F Brawlers in Anton Raid, yay or nay?

Discussion in 'Brawler' started by Lashaquana, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. Lashaquana

    Are F Brawlers viable in Anton Raid? Could they ever be considered one of the best DPS in Anton? This goes for both Magic/Physical builds.

    Most of their damage comes from debuff stacking, but I hear in Anton Raid it's impossible to get any debuffs on them. If this is the case, wouldn't that make F Brawlers utterly useless? Without being able to inflict status ailments, they would have very minimal damage and little to no utilities, right? I would like to hear some thoughts and opinions about this.

    [Please tell me I'm wrong, I love FBrawlers T~T]

    <Bonus Question! Is it even possible to have a build focused on status ailments? That would be awesome! With this, I'm thinking Taunt maximization maybe? Poisons would play a key part in this, but I also want to be able to use Net Damage Buff and Paralyze+Brick Stun+Stinger Bleed and Slow+Hook Burn. Just to have the effects stack for Ground Kick, etc. This would be mostly for fun for me, I'm sure it wouldn't be optimal damage for brawlers.>
  2. Sancerre

    a list was made for anton raid about popularity of classes in korea... f. brawler was among the bottom 3 least desired class. best dps? no. never. the skills are generally not very strong. and theres no amazing steroid for raw damage (like power fist for strikers). the upcoming revamp will help, but dont expect much.

    my understanding is that the one good role f brawler has is to blow up tog -- and that involves stacking poison damage (some legendaries and source of disease 3 piece).

    outside of tog, can be welcomed if you have spider queen set because you then provide defense reduction and the net boost (damage boost is active regardless of it grabbing).

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