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Discussion in 'Skirmisher' started by Shunha, Oct 24, 2016.

  1. Shunha

    I was wondering, why does Demonic Lancer couldn't participate of the PvP event? Does anyone know the meaning of the restriction?
    Thanks :P
  2. Kiwi-poi

    IMO because lancers are still relatively new to the game compared to other classes. They've been optimized to do well in PvE, but as far as PvP goes, they still need to be properly balanced so as to not become OP (remember the tagline: longest-reach melee class?). And aside from PvE, they are also fairly new to the PvP scene, meaning not many players are maining them as their PvP character. And with less players, it's also difficult to find feedback from the player base on how to fight as them, how to counter them, and generally how to weigh them against other classes.
  3. Shunha

    That was the best explanation of all times, thank you :P
    My Lancer is my main character and I was thinking if someday I'll have some problems with him in events or raids...
    But, thanks!

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