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    last update: september 2016

    all-purpose guide to that most hallowed grabber of things, female grappler! Around since the launch of the game more then a decade ago, f.grap is close range sledgehammer that spends most of her life in invincibility frames. She uses heavy, high attack weapons called gauntlets to smack, fling, pummel and suplex anything she can get her grabby hands on.

    after a long stretch of mediocrity, a recent series of patches revitalized her into a class that can both pve and pvp at the highest levels in the game.

    a bit of history on the class, and how she ranks currently:
    TODO (✿ ◕ᗜ◕)━♫.*・。゚

    CH.1: SKILLS
    all credit to dfo-world wiki for the icon images

    f.grap's pretty tight on SP, so you'll have a few decisions to make on skills. I opted to drop wild cannon spike and air clutch, and use cyclone attack as my dump skill. WCS is somewhat slow & awkward, and clutch - while good - is gated behind 300 SP of it.

    foregoing an exhaustive per-skill breakdown, instead I'm going to highlight some important / less obvious aspects to abilities that you might not pick up on while leveling.

    notable skills & mechanics:
    [​IMG] [Tiger Chain Strike]
    one point in this skill allows you to cancel your shoulder bump (running x) attack into other skills

    [​IMG] [Unstoppable Grab]
    your one and only active buff, and first choice for skill-boosting items/avatars. It's whats referred to as a 'live' buff, meaning you cannot temporarily swap gear to boost it's level.

    [​IMG] [Grab Cannon]
    double-tapping cyclone suplex or cyclone attack converts their unique grab cannon into a quick slam. Similarly, long holds (fling, twister) can be ended early by tapping the key again.

    [​IMG] [Neck Snap]
    because neck snap is a debuff (ie applied to enemies) even damage sources which don't normally benefit from your crit stat gain the additional crit chance. Extra-damage elenore effects most notably; and it's party wide!

    [​IMG] [Nen Shot]
    this skill is immutably light damage, which allows you to trigger light absorption on the boss of Reshpon before attacking with another element. You can also, bizarrely, activate chain connection off it.

    [​IMG] [Spiral]
    holding down the hotkey sends you much higher in the air, making it easier to position your landing (does no extra damage, however)

    [​IMG] [Grab Mastery]
    the main skill you'll stack as a support grap, each point adding 2% party damage to enemies you have grabbed

    *addendum: leveling
    seismic crash is great while running through scenarios. It's only at high levels where it starts to fall off due to not being a grab & thus not benefiting from your grab-centric buffs. Similarly, WCS and hammer kick (early on) are perfectly serviceable till better skills come along.

    CH.2: GEAR
    an up-to-date weapon is the only necessity while leveling. And, since weapons only increase in tiers of 10 levels, it's pretty easy to stay on top of.

    worth noting that a Conquerors Contract lets you equip gear 10 levels above your character, and Neo Premium lets you rent good weapons. These are common event rewards (you'll have months of contracts after a playing for a while) that'll let you instantly swap to the next tier of weapon upon hitting lv.10/20/etc.

    reset your skill tree 5 times for the Bottoms Up title. Not sure how much it matters nowadays, but grap used to be a mana hog, and this title adds a bunch.

    other then that, stick to light armor and prioritize strength/crit/move/attackspeed when you happen across it

    fresh 86 (damage/solo)
    quick sidebar: a modest amount of attackspeed/movespeed/refinement makes a huge difference to how the class feels. A couple attack speed avatars with emblems is a necessary investment if you're going to put any serious time in!

    [Demolishing Hand] [Halidom: Freta's Hygia Gauntlets] [Halidom: Mastema's Squall Tonfa] [Moralta]
    any of these are fine weapons, with a slight bias towards gauntlets. Buy a +5 Refinement ticket and try to hit +7/8 refine

    [Halidom: Ceramic Mail/Mantle/Leggings/Overshoes of Orobas]
    4-piece lv.80 halidom armor. Not much difference from the lv.85 version, but will be much cheaper. No belt, because you want:

    [Burst Overload Belt] +[Burst Overload Accessory] x 2
    choose 2 accessories from either bracelet/necklace/ring. (*and I picked belt only because you can get it from elf ruins, any armor is fine)

    for the accessory slot you left open:
    [Great Glory Bracelet]
    [Great Glory Necklace]

    or any of the tradeable legendaries (of which there are a bunch) are all good options.

    alternatively, just get all legendaries and skip the burst overload pieces completely. Though, with the introduction of elf ruins, and consistency of events giving OV pieces, it's pretty easy to get 3pc (& will save you a lot of gold).

    [Alicia's Tear]/[Bright Energy Magic Stone]
    light damage is what you'll be heading for, so might as well start stacking it now.

    [Becky's Special Goggles]/[Titan's Reinforcement Bead]
    goggles from oblivion meteors or the bead from the auction house are both solid options for subquip

    support grap (party/raid)
    if you plan on partying often, or want to start raiding asap, you build heavily into grab mastery and auras

    [Halidom: Glorious Ceramic Mail of Orobas] + 3 other pieces
    lv.85 halidom set gives +1 grab mastery from top and +2 from the 4 piece bonus

    [Emperor's Secret Book - Dervish]
    lv.70 sub with +2 grab mastery

    [Halidom: Mastema's Squall Tonfa]/[Hit The Mark]
    tonfas with grab mastery (as gauntlets increase skill cooldowns by 10%)

    [Dusky West Gem]
    +85 stat aura magic stone from kartel hq

    [Heartrending Grief Bone _____ ]
    pick between leggings/belt for your last (non-halidom filled) armor slot

    [Strong Arm Spirit]
    best non-epic support weapon, but absurdly expensive

    what about otherverse/other chronicle gear?
    grap's OV sets are pretty bad. 6-piece grave slammer was the standard for a long time, but nowadays it's overshadowed by the better & much easier to obtain halidom sets.

    only get it if want to run OV with friends. (at least, until we get the patch that adds the exorcism stat to regular gear)

    ok, I'm committed to the long haul!
    from here hopefully you can smash Noire Ferra because, like every class that can use light damage, you're going for the Gracia set.
    [Gracia Family Heirloom: _______]
    subequip & the 5 armor pieces is the preferred setup to reach 6-piece

    *if you stumble into a good standalone epic, then pick up gracia ring/neck/bracelet to complete the set instead. Their aura is -15 light resist (stacking) per piece, which works out roughly equivalent to 15 light damage. Some epics worth an armor slot include:
    [Ray Decrease Shoulder]/[Lightness Auto Top]/or several other pieces that have smash or significant CDR bonuses.

    weapon is ... tricky. Ideally you'll run a bunch of hells and luck into one of the several good lv.85 epics, but realistically you'll probably have to look elsewhere. The gracia gauntlet is good, but 800 reports is a lot of farming and delays your armor. Your other legendary options are either mediocre or very expensive. No great solutions here, sadly.

    however, if you start seriously running hells, at least grap has a (relatively) large pool of usable weapons.

    [Perfect Insignia of Punishment]
    the ideal guild insignia, but insignias are the absolute pinnacle of high effort low reward. This part of the guide is titled long haul for a reason!

    endgame & raidgrap
    TODO (✿ ◕ᗜ◕)━♫.*・。゚


    hair/hat: cast speed (only useful in pvp, but the other stats are worthless)
    face/torso: attack speed
    top: unstoppable grab (damage) / grab mastery (support)
    skin: any
    waist: inventory weight(convenience) or evasion(very mild dungeon usefulness)
    bottom: any
    shoes: strength (if you plan to to pvp, get a second av with move speed)

    red: strength + physical crit chance
    yellow: attack speed
    green: physical crit chance
    blue: attack speed + move speed (or just move speed)
    multicolored: physical crit chance
    platinum: unstoppable grab (grab mastery plats don't exist yet as of the time of this guide)

    but pay attention to your crit chance! 97% is the cap (as you have 3% innately), and necksnap applies a ~32% debuff. This is very easy to hit, especially as you start getting high end enchants/gold emblems.

    TODO (✿ ◕ᗜ◕)━♫.*・。゚

    TODO (✿ ◕ᗜ◕)━♫.*・。゚x 1000
    formulas, ele damage, warp grabbing, chain connection

    fixed damage: f.grap is a fixed damage class (as opposed to percent or mixed) which means your skill damage scales off independent attack rather then physical attack. Practically, all this means is that weapon reinforcement is pointless, refinement is a priority, and you'll use slightly different enchants.
    i-frames: invincibility frames, short periods of time when your character cannot be hit or damaged (except by instant-kill mechanics)
    otherverse (OV): the dungeons of lv.70 zone Saint Horn. The gear from these special dungeons has its own loot color and is referred to as either OV or chronicle gear
    CDR: cooldown reduction
    proc: an effect that triggers on hit, often dictated by random chance, ie '10% chance to cast explosion while attacking'
    smash: a modifier on gear that increases overall damage. Only your highest source of smash is counted, making all other sources redundant.

    there is also 'critical smash', which is separate from smash, but follows the same mechanics. It stacks with smash. Pressing f4 (detailed item info) when examining items shows whether it's bonus damage modifier stacks or not.

    named after the attribute that can appear on magic sealed items called [Smash]
    elenore: a modifier on gear that adds extra damage.
    unlike smash, multiple elenore effects stack, adding additional hits which appear as extra (smaller) lines of damage. For example:

    one source of elenore:
    two sources:

    these extra hits only use the base critical chance of 3%, but have several very useful properties:
    - they can proc other effects
    - they double dip on bonus damage (first on the initial damage, then again when calculating the bonus hit)
    - they count towards multi-hit gimmicks, ie 'attack this shield 50 times to break it'

    named after Ghost Sword Elenore, an old short sword that was the first (or at least most popular) source of this effect

    useful resources
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  2. vx.

    still a lot of work to do on this guide, but feel free to chime in with any questions/comment/suggestions!

    and I'm trying to keep it (somewhat) light weight, so lemme know if I glossed over something important too quickly
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  3. Airbear Still bad at things.

    Is vilmark set useful + is it used in raid at all? I'm trying to plan for gearing my fgrap in an easy/ low effort way and the fresh 86 list seem like my best bet for now.
    I like the color coding, by the way!
  4. vx.

    updated with an (early) support grap gear section & misc support info. One piece of vilmark is probably the best you'll do for an offslot, but the full set bonuses are quite bad.

    if anyone has any more support gear suggestions, post post post. I poked around the dictionary but didn't see much, and it doesn't have every item for some reason.
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    Looks good so far!
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    Iam eagerly awaiting this guide :3 hope it'll have a combo section ^^. Ty, for making the effort!
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    Thanks so much for creating this!
    I have a question regarding ov gear, for someone who just likes to farm a little and get 9 pieces, which set would you recommend? And is it viable to do Anton raid with 9 pieces ov?
    I'd like to get Garcia eventually but before that I just like to have a set of ov for funsies also it's easier to get with all the game gifts :)
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    dont mean to revive a old thing but I was wondering what a build might look like now after infinity. I just picked up f.grap since I am on a quest to make all sub classes and my current stop is f.grappler.

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