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    I have a number of nonsensical notepad files from when i started learning to pvp in April, a month after DFOG opened and when I capped my ex-necro which later became my rogue and my main, but the majority of them are messy notes and reminders that pertain to my own thought process. Still, I decided to rewrite and share this one because I know it can be very frustrating trying to unlearn muscle memory.
    If you came here for a generic skill build, layout, or combos, I suggest studying this video.

    Stacking skill commands
    Skills with different activation states may be share the same input as well as prioritized as you please. Quite simply, for rogues, this means transformation molting (when hit / air / ground), vertical spiral (air / ground), lightning arrow (air / ground), diving arrow (air), and various other skills may share command inputs with other skills.
    For example, you could have vertical spiral, transformation molting, and chainsaw all on the Z key and have it simply use chainsaw while on the ground, vertical spiral in the air, and transformation molting when hit.
    Prioritizing the skills which share the same input is as simple as skilling them in your preferred order; the last one you put points into will be chosen last. When pressing the command, the game will check your character state and the applicable skills, then go by the order that you put points in them. Even if a preferred skill is on cooldown, it will not go to the next skill. so depending on what you choose, it will lock out the other skills, which may be a good or a bad thing. In my example, this is great because in no situation would I want to use vertical spiral on the ground or transformation molting on the ground / air.

    Buffering inputs
    This is important to allow you to closely link skills during OTG combos that you did not have hotkey space for. Buffering an input simply means pressing the arrow key command for the skill you want during the animation of the previous skill and releasing it with the z/x/skill command key you have set
    For example, OTG double piercer -> ankle cut
    If you have ankle cut on down, right + Z, you would input down, right during the animation of double piercer and press Z as soon as your character is free to move again​
    While some players may do this unintentionally already, it is important to understand the concept and the fact that the final action key press is the one that is important. Linking your OTGs with excellent timing in this manner if you have command inputs will hinder or prevent the other player from effectively using quick rebound.

    In DFO specifically, buffered inputs seem to last maybe half a second or so; it is not a particularly short window and most players should not have a problem with this part

    It is interesting to note that buffer will ignore any commands that do not take a directional input
    For example, if you decided to place vertical spiral on up, down + Z and wanted to perform ankle cut -> backstep vertical spiral
    you would be able to buffer up, down during the animation of ankle cut and backstep immediately into vertical spiral to allow for it to OTG​

    Naturally, your z/x/c/skill keys will all consume the buffer, but in addition, there are skills that take a direction as a modifier and will consume the buffer even if you have them on hotkey.
    For example, breaking rush allows you to influence the direction of movement by pressing up, neutral, or down and thus would consume the buffer preventing you from queueing up something like flame cut breaking rush command grab​

    Finally, videos are an invaluable resource! if you find yourself at a halt, it would be a perfect time to study a video such as the one linked above. For those that are trying to improve as a player overall, there are also excellent articles by the fighting game community as well. Best of luck to any other aspiring rogue pvpers out there!

    P.S. While not all players may find this useful, I'm posting this because it's something I would've liked to have read when i was starting out =); certainly would have saved me some frustration.
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