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  1. Hey guys,

    Recently came back to DFO after a year hiatus to play the new lancer class and I'm glad I did. I immediately fell in love with.the feeling of skirmisher.

    I know Valic made a guide which I've read through, but there's a few things I'm wondering as far as "end game" goes.

    Now talking about gearing -
    I think that it's safe to say that as far as Chrons go, Fortitude is for buffing and Prophet is for utility. Ideally, we want to be in Gracia set or Epic Guardian set for "end game" though.

    As far as accessories and such goes -
    Is the gigantic set our best option?
    Is the petit pet currently the best option?
    Are there any titles, subs, etc. that you feel is a necessary upgrade?

    For weapons -
    I'm assuming Serpent is BiS atm. For somebody who HATES manual inputs, what would the 2nd best epic weapon be?

    Thanks for the answers and sorry for the noob-ish questions, but I've been away since F.Slayer release so I feel a bit in the dark.

    Also, anyone else drop crescent completely?
  2. Saiko Unlucky.

    Okay, lets start, Gigantic Presence is not the best option but the safest, why? basically cause you can farm it and it's a matter of time getting it meanwhile, the epic accesories such as Cold Princess and Refined Stone (which are better) you don't really know when will you be able to get them thanks to the rgn factor.

    The best option as for pet I'd say that is The Behemoth, this pet you can buy it in the AH for 60m or more, don't know the price right now, but yeah, that would be the best option for our class (or for the 90% classes in DFO) cause that pet is super good.

    As for titles, the ones you can get are the Doppelganger titles (depending on which element you are going), Katana title or Phys. Attack Samba title, I don't really recommend the Summer Festival title cause it's not really good in general. As for subs and m.stone I'd say that you should try to manage your build with what you have, having a Silver Watch + DKT is everyone's dream, but yeah, again rng factor.

    Our BiS Weapon is not Serpent Strike, it's Savior's Glory Lance now that Raid is available. Serpent Strike would be our 2nd option and as for a 3rd option I should say that Bamboo is really good as well.

    Edit: Try to do what you can with what you have not with what you may get
  3. Valic I don't mind...

    Keep in mind with the 90 epic patch, Soulbreaker becomes our 3rd best option(not counting 90 epics) with a water build. Since it gives a bit more water damage and replaces the crescent strike ability with water damage % proc. If anything, it's arguable that bamboo comes behind soulbreaker and serpant spike in terms of damage around then too. Don't get me wrong, it's a very good weapon, just depends on what you're building or looking for.

    Saiko has most of it down but really it comes down to what RNG blesses you with. If you're not going the hell route, you can always farm gracia, liberation long lance, gigantic presence accessories, and then simple sub equips like a light magic stone or a sub equip that gives a good amount of patk.

    As for the crescent question. Originally when I first started, I did drop it entirely. Since then I gave it a 2nd chance an I've figured out just how useful it is for me. I currently still don't have it maxed, rather as a dump skill as the cd is pretty long but it's a room cleaner and powerful as hell. In the end, you can choose what you want to do with it, but personally I would recommend getting at least 1 level since it positions enemies/bosses and can clean rooms quickly. If you look at the combo section I added too, you'll see some various uses it can have when you're combo'ing one skill into another.

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