[Finished] How to hold a guy and make him not do the thing in Anton Norm/Raid

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  1. Duck Suburban Strangler

    Because people have asked me more than once or twice for Anton assistance, gonna attempt to scrape together a general know how to do the thing for all the rising halidom - hit the mark grapplers that are soon to surface because of raid.

    Grap players can feel free to correct me/add shit/make fun of me for not knowing something on a class I supposedly main


    1. ALWAYS try to start your chains with necksnap (especially in physical parties, it is why you even exist next to omniblade).
    2. If you want to use 2nd awakening as a hold on grabbable targets, you have to use it during torbellino or you will uppercut your grabbable targets to space and beyond and make your dps awkwardly shuffle their feet beneath you for 3-4 full seconds.
    3. Learn the staggered/slow chain connection timings with both Cyclones and Ex Steiner. It's important to not cancel these too early to extend your hold time.
    4. Pay attention to other party members and learn the timings of their holds aswell. You'll be way more efficient and save more cooldowns alley-ooping with a second sub-holder if one is present.

    5. Wild cannon spike can be done in place by holding the opposite direction you do it in post cast. Always do this.
    6. Go use chain connection with nenshot a few times. Each nenshot improves your droprate by 300% for seven years and has been tested by several koreans trust me I met Yunha once
    7. There's no right "do this on this boss" as cooldowns of your holds will vary from party to party. Learn what skills chain into what skills and eventually your holds will flow.
    /Personal Gripe/ I do not like using chain connection to cancel fling, because it dramatically reduces the hold time (unless you have the timing of a god, which varies between green names and actual bosses >_>) in place of having a more airtight hold chain. On ungrabbables I try to make this the final hold I do near protection cap.
    haha I'm bad you can totally do this with cconnection, the entire grab cannon push is cancellable and the mob stays held during it

    Ungrabbable targets give you a -lot- of freedom of movement when you're holding them, as it is much harder to move them when most of your grabs wont allow you to.

    Here's a few examples that I use the most: (tested on Normal Anton Tog)
    Necksnap -> Ex cyclone -> slow chain connection -> cyclone -> slow chain connection -> fling -> chain connection -> (you should be nearing hold protection) 1st or 2nd awakening
    Necksnap -> Spiral -> chain connection -> Ex cyclone -> slow chain connection -> cyclone - ex steiner - chain connection - necksnap - fling
    Necksnap -> Spiral -> chain connection -> Ex cyclone -> slow chain connection -> fling -> chain connection - cyclone -> wild cannon spike
    Necksnap -> Torb -> Ex Cyclone -> Chain connection -> Ex Cyclone -> Chain connection -> Necksnap -> bleepblambibbty bop


    The actual "do I know how to not throw everything all over the place" test. General stuff to know: Always fling up or down, ex cyclone can be done in place by holding down and directly chains in to both steiners and wild cannon spike.

    Anton Guide: Raid info will be in red
    Unlike everywhere else in this game where gravity is the anti hold gimmick, every green name and boss has a special hold protection, which will start to kick in as you continue to chain holds. This is a sign you are doing your job correctly. When the shield around enemies goes from white to yellow to red, it is an indicator that they are about to break free and become invincible/do some sort of boss mechanic. In general, you should avoid forcing this to happen as some bosses will do things that they normally couldn't, and let them free when the shield is starting to glow hard as it's possible to regrab after the shield drops without them doing explody-invincible bullshit yelly bad things.


    Do not neck snap/hold him (or break all the orbs with your grab cannons) as orbs are going into him because he can't eat orbs while his neck's broken
    Hold chain after he takes your party's element
    While he's crouched, all but 1 of your grabs will work on him so just mash x or something, and on a related note, do not use giant swing on his crouched state or it will cause him to stand.
    Nerbe - If your party is geared enough, just run in and 1st awaken before he puts the giant blue seal down. (for some reason, Grap is immune to the blue rune seal explosion thing during giant twister) If not, wait for orbs to spawn, let your damage dealers get orbs (don't touch em if you're supporting)
    Note: Try not to be the bottom or top orb guy as it makes initially grabbing/neck snapping him awkward as he is vulnerable and starts running around long before the last orbs touch him
    Incredibly simple
    If you're fast enough and get used to the timing and door spawn speed doesn't fuck you, you can do sliding suplex walk up torbellino->necksnap->giant twister before he can take an action and just hold chain from there
    When he lands, apply the haha you're an ungrabbable perma hold chain connection neck snap bonanza
    Try not to grab cannon fallen pillars
    something you can do with good timing is use suplex on the 4th/5th pillar that spawns, then immediately turn around and neck snap if he lands on you

    At any point you are asked to come here before the raid starts, you should probably interject / leave the raid

    Durable Leg
    Flame Krave (the room where you become a credit to your party)
    Dungeon mechanic grappler heaven!
    Do your job, if a platform is activated and zombieless, you can walk one zombie (through multiple if needed) with cyclone suplex.
    Krave does not move in vulnerability phase, so just be there for grab mastery and neck snap.
    The bottom two platforms are super easy for grappler to cover, because the wall is so close to the platform a zombie can easily be slammed with shoulder tackle into either side, even if your initial zombie setup isn't so good
    Alternatively, you can cover a side by yourself. Try to help out party members if they struggle with the initial setup.

    Gatekeeper Kratek
    Learn the necksnap timing, he has a very small window of vulnerability in the beginning (when the bar over his head is around a little over halfway)
    Miss it anyway
    Scream into your mic (very important step)
    Hope you have a hold to chain initially to make this way easier

    After killing the two clones, her bubble disappears and a glowy aura around her feet appears and disappears
    the second that aura disappears, she's necksnappable -> 1awk -> party drops the bass before squirrels happen etc
    if that fails, toss squirrels and hold when eye is closed

    Mr. Black and White
    I will never know what these two bosses do because of Giant Twister -> Torbellino -> blah blah
    you shouldn't either
    These guys will be in corrupted hatchery and nothing changes other than larger health pool
    I have done 6(?) plagued hatches and still don't know what they do

    Necksnapping makes this easier for your party
    don't use WCS as it moves him and makes the lava really awkward (and also puts you in it...)
    can hold with a world toy, makes you immune to the lava burn
    You shouldn't be here on grappler

    Metadorok (sp?) Metadork
    Push your slow ass sader down, and take the orb to break rocks with sliding grabs
    You can waaaay extend the damage phase by not chaining early and doing chains till the anti hold kicks in later

    same as Metadork

    Spiritual Residue (blood floo)
    no need for holds

    If your party lets you, you can 2nd awaken on one of the mobs in the room (and not Egene) to bait his grab thing, then necksnap twister to hold. Tell your party in advance or they will kill your precious mob to hold.
    for some reason, giant twister and most of grapplers grabs bypass his 'open eyes' mechanic, if you already have him held when he does it

    for awhile I had no clue what this guy did because he is way too close to the door to care, hug-a-thon immediately

    Magtonium Five
    if you're fast enough, run up immediately and necksnap him, skip every mechanic with hold chain
    if not just do it when he lands
    you've failed to be useful (or your party is low on dps) if he manages to summon the furnace

    Mendel (Medel? Hot-scotch flame woman)
    bring a friend to the panel to the left of her (stay on the very right of that panel or you might get sad orb'd), necksnap when she punches over to it, hold chain, laugh at the misfortune of parties that have to play board games with her

    assuming you know mechanics, all of the bosses he summons are pretty much the same snapneck-hold boom bada bam except for Metadorok who spotlights over himself in the beginning (holds prevent the spotlight!!), and blood Floo, which is no touchy grappler town because grabbing (or neck snapping iirc >_>) resets his shield

    I left (1) did it for you down here

    You did it
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  2. Memes Are Banned but when

    hey dumbass you forgot a thing :^)
  3. Altana Professional DingleDorf

    >Scream into your mic (very important step)

    The trick is to blame the other party members for lagging your grabs. Also do this on your livestream to publicly shame them and shed all responsibility.
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  4. Kajitii

    A lot of this looks like a copy paste job. And I'm on mobile. So here you go.

    Comments and addendums incoming. For a little background, I have lax recruiting standards for Normals (never Raid, nope, not happening), and I get into pubs occasionally, so things can get interesting at times.
    Invincibility frames allow you to ignore the effects of the giant blue seal. The same thing happens if an Fnen plops down her bubble over the seal, although the bubble might get destroyed from damage alone (not the death explosion). If you have exceptionally good timing, you can do this with Fling as well.

    The orbs have a sort of splash effect when they "die". It's possible to leach off of DPSes for speed buffs in this manner, although as an fgrappler this may or may not be counterproductive.

    Krave is the most difficult to start holds on for me as well xD

    In case lag or whatever fucks you over, you should learn what they do anyways. Or better yet, come here solo. One of Mr. Black's many moves is to lay down small dark spots (as opposed to the large seal-like circles) and a line similar to DT's, all of which does heavy DoT damage. You'd be a service to your team if you moved the targets away from those field effects.

    An interesting note for speedrunning purposes:
    Giant Twister has a habit of catching one of them at a wide radius, so for classes whose primary damage isn't a giant AoE, it becomes difficult to kill that guy in a timely manner. I solved this by using Wild Cannon Spike (almost guaranteed if you have Raider's Draupnir), which catches both of them, followed by Torbellino to pick them up off the ground, then Giant Twister. I do not recommend doing this in a pub party, only as something to try if you have a party you normally go with.

    If you're player 1, you should be standing in the circle at all times, or the party wipes. If you're dead, revive the fk now and stand in the circle, or the party wipes. Also, don't use Hurricane Super Plex because the circle has a maximum height too, killing your party members that aren't iframing. Really funny the first time it happened xD

    If Ator decides to be mean, he can stamp the ground with his gimmick while you're in the air, which will cause you fall as if you were on the ground and take full damage. Just something to consider. Use aerial-related moves after he does his gimmick once (or twice, depending on lag's temperament).

    Not that you should resort to this, but... WCS can hold him with minimal movement. Just like how you can x string in place, press the opposite direction when you start WCS.

    Yeeaaahhh! For those saders that complain, fk them. They have just as much corner rock breaking capacity as fgrapplers anyways (they die in 5 hits).

    If the spotlight spawns, you can jump over it to avoid triggering it. Heck, even a Tornado Kick on the ground is enough to evade it (not recommended).

    Fun fact: The spotlight itself has an attack. If for some reason Mertadorok (aka Rock Fucker) doesn't kill you (because glitches), the spotlight will. If you don't have a cleanse, it's not like you're going to escape anyways.

    Same deal as the last two guys. Extend damage phase, grant bonus damage via the power of Grab Master.

    Any hold causes his "open eye" mechanic to fail (although the message and screen effect still happen). Be that an fgrappler grab, Florae Collider, GLORIA!!!!!, Shadow Harvest... The trick to knowing whether you got the "skip" is to see if his health keeps going down. Since you only get hit by it at the end of the animation, feel free to cautiously continue going ham. If timing might be an issue, this gimmick happens at 150 bars of HP.

    I have to admit, I actually don't know this guy's full range of gimmicks (and only this guy) because he's too annoying and stupid to deal with otherwise.

    Grinding Ator
    EVERYONE ALIVE must be in the circle or the party wipes. Not that you'd have any business being anywhere else as the fgrappler anyways unless you have a rogue launcher or mmage in your team.... If you fail to kill this guy before Mateka comes back to play, it's extremely difficult to recover the run at this point.

    Mertadorok (aka Rock Fucker)
    You have a bit of a grace period before he spawns the spotlight. You can delay the spotlight spawn by holding him! *hinthinthintwinkwinkwink*

    Raging Spiritual Residue
    If you don't know how to do the Floo gimmick in Mateka's room, he basically glomps one of you and puts fire on you. This fire will explode in a second or two, dealing heavy damage. Pass the flame to your teammates to reset the timer and prevent taking damage. After the fire counts down past 1, touch Floo. Floo is a giant "fuck you" to holds, and he's prone to glitching in such a way that he never becomes vulnerable. For various reasons, this guy should be done last. Due to terrible internet in places such as not-South Korea, sometimes extra flames will spawn. All flames explode and deal damage when Floo becomes vulnerable, which can potentially kill people.

    Mateka Phase 2
    Honestly I've only experienced this once due to terrible party, twice due to lag and lag-related glitches, and briefly in many scenarios. You will have to deal with Mateka phase 2 in Raid. Anyways, only two real significant things to note. If he uses fire, stay inside the circle, or take heavy damage. If he uses ice (I need verification for this) do not use cleanse. For some reason his follow-up attack of firing icicles at you will completely miss as long as you're frozen.
  5. Duck Suburban Strangler

    Found out Metadorok in Mateka room can be held to prevent eye phase from our resident BurritoBlob, which is cool.

    also, a quick how to guide to get blacklisted in hatchery 1

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  6. Pointy03

    Did she twister the turtle?

    It's pretty great that the hole can be moved with the suction
  7. Kajitii

    It's possible to move the Nugol with suction, but not the flaming hole of doom. The hole is spawned at the Nugol's position a couple seconds after it jumps to the middle of the room.

    Source: I like to screw around with Elementalist's Black Hole and Bizarre Monster Insect Tail, a broom whose active is a mini flaming hole of doom (minus the spines). People typically don't die when I do this lol.
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  8. As a little side note, if you can't move fast enough for Magtonium Five to neck snap on entry, you might want to pick up a Cyborg Kick or Becky shoes and activate it as you enter the room. Also, it's a fun gimmick item to have.
  9. marlymar

    my pve idol did that shit

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