring the stun chance of Ducking Body Blow up to 100%?
    6. Which is better, stacking Strength, stacking Physical Power or a mix of Strength and Physical Power attribute/cards on gear?
    7. Is it possible to reduce the cool down of Sway and Ducking Dash in PvP/PvE?
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  2. Vince Omega

    1. You can't do it, there's standing combo protection now. You can, however, do 50-80 pct combos.
    2. You'll want to hit 40 on both.
    3. Probably, however, Strikers have better buffs. So you aren't likely to hit the damage cap like they can.
    4. Any damage element will do.
    5. You can't get close to 100 pct stun on proc for DDB. You'll be lucky to even stack close to 50.
    6. Physical Power, maxing will driver and it's TP gives you a crap ton of strength already. If you have the chance, always go Physical. You can still stack strength on emblems however.
    7. Through cd pots and chronicle equipment.
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