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    Here's my take on how to build PvE FRangers.

    As per usual with any guide, its opinionated and you might develop your own playstyle that would do better with another build.

    Future changes to be aware of

    In August 2016 Kdnf gave gunners a minor rework. Included was an all-around buff for FRangers, including reducing Chain Glint's charge recovery time from 13 seconds to 5, and increasing the max charge count from 4 to 5. This is a great buff, you probably won't have time to polish off charges before more come up. It'll make headshot great again and you probably don't have to worry about running out of cancels again.

    Version edits:
    2016-09-06: spelling, Moving Shot change, KDNF 2016 august rework
    2016-05-10: Full SP guideline
    2016-06-29: Ranger update adds Suppressive barrage, shifts things around
    2016-07-22: style, moving shot TP gains corrected


    Male or female, they are revolver-toting Empyreans who probably visit Kiri more often than they should. Unlike launchers toting giant weapons, mechs making their pals, or spitfires employing their arsenal, rangers discipline their minds and bodies to decimate foes with incredible feats of marksmanship and martial arts.

    Being a percentage-based class, they are considerably weaker than many other classes early on, but can become extremely potent in ultimate endgame setups.

    Skill Build

    At level 86, you have 11010 SP and 37 TP to spend.

    Skills not mentioned should be ignored for PvE. You are assumed to be under Tactician's Contract.

    1. Common Skills

    Quick Rebound (10 SP, master 1): MASTER (10 SP).
    Basic Training (max 86): INNATE. Increases your basic attack damage, as well as moves that scale off basic attacks.
    Physical Critical Hit (20 SP, master 10): MASTER (200 SP). +10% crit rate at level 10. Gives you flexibility in emblem selection.

    No other common skill is worth getting. Some may make an argument for Physical Rear Attack thanks to Kill Point but consistency is more important.

    2. Basic Skills

    Marilyn Rose (20 SP, master 10): 1 (INNATE) or MASTER (180 SP).
    Description: Kick straight up, launching enemies hit. Procs Veiled Cut. Scales off Basic Training.
    Because it procs Veiled Cut, it might be worth leveling to you.

    Rising Shot (15 SP, master 46): Ignore.
    Description: Fire a shot that launches an enemy straight up.
    While leveling, this might be a decent skill to help out with cheese-juggling difficult foes, but after a certain point that doesn't work anymore. It does decent damage when maxed, but launching your foe that high into the air is more annoying than strong.

    Silver Bullet (15 SP, master 44): MASTER (660 SP)
    Description: Imbue your weapon to fire a number of Light-enhanced bullets that inflict additional Light damage. This skill deals extra damage against Undead/Demon/Spirit monsters.
    This skill is monstrous. It deals an additional hit concurrently with your shooting skills, along with having very respectable damage. For a relatively small SP investment it will rival your cubes in damage while being effortless to expend. A must-max in any build.

    Topspin Kick (15 SP, master 41): 1 (15 SP) or MASTER (615 SP)
    Description: Perform a spinning kick, striking all foes in the way twice; damage is spread across 3 hits. Procs Veiled Cut once per hit.
    Covers a wide area, does pretty good damage very quickly when maxed. Even when left at 1, it will still be quite strong thanks to Veiled Cut. You will not have enough SP for this unless you drop some of your later skills.

    Needle Sobat (20 SP, master 39): 1 (INNATE) or MASTER (760 SP)
    Description: Kick viciously at enemies, knocking them back and stunning them. Procs Veiled Cut.
    Causes some serious damage when maxed. Even when left at 1, it can proc Veiled Cut for some decent damage. Has a 36.9% chance to stun at max level. You will not have enough SP for this unless you drop some of your later skills.

    Spriggan (15 SP, master 41): 1 (15 SP).
    Description: Slides and knocks an enemy down, then leap back and fire into them. Procs Veiled Cut.
    A single target grab. Great for buying yourself some time or cheesing a gimmick.

    BBQ (20 SP, master 41): 1 (20 SP), or 10 (200 SP).
    Description: Launch an enemy, then fires gatling gun into them.
    A single target grab. Without the TP, it will not work against unlaunchable foes. Having the TP is very nice, but it is up to you whether to sacrifice 180 more SP and 3 TP for it.

    Rising Topspin Kick (50 SP, max 1): MAX (50 SP). Required for Sonic Spike and nice to have anyway.

    3. Female Ranger skills
    Here you get a taste of the Empyrean combat system and an appreciation for revolvers.

    Ranger Leather Armor Mastery (max 1): INNATE
    Description: Grants HP, MP, Strength, Spirit, Attack Speed, Physical Crit Chance, HP recovery, and MP recovery for each piece of leather armor you wear.
    Endgame leather armor sets are pretty decent, but this armor mastery isn't game-breaking.

    Load Revolver (max 1): INNATE
    Description: Reduces the loading time of Revolves by 20%.
    Less downtime between x-strings. Hopefully you didn't need more encouragement to use a revolver.

    Pan Revolver (20 SP, master 10): MASTER (180 SP)
    Description: Decreases post-shot delay of revolvers and increases revolver piercing strength.
    Noticeably smoother X-strings when maxed.

    Gunblade (15 SP, master 10): 1 (INNATE) or MASTER (135 SP)
    Description: Use the fighting techniques of the Empyrean Court. Gunblade attacks proc Veiled Cut. Scales off Basic Training.
    This is one of your most useful passives. Gunblade maneuvers take some getting used to, but the incredible mobility is very much worth it.
    Whether you want to max it or not depends on your preference for Gunblade maneuvers over other filler moves. This isn't SST, but it does scale off basic training, on top of having its own increased damage.

    Triple Clutch (50 SP, master 1): MASTER (50 SP)
    Description: Lets you cancel certain attacks into each others. Cancelling into a move grants it increased damage.
    It has great synergy with Gunblade moves, so I would definitely recommend you to get this.
    Cancel order:
    (Rush Blade) -> Topspin Kick -> Needle Sobat OR Rainbow Kick -> Headshot OR Rising Shot

    Headshot (25 SP, master 39): 1 (25 SP) or MAX (975 SP)
    Description: Fire a precisely aimed shot that deals considerable damage and pierces through foes.
    I'll be frank. Female ranger Headshot is quite bad by itself. If you wanted to wreck faces, play male rangers.
    A lot of our damage is loaded into Chain Glint, encouraging a more burst-oriented playstyle. Headshot is workable if you Chain Glint into it, but charges are precious and are better spent on other abilities. Maxing this would mean dropping a cube, on top of having to spend 10 TP for Headshot.

    Revenger (25 SP, max 1): MAX (25 SP)
    Description: Counter your attackers by firing back when struck. Has a good chance to stun foes.
    A lifesaver. Hit Z when you are getting hit and you can exit hitstun for a moment as you figure out your next move. You can cancel out of Revenger too.

    Fastest Gun (25 SP, master 10): MASTER (250 SP)
    Description: Draws your weapon faster and increases your basic attack damage.
    Enhances X-string to become faster and stronger. X-string is alright as a filler and fastest gun makes it pretty nice. Consider picking up Basic Training TP if you get this.

    Gun Guard (25 SP, master 10): 0, 1 (25 SP)
    Description: Blocks ranged attacks with your guns and alleviates a portion of the damage dealt.
    Gun Guard's greatest boon is that it nullifies the hitstun/knockback of ranged attacks. If you get it, just get 1 so that you can Chain Glint out of it.

    Chain Snatch (25 SP, master 23): 1 (25 SP)
    Description: Spin your gunblades and gather enemies. Hit the skill key up to two more times to throw the chain forward and reel it back in.
    Fantastic mob gathering tool even with 1 level.

    Death By Revolver (30 SP, master 10; max 20): MASTER (300 SP)
    Description: Temporarily increase Critical Hit Damage for revolvers.
    The only reason we use revolvers, and makes critical hit chance an even bigger priority compared to other classes.

    Sonic Spike (30 SP, master 31): 5 (150 SP), PREF
    Description: Lets you move during Topspin Kick. Also lets you launch yourself forward, dragging enemies into the air. Procs Veiled Cut.
    While mobility during Topspin Kick is handy, you don't tend to need much (though feel free to dump however much SP you need to feel comfortable). Deals decent damage when maxed, but you are unlikely to get all the hits in, on top of spreading your foes all over the place.

    Western Fire (30 SP, max 1): MAX (30 SP)
    Description: Turn and fire a more powerful Headshot. Has its own cooldown.
    You need it for Multi Headshot. If you choose to master Headshot, definitely learn to use this. You can do cheesy things like Chain Glinting a Western Fire into a Headshot.

    Gun Dance (50 SP, master 29): MASTER (1450 SP)
    Description: Fire wildly in all directions, knocking up and dealing severe damage to all enemies nearby. Hit the skill key/X to deal additional attacks.
    Chain Powder: Adds extra gunblade attacks and increases the attack area.
    Our version of the male ranger's Wild Shot. It looks similar, but instead of knocking foes back, it knocks them up. It will also bleed enemies and perform additional melee attacks, but its still a bit less damaging overall. When enhanced with Chain Powder, it deals an additional hit with every melee attack and covers a wider area.

    Moving Shot (40 SP, master 29): MASTER (1160 SP)
    Description: Hold your guns parallel and fire while moving. Z turns you around, hold X to fire, and C cancels Moving Shot.
    Chain Powder: Changes the range to a small area in front of you, fires penetrating shrapnel, and deals more damage.
    Awkward to use at first, but great once you get used to it. Chain powder will make it a great room clearing tool, while the normal version lets you strafe foes from afar or juggle. TP drastically increases the shot count, but doesn't increase shot damage.
    Recent changes have turned moving shot from mashing X to holding X, letting it fire at maximum speed. Deals ridiculous damage when chain glinted and combined with chain powder.

    Chain Powder (40 SP, master 10): MASTER (400 SP)
    Description: Temporarily lets you cast enhanced versions of Gun Dance, Moving Shot, and Death Hawk.
    Makes all your cubes considerably more powerful when cast. No question, this is a must have.

    Multi Headshot (40 SP, master 26): MASTER (1040 SP)
    Description: Fires several wide-angle Headshots. Hit a direction key to fire in that way; consecutive inputs will let you fire again, up to the shot limit.
    Great room clearing and damage. Covers an incredible range if you level the TP.

    Death Hawk (50 SP, master 24): MASTER (1200 SP)
    Description: Throw your guns outwards, dealing damage to foes at the destination; after a short interval, they will return to you, and if caught, will let you throw them again. The guns can be thrown up to 3 times in total.
    Chain Powder: Adds Gunblades, causing it to deal considerable additional damage and dragging enemies along with it.
    This skill does incredible damage when used properly. It takes a long time to finish and can be interrupted, or you might miss the guns on the return. Chain Powder enhances the damage and also forces enemies into the Death Hawk, if you have trouble getting them to stay.

    4. Bloodia Skills
    This is where you distinguish yourself from male rangers with a focus on bladework and bloodsport.

    Veiled Cut (45 SP, master 15): MASTER (630 SP)
    Description: Deals an additional slash attack with every gunblade and bloodsport skill, increasing the Bloodia's strength as well as bleeding all foes struck.
    This is a major powerspike! All your kicks now get a huge % tacked onto them. It also introduces you to a critical part of your final kit, your bleeds.

    Bloody Carnival (master 9): INNATE
    Description: Extends and fiercely slashes your gunblades in front of you, dealing grievous damage to all foes struck, before finishing them off. Hit the skill key/X for additional attacks. Procs Veiled Cut with every slash (up to 6 slashes)

    Bloody Spike (60 SP, master 16): 1 (60 SP) or MASTER (960 SP)
    Description: Launches forward into the air, violently dragging enemies with you. Pressing the skill key at the end performs Fatal Crescent, a kicking somersault.
    Deals crazy damage when maxed, but its not easy to land all the hits. Get 1 for the mob gathering utility, or master it if you think its worth it.
    Usable on the ground or in the air.

    Suprressive Barrage (70 SP, master 11): 0, MASTER (770 SP)
    Description: Fire a barrage of bullets in front of you. Hit the skill key/x to fire faster.
    It looks amazing, but its damage may leave something to be desired. It has great hitstun, range, and fires 14 shots in 1.5 seconds, making it a pretty decent bullet hose.

    5. Crimson Rose Skills

    Saw Blades (80 SP, master 6): MASTER (480 SP)
    Description: Deal increased damage to bleeding enemies, and makes your bleeds last longer.
    A straight multiplier against any bleeding enemy. Increased bleed duration lets you worry less about applying bleeds. Fantastic returns on SP.

    Kill Point (80 SP, master 6): 1 (80 SP), MASTER (480 SP)
    Description: Throws blades forward to pin enemies to the ground for 5 seconds. Pinned foes take additional Critical Damage. Hit the skill key again to perform a firing attack on all pinned foes you are facing. Enemies that cannot be pinned are severely slowed instead.
    A ranged multi target superhold. Makes enemies more vulnerable by enabling back attacks and dealing additional Critical Damage. The 2nd activation does great damage. Leave it at 1 or max it for increased crit damage and 2nd activation damage.

    Chain Glint (100 SP, master 4): MASTER (400 SP)
    Description: Consumes a charge of Chain Glint to cancel one skill into another. You gain one charge every 13 seconds and can have up to 4 charges.
    This is very much worth the 400 SP. One cancel every 13 seconds is easy to manage, since most cubes will easily clear the majority of a room and you can kill the rest of the mobs with filler moves. Save a few cancels for the boss room for a strong start.

    Blood and Chain (100 SP + 200 SP per level, master 2): 1 (300 SP), MASTER (500 SP)
    Description: Plants blades into the ground, dashes forwards to grab enemies, gathers them back at the starting spot, then performs an extremely powerful shot.
    A screen-wide gathering super hold attack. Deals nice damage, like most 2nd Awakenings. Up to you whether you want more burst or want 200 SP to spare for other things.

    6. TP
    TPs not mentioned are not worth getting in any build.

    Basic Training TP (1 TP, master 3): 0, MASTER (3 TP)
    Description: Increase your Basic Training damage by 10% per rank.
    Basic Training affects the damage from basic attacks, Marilyn Rose, and Gunblade attacks. Depending on your personal usage of these abilities, this may be worth maxing, or not.

    Silver Bullet TP (1 TP, master 5): MASTER (5 TP)
    Description: Increases shot count by 1 per rank and damage by 4% per rank.
    Unlike other common TPs, Silver Bullet TP gives an overall 10% increase in damage per level, due to the way the increases scale off each others. Extremely good to max in any build.

    Topspin Kick TP (1 TP, master 5): 0, MASTER (5 TP)
    Description: Increases damage by 8% per rank, and launch speed by 5% per rank.
    Worth maxing if you took topspin kick.

    Needle Sobat TP (1 TP, master 5): 0, MASTER (5 TP)
    Description: Increases damage and knockback distance by 8% per rank.
    Worth taking if you got needle sobat.

    BBQ TP (3 TP, master 1): 0, MASTER (3 TP)
    Description: Increases number of shots by 2 and changes the grab type to Attack Grab.
    Getting the TP lets you grab Super Armored enemies. Very handy against certain bosses.

    Headshot TP (2 TP, master 5): 0, MASTER (10 TP)
    Descripton: Increases damage by 10% per level and piercing by 3% per level.
    If you are going with Headshot, go all the way. It will never be as glorious as male ranger's though.

    Moving Shot TP (2 TP, master 5): 0, PREF (up to 10 TP)
    Description: Increases shot count by 10% and movement speed by 6% per rank.
    Gives moving shot a lot of bullets. An excellent TP to take.

    Gun Dance TP (2 TP, master 5): PREF (up to 10 TP)
    Description: Increases damage by 10% and bleeding level by 2 per rank.
    A welcome boost to one of our favorite moves. An excellent TP.

    Multi Headshot TP (2 TP, master 5): MAX (10 TP)
    Description: Increases damage and range by 10% per rank.
    One of your most useful TPs. Multi Headshot's range increase lets it strike a huge area thanks to the wide angle shots. Extremely strong and rarely worth dropping.

    Death Hawk TP (2 TP, master 5): PREF (up to 10 TP)
    Description: Increases damage by 10% per rank.
    Up to you whether you'd rather have better damage on lower cd skills or a stronger one-cycle.

    My personal recommendation for normal dungeons is to go: 3 Basic Training, 5 Silver Bullet, 1 BBQ, 5 Gun Dance, 5 Multi Headshot, 3 Death Hawk.
    For very difficult content where DPS needs to be maximized, go: 5 Silver Bullet, 5 Moving Shot, 5 Gun Dance, and 5 Death Hawk (with 2 TP for your preference).

    PvP Builds

    Build is really flexible, so I'll give an overview of playstyle.

    Female Ranger's neutral game is alright. X-string, gatling gun, flamethrower are all quite effective at dissuading opponents from advancing or even countering them. A rising shot into the blue might land and let you start a combo. Grenades are slower than male gunner's, but can still do a good job. Land runners can distract and possibly hit opponents.

    Topspin is one of our main approaches, covering a good area while being mobile. A hit lets you convert into into sonic spike, triple clutch, or rainbow kick. Landing a marilyn rose or a barbeque is also possible, though a bit more difficult. Death Hawk is excellent at forcing enemies into unfavorable positions. Gun Dance has super armor and knocks opponents into the air. Rush blade is also one way to start, though it is a little risky being head on with no super armor.

    For countering and defensive maneuvers, revenger is a lifesaver. Gun guard can let you pull off clutch saves against ranged fighters and magic attacks. Gun dance can surprise opponents trying to approach you too. Aerial fire and/or leap can let you jump over and escape dangerous situations.

    If you need to convert a launch into a juggle, you can use steep slide, rising shot, or moving shot to keep the enemy airborne as you approach them. You can juggle them with X-strings (minus the finisher), interlaced with marilyn rose and rising shots until they start getting heavy. At that point, you can unleash a full clip moving shot into them, or perform a triple clutch, or another x-string into a marilyn etc. Its somewhat up to you and depending on what cooldowns you have available/want to keep available for after. Hitting them with a barbeque at the end, then hitting them with a spriggan on the ground, followed by a rainbow shot at the end can take them into the red.
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