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  1. Ah also, I've been googling ultimate diva luke raid clears for some time now... and I found uploaded two days ago

    Football set, savior claw, agnes, locke, infinite neck, five sense bracelet/mateka, dazzling spirit ring, time defiler set for cd reset swap. Magic sealed earrings (lol).
    Maybe some other stuff as well, I haven't had the time to watch through all the video. It does seem like a succesful clear, so dream = alive? Seems like a saint,fgrapp,wm,ds party.

    Now I gotta check out how many berserk mechanics triggered or how time was spent in x-string when I get home :V
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  2. Altana Professional DingleDorf

    4 Ebin Fgrap Awaken Anton team assemble!
  3. outside of unstoppable grab, what are the plat options for us?
  4. Duck Suburban Strangler

    I'm down whenever
  5. AliasZ

    AliasN, bbyNen
    Any tricks to charging savior quickly on this class?
  6. Kajitii

    Cyclone Suplex and Giant Swing trash mobs. Otherwise, x string. Failing that, lol have fun.

    I have the convenience of Eternal Glory: Mateka, which prevents loss of energy charges through inactivity. I forget if it is Mateka or Kuro that gives you 2x energy (at work, can't dofo atm). Other than those, making full use of Savior in parties is suffering.
  7. I just got savior tonfa yesterday. Is there any other weapons better than this for f grap besides savior gauntlet? And if i go 6 pce gracia and bulky set would that be enough to be an efficient source of dmg in raid
  8. Bups


    Eat your heart out Altana
  9. Kajitii

    Tonfa is valuable for its speed if you want that. Knuckles imo are a bit too fast for party play though. Claws trade a little bit of that speed (and evasion, and hit rate, and ...) for physical critical chance, and I think could be a marginal improvement over Tonfas. The strength and base attack stats are the same.
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  10. Feeshi

    Not to rain on the parade but SQ can't be tested in nugol. If you are going to test it out in nugol, change the settings to "Boss," so it's a 5% hp shred instead of 30%. Any real testing with it though has to be done in heroic or raid because of the HP shred.

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