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  1. I'm looking for opinions on which OV sets to go for/use. The one's I'd consider for full sets are stable spin, burst overload, demon clutch, and grave slammer.
    Stable spin looks fun to me, just for the number of spins (I also think that with my combo method, I could prob get in 3 full cyclone suplexes in my full grab combo; not 100% sure, but prob at least 2.)
    Demon Clutch looks pretty good since it gives a lot of cooldown all over.
    Grave slammer seems to be the most popular, but in my opinion, grappler's damage potential isn't high enough to be worth going for a damage set.
    Air Clutch looks useless.
    Terror Firma looks troll, but it'd obviously work against anything with grab cannon.
    Burst overload looks weak, the skill boosts aren't too useful, and the 10% bonus to unstoppable grab doesn't seem useful either.
    Another setup I'm thinking of is 3 piece Sky Watch, 6 piece Demon Clutch, plus tainted cooldown tonfa (or a knuckle) and tainted cooldown coat, for a total of 78% cooldown on air steiner (for infinite air steiner combo). I'm not sure if that's enough on its own, but with a cooldown potion (mind stimulant potion), it'd definitely work.
    And of course, there's also full double tainted for necksnap cooldown and necksnap duration, although it still probably wouldn't get you infinite necksnap without mind stimulant potion (even if you used a knuckle for the 20percent cdr and got neck snap top avatar).
  2. Ansegisel

    Teresa, Ansegisel
    Stable spin set is the best chron set for both grapplers with grave slammer close behind.
  3. Altana Professional DingleDorf

    To the best of my knowledge... the best F.grap options at this time that include OV gear:

    6 piece Grave slammer + powerful legendary or epic pieces (my current build, great general purpose damage setup)
    9 piece Burst overload or 9 piece sky watch + elemental magic stone or a better legendary / epic ( These are both powerful sets, and get a lot of use in true ancients. Sadly F.grap doesn't get truly overpowered OV sets like some classes.. ie. witch 6 piece solar prominence )

    9 piece stable spin is fine if you get it since it does provide a sizable damage bonus. The problem is that it's not nearly as nice as the other options.

    If you're only looking for utility, just taint gear for cool downs or spins +1. Otherwise you should always be building damage. Even with damage chron sets you can hold chain for long enough for any half-decent party to finish the job. This way you can actually be the part of the party's damage, or have better solo viability. It's true that F.graps damage is kinda derpy at the moment, but they get buffed to srs bsns levels later and get pushed above many classes for dps (without losing grab utility). With proper gearing even in the present, It can be quite powerful. (PM for demonstration)

    I don't believe infinite steiner ends up working like that, separate cooldown reductions aren't always additive, they can be multiplicative. For example you may have a 30% percent reduction from 100% which gives you 70% percent CD. Another item that gives 30% may just be 30% of that 70%, only bringing you down 21% more (49%). Either way, you lose out on a TON of damage going for this configuration without gaining any true infinite steiners. Infinite necksnap is a thing but it gets patched out so don't waste your time. (I got a full set that is half double tainted already without checking the kdnf notes, QQ) Then again who knows that they'll even give us that patch.
  4. Is 6 piece grave slammer actually useful? The numbers just look really small to me. I've managed to get 3 burst overload pieces, and 3 demon clutch, but literally nothing of any other set. I could also complete that feat quest and get a another burst overload piece...
    Only sets that give damage to wild cannon spike or cyclone atk seem like they'd give you real damage (9 piece skywatch or 9 piece grave slammer, burst overload), but it'd only end up giving you one hard hitting skill. Plus, Burst Overload's boost to cyclone attack is pretty low (and ex skills don't get TP boosts)
    Maybe I'm approaching this the wrong way; f.graps prob just need epics =/
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  5. Altana Professional DingleDorf

    6 piece grave slammer is very useful, huge CD reductions to your two primary skills + nice damage. It's utility + damage!
    You also get a nice damage bonus to elbow shock, which is a very powerful skill (especially if you use a +10 or more gaunt, seriously it's worth it). Once you have this set, you generally want to max these three skills with TP.

    Wild cannon spike damage is nice, but not worth throwing away 3 additional inventory pieces on. Good accessories will net you more damage anyway. (They don't even have to be epics, stack elemental damage uniques, or things like Youthful Spirit!)

    I think you're looking at F.grappler as a couple big skills like WCS and Cyclone, and that's really not the case. A set like 6 piece grave slammer lets you tighten your grab rotation with many more powerful spirals and cyclone suplexes, while using your longer CD skills like WCS/CycloneAttack as inbetween filler. F.grap is all about tight skill rotation.

    The joy of Burst Overload is the HUGE cool down reduction on your most powerful skills. The damage bonus is still good and you can expect to be using them in almost every room! This set, however, isn't always ideal for all situations and requires a lot of rotation mastery. Grave slammer is easier to use and simpler for general purpose dungeoning. Skywatch is great too, but it's hard to devote to a 9 piece set (same for Burst Overload) that isn't absolutely broken when there are so many powerful epic and legendary accessories.
  6. Kirillov

    Thanks for the detailed responses, this is very helpful information. I currently have the 6 piece grave slammer and the legendary sub equip from Screaming that adds +1 to 40-70 skills. In my other free slots I have a double tainted piece that adds +1 spin and attack damage to rolling and a single tainted piece that adds +1 spin (but lowers the damage), and a FL all elemental magic stone. So I am not exactly wasting those spots, but they are certainly not optimal. I read on Reddit that 6 piece grave slammer + 3piece Burst is optimal until you have legs/epics for the other three slots. With the current event that gives a free piece of chron, I should be able to get the three piece Burst this week.

    Do you think is it worth dropping the leg sub (at least for now), for the three piece Burst 10% grab bonus? I know this is a tricky question, and since Burst seems like a good set anyway, I may just get it and test. But if you have any thoughts on the matter, I would love to hear them before I pull the trigger. If it makes a difference, I am also using a +9/+5 (keep failing +10/+6) Gracia Heirloom gauntlets that add +1 to all 40-70s (so with the sub and weapon, I am getting +2 on cyclone without a contract). Thanks for any help you can provide.
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  7. Altana Professional DingleDorf

    Hi Kirillov,

    +1 to all skills is about 5 percent damage before factoring in buffs. You get another % from grab mastery so that helps. Sadly it's 40+ so no unstoppable grab. Because of this the 10% bonus from Burst looks to beat it. Something to note, I'm not sure if the Burst buff can be snapshot or not... Some people are claiming it can be but I was not able to test well (one of my 3 Burst pieces is a weapon so it skews the numbers and some believe weapons mess up snapshots regardless). By snapshot I mean some skills can be upgraded with gear, cast, then gear is swapped to normal stat'd gear. This way you get the buff and the stats. Some skills however are dynamic and change the live buff effects based on your current actual gear.

    So yes either way that 3 piece Burst would be an upgrade for you, however, you have like two months to open that event box. The safest route would be just to run OV for that time and see if you don't get a few pieces of Burst by then. You might be able to avoid getting a duplicate piece of Burst.

    That gaunt is about as good as you'll get without a crazy magic seal or powerful epic. If you don't plan on spending hundreds of mils to get a Smash/crit or str etc gaunt... or Billions for the epic Gaunts, it's a good thing to stick with.
  8. Kirillov

    Thanks! That is very helpful info. I am intrigued by the snapshot idea. I will take your advice and be patient. But once I have the burst pieces, I will try testing if the buff can be snapshot and report any findings.
  9. RaWrZor

    I'm really in favor of grave slammer over stable spin (personal preference), I feel the utility you get with having a boost in spiral, cyclone suplex, and elbow shock with the cd is worth getting at least the 6 piece set..... Stable spin is just an overall boost to 1 skill besides necksnap, and if the enemy triggers grab cannon then it pretty much makes stable spin pointless. Compared to grave slammer I feel that stable spin lacks in diversity/utility, also if you want to maximize damage you will need to invest into an element, so that makes getting the 9 piece stable meh in my opinion. I'd rather save my magic-stone and accessory slot to invest into elemental damage items (legs/epics). Exactly like Altana said, It's hard to invest into a 9 piece set when there are so many better options for certain slots leg/epics. This is just my personal opinion, although I do have a 6 piece sky set which just sits in my box.
  10. marlymar PIGPEN

  11. I have 3 piece burst overload; it's not swappable.
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