Fire Dragon Totem and Gracia 3 piece

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  1. Bullowny

    So I was wondering what takes priority here. The fire dragon totem says you "deal fire damage," but the gracia 3 piece bonus applies the light damage attribute to your weapon every 30 seconds. Does this mean that you will do light damage or fire damage? I was planning on having a light totem and I was enchanting all my gear and buying gracia so now I have a lot of bonus light damage. I keep hearing that fire dragon totem is a good gap filler before i get a lib/epic, but I was wondering if it's still strong to use if I don't have a lot of bonus fire damage. I am using a +10 Crumbling Mountain currently.
  2. bob54386

    Feel free to post this kind of question in the monk general discussion so the forum doesn't get cluttered. If you have two elements that you "inflict", whichever one deals the most damage after +ele dmg and monster res are calculated is the one that's ultimately inflicted. The fire dmg from the fire dragon totem breaks even with the increased patk from crumbling mountain; save your money and stick with light dmg & crumbling mountain.
  3. Shinigami936 Gimme panties

    IIRC, you deal whatever does more damage. So if you have inflict fire and inflict light, 200 fire damage and 201 light damage, you deal light.

    Not sure if it takes mob's resistances and elemental elenore into account.

    P.S. I didn't even see the post above me :hurr:
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