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    So... I've been experimenting with things to see how to break G-Series, and here's what I've come up with:

    Buff Swap Robotics (highest level possible, or what not), switch out to:
    9 Piece Wasp (Raptor Focus) + Epic weapon with high Magic Attack/Int + Magic Stone with high elemental damage (Max out your stats for these gears).
    Summon Corona, transform to Raptor (or Rolling Thunder if using 6 Wasp+3 Mechanizer, or 9 piece Mechanizer)

    Switch out to damage amplification+utility gear (stats more or less irrelevant-- with possible exception of critical chance depending on when it is applied):
    -Ranger Rod / Lord of Ranger (Must be full command key for bonus)
    -Ray Decrease Shoulder (if using Light elemental for G-Series, dunno how it'd work though -- use a different piece for Fire element)
    - [some sort of critical damage booster]

    Additional info::
    -Robotics buff will recalculate G-Series's hit damage based on current gear and buffs whenever it is used -- when it expires it removes only the buff portion from the skill.
    -Stats that are currently factored into G-2 and G-3 Transformation and Robotics recalculations:: Gear's set effects on additional skill damage, Character stats (Int, Magic attack, Elemental damage, etc.)
    -Factor(s) impacting damage calculations when actually attacking: Additional damage effects -- eg. Ranger Rod's +5% damage for each open quickslot, Refined Chaos Stone Necklace's +20% damage while confused, +% Critical damage effects. [You will abuse these by swapping into them after transforming G-Series into the form you will be sticking with for additional damage]
    -G-1 Corona deals damage based on real-time stats -- set effect for attack speed is retained even when 3 piece is removed though

    -Stats that need to be checked:: Critical Chance (whether that is applied when the skill is used, or when the skill is damaging enemies)

    Now... when all is said and done... if the verdict is that G-Series build with proper gear can stand its ground against the standard Crazed Arsonist build to some degree-- rebalancing G-Series on M Mech has been a success in terms of game design. If it manages to overpower the standard build and still remain convenient to use, they screwed up in a sense (and I will laugh if it turns out to be the case). If it is still weaker than the standard build, they've still managed to succeed in some part considering you can manage to run King's Relic solo decently with the right gears.

    I compiled a general G-Series use document-- tell me what needs to be fixed, and/or if you want to be added for fixing it up/reformatting it::
    [re-updated:: was given some bad info (likely intentionally) by someone on F Mech forums. Meh. Shoulda went with a check in the first place >_> ]
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