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  1. Jay 테미

    Discuss Female Crusader here.

    Crusader Plate Armor Mastery (Level 15 Passive)
    • Increases Intelligence, Vitality, Spirit, HP Max, MP Max, MP Recovery Speed, Attacking Speed and Casting Speed while wearing Plate Armor.
    Blessing of Light (Level 15 Passive)
    • Crusader blessed by the sacred light have their Light Resistance and Abnormal Status Resistance increased while imbuing basic attacks with Light Damage. Enemies targeted by the Crusader will have their Elemental Resistance decreased.
    Crusade (Level 15 Passive)
    • Change Crusader's basic attacks to Independent Attack while increasing Attacking Range, Attacking Speed and Skill Damage.
    Aria (Level 15 Passive)
    • Increases Intelligence and unlocks 'Brave Aria' and 'Regenerative Aria'.
    • Brave Aria attacks can be turned off through right click.
    • Following Crusader buffs will be strengthened as the Intelligence value gets higher.
      • Blessing of Courage: Strength/Intelligence, Physical/Magical/Independent Attack
      • Blessing of Protection: HP Max, MP Max, Physical/Magical Defense
    • However the Intelligence increased from equipment conditional effect, aura buff and active skill buff will not affect the strengthening.
    • Male Crusader's 'Strike', 'Wisdom Blessing', 'Blessing of Dawn', and 'Divine Invocation' does not apply to Female Crusader and Male Crusader without 'Holy Mace' acquired will not receive 'Blessing of Protection' and 'Blessing of Courage' from Female Crusader.
    Cross Mastery (Level 20 Passive)
    • Increases Independent Attack, Casting Speed and Magical Critical Rate while Cross is equipped.
    Blessing of Protection (Level 20 Buff)
    • Bless allies in range to increase their HP MAX, MP MAX, Physical/Magical Defense, Vitality and Spirit. Also divides part of the damage taken by the allies to the caster.
    Spear of Victory (level 20 Active)
    • Create a spear by the sacred power and thrown against enemies. The spear pierce enemies while holding them and explodes after a period of time.
    • Charging the skill completely will create a larger spear and increase the Hold Duration.
    Light of Divinity (Level 25 Buff)
    • Shields allies in range by creating a barrier.
    • Protected allies will be dealt with less Physical/Magical Damage while also increasing the effect of 'Blessing of Protection'.
    • The barrier explodes after a period of time and attack nearby enemies with a Light Magical Damage.
    Light of Baptism (Level 25 Active)
    • Drops Light of Baptism to attack enemies with a Light Magical Damage.
    Blessing of Courage (Level 30 Buff)
    • Bless allies in range to increase their Strength/Intelligence, Physical/Magical/Independent Attack and Accuracy while also increasing Skill Damage to the caster for a period of time.
    • Strength/Intelligence and Physical/Magical/Independent Attack bonus does not apply to the caster, however if the allies with the buff meet the specific target requirement, the caster will receive proportion of Strength/Intelligence and Physical/Magical/Independent Attack buff.
    Saint Wall (Level 30 Active)
    • Create a barrier of light ahead.
    • Saint Wall moves rapidly and enemies colliding with the barrier is attacked with a Light Magical Damage while also pushing them to the set distance. The barrier explodes after reaching the set distance to attack enemies with an additional Magical Damage.
    Shine Cross (Level 35 Active)
    • Coat the weapon with sacred power and swing it three times to attack enemies with Light Magical Damage.
    Brave Aria (Level 35 Active)
    • Activate Brave Aria field and amplify 'Blessing of Courage' effects while damaging enemies with a Multi-Hit Light Magical Damage.
    • Caster can move by pressing Arrow Keys while the skill is in effect and mashing the attack key will decrease the duration, but increase the Multi-Hit Speed.
    Edification (Level 35 Buff)
    • Bless allies in range and sharply increase their Moving Speed for a period of time.
    • Advancing to the next room will cancel the Moving Speed effect.
    Holy Circlet (Level 35 Active)
    • Ring of Light is created to hold and gather enemies into a single spot while damaging enemies with a Multi-Hit Magical Damage.
    • Ring explodes after a period of time to attack enemies with an additional Magical Damage.
    Revive (Level 40 Buff)
    • Revive allies in range by the sacred power. Revived allies will be invincible for a period of time while maintaining the buffs they obtained before their death.
    Purification Lightning (Level 40 Active)
    • Strike enemies numerous times with sacred lightning to attack enemies with a Light Magical Damage.
    • Enemies Hit by the final lightning will be converted to 'Repentance State' and cancel their beneficial buff effects.
    Regenerative Aria (Level 45 Buff)
    • Activate Regenerative Aria field and rapidly recover HP of allies.
    • Caster can move by pressing Arrow Keys while the skill is in effect and the skill can be canceled by pressing Jump Key.
    Grand Crashing Cross (Level 45 Active)
    • Create a huge cross of light and strikes it down with force to attack enemies with a Light Magical Damage.
    • Fissure with the shape of a cross will be created at location of the impact and light energy will flow out.
    • Allies touched by the light energy will have their Crusader buff effects duration increased.
    Sincere Passion (Awakening Passive)
    • Increase Strength, Intelligence, Vitality, Spirit, Attacking Speed and Moving Speed of the user and the nearby allies. Additionally increase the duration of Crusader buff effects on allies by attacking enemies.
    Crux of Victoria (Awakening Active)
    • Open the Bible covered by the God's power to spread the sacred energy and increase Strength/Intelligence, Attacking Speed, Moving Speed, Physical/Magical Defense of allies in range.
    • After spreading the sacred energy, Cross of Victory appears from the sky. Evangelist grabs and drives the Cross into the ground and radiant light bursts from the Cross to attack enemies with a Multi-Hit Magical Damage.
    • The Cross explodes after a period of time to attack enemies with an additional Magical Damage.
    • Strength/Intelligence buff does not apply to the caster.
    Penance (Level 50 Passive)
    • Increase the value of Strength/Physical Critical Hit to match with Intelligence/Magical Critical Hit value. This effect does not work vice-versa.
    • Conversion can be used to change all attacking skill type.
    Repentance Smash (Level 60 Active)
    • Create a huge cross of light and swings it crossways to attack enemies within a wide range. Enemies hit by the attack will be pulled towards the Evangelist.
    Blessing of Archangel (Level 70 Buff)
    • Bless allies in range with the power of Archangel to increase their Attacking Speed, Moving Speed and Casting Speed for a period of time.
    • Pressing the skill key again will activate a light explosion from the bodies of the affected allies and yourself to attack enemies with a Light Magical Damage.
    • Evangelist will obtain Energy of Archangel by attacking enemies while the buff is active and increase the size of the explosion depending on the amount of energies gathered from the enemies.


    [​IMG] Blessing of Raphael (Level 75 Passive)
    • Receive Archangel Raphael's blessing in order to transcend past the human limits and become an Archangel herself.
    • Increases Intelligence, Magical Critical Hit and Critical Damage.
    • Increases Buff Range of Brave Aria, Regenerative Aria and Revive.
    • When Seraphim is hit by a fatal blow, one of Archangels are returns as a vassal and revives Seraphim.
      • Can be turned On/Off
    [​IMG] Uriel's Barrier (Level 75 Active)
    • Protect allies by casting Archangel Uriel's Barrier.
    • Barrier hits nearby enemies with Light Magical Damage as it activates and constantly Multi-Hit Magical Damage enemies that are inside the barrier.
    • Increases Attacking/Moving/Casting Speed of allies inside the barrier while making them invincible.
    • Uriel's Barrier can be activated while using Brave Aria and Regenerative Aria.
    [​IMG] Miracle Shine (Level 80 Active)
    • Use the sacred miracle light to cure allies and attack enemies.
    • After confirming the targets regardless of allies or enemies, Miracle Shine travels according to the target path. Recovers HP of allies and attacking enemies with Multi-Hit Light Magical Damage.
    [​IMG] Holy Lance: Brionac (Level 85 Active)
    • Annihilate the evil with Holy Lance Brionac that has been blessed by the god.
    • Upon activation, light lance falls from the sky and holds enemies while Seraphim ascends to the sky.
    • In the sky, Seraphim throws gigantic Holy Lance Brionac to the ground which causes Magical Damage explosion.
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  2. Hova Four paths - one destiny

    Pretty damn excited for F.Crusader.
    Planning on playing all of F.Priests subclasses, but Crusader looks the funnest to me out of them all.

    Does she have a swap set?
    Also, I saw talk about specific equips to maximize her buffs, anyone know what those are? Probably just equips that give a chunk of Intelligence?
  3. Lethologica real class never

    I'm pretty sure the consensus is that Fsader chrons are trash, and quest legs + cheap buyable options are much better.

    Someone sent me this, I think it's supposed to be an ideal setting of sorts

    Left side is Blessing of Courage Setting, Right side is First Awakening
    Shoulder, Top, Belt on left spec is 7 Sins, Necklace is essence that gives +1 Blessing of Courage. I think it's Phantasmic Heart or something? Weapon is 90 Savior

    Right side neck is Vain Neck, stone is Luke Raid epic stone
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  4. Ark From Pain, Awakening.

    Letho beat to posting, but yea this is pretty much what endgame Female Sader gear looks like. They don't use chrons so they use Int Gear+Epics for general buffing, then swap to the standard Apoc Gear.

    Although that's basically the highest of tiers possible for this class. For Anton Raid, the cutoff will be MUCH lower (as you probably already know) lol.
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  5. Juhata Casual

    What should I gun for to make an F Sader raid ready? I figure that 6pc Vilmark and an 85 Halidom Cross should suffice for buffslaving.
  6. Ark From Pain, Awakening.

    You want Relic more than Vilmark. Int is more important than auras for buffslaving
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  7. iCerulean Water or Space?

    Can't wait! :V
  8. Pyros

    I'm reposting the list I posted in Yunha's thread, this is your basic stuff you can buy/farm before Fpriest release if you want, since obviously epics and shit aren't farmable(unless you farm enough souls to transfer :dance:)
    Shoulders: Draco Luma(90 leg) or Great Glory
    Top: Lvl 50 halidom plate top
    Bottom: Great Glory or Sea God
    Belt: Great Glory
    Shoes: Dark Rubium or Great Glory
    Bracer: Tenacious bracer or whatever(preferably the epic bracer that throws nets)
    Neck: Essence heart of phantasmic captain(stupid rare) or Vain Necklace
    Ring: Kill joe's heart or empror borodin's armor
    Weapon: Boiling Blood or Cotti Crux
    Sub: King's Secret or whatever the +1 one is(can't farm this ahead of time other than getting a bunch of 60 unique subs to compound)
    Mstone: Lumen Khaligo or Memory Runestone

    Other useful stuff:

    Swap, and int coefficient and all that shit

    Int coefficiencnt on Blessing of Valor is Shown Value * (1+(Int/700))
    Int coefficient on Crux of Victoria(apo) is Shown Value * (1+(Int/830))
    Only BASE INT is taken into account. Any int from procs, % bonus and shit are NOT COUNTED for buff purposes(they still affect your damage spells normally). Buffs obviously do not stack with Msader buffs.

    On swaps, it's a bit more complicated than most classes, because you have to decide wether +1 or more int is worth more value based on those coefficients. In general, the lower your int, the lower the value of +1 is. To figure out roughly the right amount, divide your int by 25, and that gives you how much int +1 adds. For example if your int is 3600, then +1 is roughly 144 int equivalent.

    Anyway swaps, Blessing of Valor is the buff your want to swap, it's basically strike/wisdom/DI all in one, the buff is level 30
    Top: +2 Lvl 50 Halidom Plate, can buy it from Dark Elf for cheap, or just wait for release and convert the 50msealed reward for it, you get that in Iced Wall epics. Can also use Wargod. In theory could also use Supercontinental top but like, wut.
    Shoulders: +2 Magic Cataclysm(MV epic shoulders)
    Bottom: +1 Sea God(quest legendary), Black Suede Greaves(anton legendary), Metal Line(90 epic set), Glassy Orb Silk Pants(90 epic), Big Sacrum Gaiters(90 epic), basically your usual legs
    Necklace: +1 Essence heart of phantasmic captain(rare unique craft)
    Ring: +1 High Tech Ring(Ghent quest)
    Sub: +1 Quartz Spirit(Forgotten lands sub), King Secret Book(60 unique sub), Navarre/Time Watch(epic subs), new 90 legendary sub from Guild Wars rework we don't have yet(comes after fpriest release)
    Mstone: +1 Luke raid heblon mstone kek
    Weapons: Way too many to list, but basically take a look at Msader list anything with DI also get Blessing of Valor, so cheap stuff would be +2 Priest's Judgement(60 unique cross), +3 Boilling Traces of Rotting Blood(85 legendary cross) or Coticrux(90 legendary cross) and then your usual epics like +4 Deeprooted/Labarum, +5 Jupiter/savior

    But again as a reminder, you wouldn't want to actually use all of these. A bunch of them it's better to just use int items instead. The first list actually shows what you'd use in a normal buff setup optimally, epics aside. They're just nice to have if you don't have a high int slot instead.

    Pre 90 upgraded set best setup for buff:
    Shoulders: Defense Receiver Guard 358int or Magic Cataclysm +2 but low int
    Top: Metal Line Armor +1 and 155int+mastery or Blood Pact Top 254int
    Bottom: Metal Line Legs +1 and 155int+mastery or Big Sacrum Gaiters +1 and 156int
    Belt: Sun Topaz Plate Coil 466int
    Boots: Meltdown Sabaton 516int
    Bracer: Bloody Handcuffs 242int
    Neck: Essence Heart of the Phantasmic Captain +1
    Ring: Kill Joe's Heart 291int(more if you run into a mob or some shit)
    Sub: Timewatch or Navarre for +1
    Mstone: Infinite Origin of Avarice 242int
    Earring: Border of Black and White: Chaos 184int

    Replace top/bot/shoulders with upgraded 3pc 90 plate set once luke raid is out and you farmed it, that's where using metal line is double benefit cause you can amp it and stuff since that's what gets upgraded

    Apoc setup:
    Shoulders: Smoky Topaz Plate Shoulders
    Top: 85 Halidom plate top
    Bottom: Glassy Orb Silk Pants
    Belt: Sun Topaz Coil
    Boots: Tibia Bone Boots
    Bracer: Bloody Handcuffs 242int
    Neck: Vain Necklace
    Ring: Kill Joe's Heart
    Sub: Fish Ball Line
    Mstone: Infinite Origin of Avarice 242int
    Earring: Border of Black and White: Chaos 184int
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  9. Hova Four paths - one destiny

    F.Crusader IS element locked to Light, right?
    Hard to know anymore considering F.Priest's other subclasses.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2017
  10. Pyros

    Someone can confirm but I believe everything is light, however a few of the attacks are considered melee so they can be changed to another element if needed. You automatically get light element from one of the passives though so naturally everything is light.
  11. madchickins Zhu c 666

    Pyros when you say +1 = 144 int at 3600 int do you mean +1 to blessing or +1 to 1a? Or like average? If it's only accounted for blessing can I get the divided ratio for 1a?
  12. Pyros

    I meant for the blessing buff. For 1a I think skill is basically always better because of the different conversion and the scaling of the base number on apo. The fact people seem to put tibia boots(+2 apoc) over meltdown sabatons(516int) should tell you how ridiculous the numbers are.

    The divide by 25 thing is just a quick and easy way to double check items when not dealing with BiS stuff, or if it's not cursed you can just hit the training room and compare values for your buff set.

    Also of note, if you're like in real shit gear to start with(no legendary), there is a 6pc OV set that's worth using over random garbage gear. Not sure of the name but it's basically the set that buffs Blessing of Valor. Could be useful if you don't want to invest money so you get like ring/neck/bracer/sub/boots/mstone, then greatglory+halidom top or something. That's probably good enough for Anton.
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  13. Roge9

    what's fsader's base int, including armor mastery? What's the minimum required int for raid?
  14. Laande Third best girl

    Anton is easy to get in regardless. I've seen as low as 2800 but I've also need people not get in without 3200. Luke idk.
  15. Roge9

    is magic seal fsader really a thing or is it just a myth? 2800 seems kinda impractical with mseals lol
  16. Laande Third best girl

    Great glory is what they use.
  17. Roge9

    I also hear halidom fsader is a thing, is that true? You can get 1000+ int with the right halidom setup
  18. Laande Third best girl

    Let me put it like this. Do you think you can really get away with any of those while also stacking levels of blessing of courage? It's not just stat stacking but also +skill stacking just like m sader and DI. Except more reason to stack it since you don't have something that is as good as vow.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2017
  19. Roge9

    Thanks buddy, appreciate the info
  20. So is fsader stronger than male?

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