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    Do you like guns?

    As with any guide this is a suggested route you can take with developing your character. Perhaps there is a rare ava or emblem event going on and you want to get your rare avatars/enchants before plunging into ancients/hell mode. You absolutely can! But if you don't know what you're doing, take on the steps in order (or ask in the general)

    Beginner/Pvp tier

    Grind out a full halidom leather armor set: shoulder, top, bottom, belt, shoe. (level 80 or 85; 80 is less grindy but less stats; a full set of either gives decent crit chance and speed and a few more skill levels; going 2+3 gives the most stats)

    For weapons, a halidom revolver, devastating revolver, or ticket to heaven are all decent to start with. +11 is not as vital as popular myth would have you think, you can do fine in +10 or less.

    Consider picking up an elemental necklace, elemental tear, osiris ring, and generic class attack subequip. The halidom accessory set gives an abundance of speed and defensive stats, but isn't too important and tends to be replaced quite easily.

    Farmer (dabbling in hell mode and doing dailies)

    Consider acquiring either a chronicle set (9pc precise fire, or 6pc standard procedure with miscellaneous) or 6pc gracia with miscellaneous

    precise fire has excellent synergy with chain powder and significantly buffs moving shot/death hawk.
    standard procedure gives +10% dbr crit damage (nice) and buffs chain powder along with other things (also nice).
    Chronicle sets are no longer "meta" for rangers, but they are fun sets and can be acquired quickly through events, dark elf ruins, and the Otherverse.

    Gracia is the ancient quest legendary set for Noire Ferra, and the best farmable set you can get; you can easily acquire 120+ light damage, 6% additional light damage. consider leaving accessory slots open for gigantic presence, otherwise work with what you get from hell. it is inadvisable to stack or use items focusing on other elements if you are using gracia. check this out

    Weapon wise, gracia family heirloom revolver is a decent farmable weapon. If you do the appeasing stone dailies, you'll eventually be able to buy a requiem revolver, and might consider upgrading to a liberation revolver eventually. Other legendary revolvers are somewhat weaker than liberation or gimmicky but generally come cheaper too.

    Since you will begin dabbling in hell mode with the demon invites you acquire, don't forget that you aren't restricted to leather armor or light damage; there are all kinds of elemental and mixed settings that use equipment of all types, and many sets become incredibly strong as a full set. It is beyond the scope of this guide to provide a commentary on each individual item, and with the changing nature of the game a few patches down the roads things may change once again.


    get 6pc gracia if you haven't yet and ditch your chron set

    if you have not found a decent selection of epics to go with gracia, you will probably want the gigantic presence accessory set (40 watk, 18 ele damage, 12% crit, 10% skill damage, 10% str/int, -10% cooldown reduction). do anton normals every day to collect ~30 antonium per day; each piece costs 1050 antonium.

    with gracia and GP you will have one offslot on armors or special equipment.

    consider getting an advanced/rare avatar set and emblems. gracia is worth enchanting, so work on that too. aim for 97% crit.

    consider amping your equipment (not weapon) starting with core epics/legends

    --Basic enchantment--

    Kane (9% shoulder)
    Yellow Dragon's bijou bead (3% belt, shoe)
    various patk cards (top, bottom, weapon)
    aracloso, light knight, magneus (8-11 light damage, accessories)

    --DBR swap set--

    You can technically get +11 without using armor or accessory pieces but you only need +10.
    biting gin stinger (+3)
    DBR plats (+2)
    avatar top (+1)
    DBR title (+2-3)
    DBR pet (+1)
    unique motion aura plat slot (+1)

    Fill the 10 other equipment slots with tainted dbr pieces.

    if you can't get +10 that way, your armor slots can give you some levels of dbr. you will be getting a slightly weaker DBR but it'll barely be noticeable.
    sea god's pants (+1)
    coliseum top (+1) (pvp)
    quartz spirit (+1) (forgotten land), time traveler's silver watch (+1), navarre's insignica (+1)
    Halidom weapon (+1), webley/anaconda (+2)



    Silver Bullet: Some people have a soft spot for this weapon, but lower bullet output compared to mranger makes it a poor contender with lord of ranger. The most powerful setups utilize dark or water respectively so the 35 light damage tends to be lost there too.

    Lord of Ranger: 60% smash with 0 quickslots used. Absolutely worth learning full manuals for, even if you sacrifice some efficiency or speed in the process.

    Savior's Glory - Revolver: 35% skill damage, with another 25% skill damage when at 100 energy. The most flexible and powerful weapon available; because it frees up your smash modifier, you can multiply your damage further than lord of ranger can. This item can only be acquired through gold cards, Anton epic pots, or by purchasing it with 20 Anton souls.

    --Excellent epic armor sets--

    wesley's tactical (85 leather): 55% additional damage in a party of 4, 500 str aura, bunch of smaller auras. popular set, for good reason

    dark gothic (80 cloth): 250+ shadow damage, 10% additional shadow damage, -shadow resist on enemies. almost requires amping to compensate for extreme lack of strength. will be nerfed eventually but will still offer significant shadow damage, though many other sets get buffed too so keep that in mind

    mana vortex (85 plate): 25% additional damage, significant cooldown reduction, set effect resets lv 45 and under skills every 10 seconds. great set but has fallen out of favor with burst meta (still an excellent set)

    natural guardian (85 light): significant proc damage that scales with DBR, decent additional damage. solo naval gun in raid! devastate tog! scales inefficiently with stats/saders but significant amount of damage ignores armor.

    assassin's attitude (85 leather): 35% additional damage (while camouflage from the pieces is active), 44444 damage on back/counter attack, higher than average strength, 18% smash, 15% crit damage. good set and technically capable of phenomenal damage but somewhat difficult to take full advantage of additional damage on back/counter attack.


    full plate (85 plate): 40% additional damage (while super armor from the pieces is active), huge stats. 15% crit damage and has plenty of speed, super armor, and attack. attack bonus from set effect is swappable

    magical contract (85 heavy): decent set but may be difficult to stay in the optimal HP range

    spider queen (85 heavy): becomes significantly stronger post rework; 30% smash damage clashes with lord of ranger

    eyeshield ladanian (85 light): becomes significantly stronger post rework; too inconsistent and gimmicky right now)

    unknown dark hole (80 heavy): 50% additional damage, but can you handle blindness?

    submarine volcano (80 light): becomes significantly stronger post rework; somewhat weak right now

    Endgame bits and pieces:

    --Final enchantments--
    essence giant nugol card (45 weapon attack) on top/bottom/weapon, use a cube contract if you aren't inflicting the element you want
    noblesky bijou beads (5% crit belt/shoe) if you need it
    rifle max (10% crit shoulder) if you need it
    noblesky sub equip bead for subequip
    some anton cards give incredible elemental damage for accessories, anton's heart for magic stone gives up to 15 all ele

    --Super swapping--
    After casting death by revolver, you can swap to chain powder plats for slightly more damage
    Swap to petit crimson rose or swap avatar tops when casting your 2nd awakening to deal a ton more damage.

    Other details

    --Gender differences--
    Franger skills focus on burst, whereas mranger skills tend to lean towards increased shot count, duration, and sustained damage. Frangers have additional mobility with gunblade and holds in kill point/2nd awaken. Frangers must conserve cancels due to their slow recovery time, whereas mrangers can cancel with impunity. Mrangers have a thing for headshot.

    --Leather armor mastery--
    Isn't gamechanging, but is nice to have. The most important stats here are Strength, Physical crit, and Attack speed. Many epic sets have means of boosting attack speed, and strength gains from mastery pale in comparison to what crusaders can provide. Physical crit can be remedied somewhat with emblems, or accessory options if that is available, but frangers may have slightly more difficulty with this due to not having Sudden Death.

    --Party synergy--
    Frangers have no particular party synergy to speak of aside from elemental ones. Kill point and 2nd awaken are excellent holding/mob gathering tools however, and we have vacuum effects on death hawk/chain snatch that can assist in the repositioning of enemies or objects for gimmicks.
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