First time ever using Female Mage. Help? ~

Discussion in 'F.Mage' started by Daiyousei, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. Daiyousei Great Fairy of Misty Lake

    So I have absolutely no idea what I should do as far as Female Mage goes!
    I'm trying to figure out which class has the most fun and destruction at the same time.
    And a class that can wipe out a good amount of enemies.
    Recommendations, skill sets and the like would be GREATLY appreciated, as I've never been good with choosing skills well.
    Help me out ~ ?
  2. Rdogg114 ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭*

    Sounds like you want to play Ele or Witch.
  3. if he wants end game he should go ele

    if he just wants to have fun and fly around he should go witch

    pre-class change MM is like the only skill worth leveling
  4. Daiyousei Great Fairy of Misty Lake

    Any ideas anyone?
  5. Dubin carried by fmage

    You just picked fmage
    You can basically close your eyes, roll a die to pick at random, and any subclass will meet those criteria to some degree or other
    This is why fmage is the best class :fmage:

    The biggest factor is going to be making sure the class' flavor and style fits your playstyle. It may sound trite, but this is more critically and specifically important than the class' skill values, build theory, whatever.

    Elementalist is like this
    and if you don't like dropping t3s like you just don't care, you won't enjoy elementalist, despite all the destruction she brings. I have way more fun with ele than with any other class *u* but that's just me, you might be the same or different.

    Summoner is like this
    so again, a very specific flavor for a very specific taste.

    The thing about it is, if you find the right flavor, it's true love for life :fmage: which, again, is why fmage is the best class. My suggestion is to make four fmages and play with ALL THE SUBCLASSES so you can zero in on what your taste actually is.

    Or just roll witch, they have the highest probability of being cute n poplar super fun for someone who doesn't already know what specific fmage they want.

    Battle mage is probably the hardest worker, but again I love fmage so much she's my favorite melee/physical character. I hate physical bm and love chaser. This is how much better fmage is than the rest of the classes. for me anyway
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  6. phase shift and manashield are fair and balanced skills

    part of what makes mages so fun
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  7. Daiyousei Great Fairy of Misty Lake

    Your signature....I can't even. LOL

    Thank you Dubin and Saccharin for the help!

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