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Discussion in 'Ranger' started by matt, May 20, 2014.

  1. 0913659081

    You are aware that crit smash doesn't snapshot? You do know how buff swapping works?
    Yes and yes, I do.

    If you just want to know whats better for DBR levels for swapping then biting is better in the long term but its way more expensive to get.
    Yes, this is what I was asking, thank you.

    Are you talking about a battle setup? Biting is terrible for anything besides swapping and I wouldn't try to use dusky as your source of crit smash anyway. At the same time I can't really say that Otack would be worth buying as a battle weapon either.

    Biting is for Swapping, obviously. I was referring to pve. Thank you for the answer.

    I'd recommend getting a Webley from the level 80 epic box we are going to get. Its better for battle setup than Otack and it has +2 DBR on it too.

    Also pretty much every source of crit smash in the game is better than Otack. Not always number wise but you don't want to equip a shitty gun just to get crit smash. Like Erollsi said just get a Petit Crimson Rose pet.
    How much Crit smash does Petit Crimson Rose give? I couldn't find the numbers.
    Otack doesn't seem too bad from its description though, did I miss something or it's simply a matter of difference between theory and practice?

    The question was which of the two option gives better/more efficient result, or there are better options, simple at that.
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  2. Petit Crimson Rose is 7%. As for Otack, the stats seem decent but the fact that it blinds you would turn me away from the weapon. A liberation revolver should serve you better since it will also allow you to utilize crit smash in some other slot
  3. 0913659081

    Thanks for the insights.

    I can't afford a petit crimson rose for now, and I have an Ancient legendary box in spare, would Dusky West Hat be a good source for Crit Smash? http://wiki.dfo.world/view/Dusky_West_Hat
  4. Laande Third best girl

    I'd personally get raid ring over hat myself.
  5. What does the rest of your gear look like right now? I'd be hesitant to get that just because there are lots of other options for crit smash and that slot could be used for something better.
  6. 0913659081

    I'm using 9 pieces Precise fire, so 1 spare slot.
  7. I think the best route then would be to get a gracia sub with the legendary box to lessen the grind for 6 pc gracia. 6 pc gracia is a really nice step up from 9 pc precise fire. If you already have that particular gracia piece, then just any piece will work to help lessen the grind for 6 pc graica. In the long run that should benefit you the most unless you have different goals for your female ranger than what I assumed
  8. 0913659081

    I really like the effects of OV sets, is there any way I can progress with them?
  9. Erollisi

    Gracia 6pc is baseline for entering anton raid. Dusky hat is a terrible offslot option with chronicle... get an ele tear mstone since your elemental damage is undoubtedly low using a 9pc set.
  10. 0913659081

    Oh boy, when will this patch come to us?
  11. Leerteer

    To my great chagrin, I found a LoR before a Silver Bullet. Can someone show me their hotkey setup please?
  12. InterstellarGunslinger ☆ Super Star ☆

    LoR Veteran here. Most of the manuals are the same but i changed the harder ones to make it easier a bit.
  13. I personally derived a lot of my manuals from the male ranger discussion thread.


    Also some commands in one of the comments here:

  14. I remember Yunha saying that resolve for revenge was a superior weapon on franger compared to webley, but that was prior to the epic rework. Did webley change enough to warrant choosing it over RfR from the ebin box?
  15. Tate ▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬

    the revolvers didn't change at all

    also you might wanna get recent confirmation on that before you use the box
  16. 0913659081

    The numbers sound great but I doubt that you would want to get hit at end-game content just to proc revenger, also it's lvl 75 so it's out of the question.


  17. InterstellarGunslinger ☆ Super Star ☆

    Pretty much me when i play m ranger and want to change genders on the fly.
  18. 0913659081

    Make me really wonder if it is viable on f Ranger to a certain extend though, it looks real fun :dance:
  19. SetzerA Two ducks in a man costume

    I'm in the same boat (pulled LOR from a tower pot over the weekend).
    Holy crap, I didn't know you could bind ctrl to commands! Any other buttons that I can bind that I might not know about?
  20. About Resolve for revenge; Yunha said that it was rated highly basically just for the 30% smash, and that he doesn't know if it'll be sufficient for raid nowadays since it has been so long since he has seen someone using one.

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