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  1. Razsor The Names HeMan

    With ranked PVP around the corner, I figured we could start a discussion around PvP for new/old players who are planning on PvPing!

    So here is a video of some great PvP action :D
  2. zeek

    This is great, I could really use some help. What is a proper skill build for hybrid? I need cloth to land the Holy Amulets like in the video, right?
    What are some good approaches? I have trouble closing the gap. Other than gale slash and uppercut - what's that dash he does in the video with the force field? And why no Phoenix Hammer?
    Combo strings? (I have been using GWL > xx > GWL >> xx > Shooting Star?).
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  3. Nier FPriest main since 2017

    you can use HA before or after xx if you're using cloth i.e. gwl > xx > HA >> xx > gwl > HA. You can also buff while HA hits if you wanna be fancy.
  4. Razsor The Names HeMan

    Below is a response I gave to someone asking a similar question. Ill also throw in what my response was to his next question (why certain things).

    Now I'm no expert when it comes to pvping with exos but I have been pvping for a pretty long time. This is simply my own build currently, I'm constantly switching around SP to see what I like and don't like. Feel free to ask questions about my build and I'll try and answer them. Hope it helps.
    Basic Skills
    Grab QR
    Maxed Magic Crit
    Maxed Smasher
    Maxed GWL
    Maxed Strike
    Grab Lurking Dragon
    Maxed Combat Aura
    Magic Skills
    Maxed Luminous Chakra
    Maxed Holy Amulet
    Maxed Rising Emblem
    Maxed Red Phoenix Emblem
    Maxed Suppression Amulet
    Maxed Lightning Amulet
    Maxed White Tiger
    Maxed Doggy
    Maxed Shikigami
    Physical Skills
    1 into Gale Smash
    1 into Star in the Sky
    1 into Crucifix Wind
    1 into Chaos Hammer
    Maxed Spinning Cross

    I originally was mainly a Pexo in PVP but even though the damage is great.. It's not really the best way to go. The reason I have maxed Smasher is pretty simple, if you're not using smasher to finish a combo then you should be using smasher to land SITS. So throughout the match its a nice sp dump since I will land it 5-6 times.

    As far as spinning cross goes, I had it at 1 for the longest but realized that it is a great skill that I use to get out of tight situations or to counter most classes. The damage is pretty good as well.
    The more important feature that I use it for is at the end of my main combo. It will keep them in LA and possibly allow dog to land a 2 grab. It's all preference IMO though. I could see maxing SITS because you will use it more most likely.

    And for combat aura, we use GWL soooo much during a match which is a great skill to use to counter a launch skill thus you will be charging it quite a bit. I kinda prefer it because I don't have to think about casting an int buff skill, I can just play normally and I will get the buff. And the Int buff is nice. Any damage helps!

    Some simple warps that use smasher and spinning cross are as follows..
    Gale Smash ->warp Smasher -> SITS -> main combo
    And spinning follows the same path just replace it with gale smash in the combo chain.​
  5. Razsor The Names HeMan

    My main combo consists of the following..

    Some Launch --> xx --> HA --> xx --> HA --> Buffs/suppression/Lightning Amulets --> xx --> HA --> Dog --> EVERYTHING AND THEIR MOTHERS
    At the end of "EVERYTHING AND THEIR MOTHERS" you can/should be able to immediately catch them with a CW/HA/GS something and restart the combo.
    Feel free to throw in some White tigers between your x chain and HA.

    Between combos you should be laying down as many White tigers.. suppression amulets and throwing HA/PA like crazy. Try and save LA until you are doing a combo. Same logic goes for doggy, save him until a combo.. UNLESS you just can't catch the player and need some added pressure!
  6. Tigurz Casual Furry

    So what are some of the ways you guys confirm into combos as exo? I've been running into a wall recently. Most of my combos come from hitting with crucifix wind into dash attack uppercut combos or warp grab into sits. I also found it useful if you can catch someone with spinning cross to push them and then get sits too, though most of the time people will quick rebound immediately if they can. otherwise I'm having trouble keeping the game flow at my pace and range. Do you think it's better to set up a suppression or lightning amu zone and keep poking, or would that be more situational for trying to stall for cooldowns?

    What else.. I've started to apply pressure at the start instead of buffing up a bit and that seems to help force people into moving where i have a chance to start a combo. not sure if it's a good idea or bad but it seems to help playing slightly aggressively and catch people who try to move out of your range for me.

    A couple other questions I have are when using smasher i've seen a guy immediately go into an xx gwl->ha xx combo, is that possible with more attspd, or is it a change we don't have yet? Also sometimes when doing the first xx gwl combo it seems like people drop out of the combo before i can do a ha. Is it just me timing things too slowly or is there something else behind it?
    oh one more thing, what's the attspd and cast speed for all of you/what would be a good balance and how would i achieve it? I have around 26 or 32 attspd and around 99 base cast speed.. would mixing cloth and plate armor be good for smoothing out combos?
  7. Megaplasm

    Some people mix cloth and plate; a lot of high-tier Koreans go full cloth and rely on their combo skill to mitigate the fact that super armor is now kind of risky to abuse. They max White Tiger/Suppression and put a varying amount of points into Lightning Amulet, some max it while some prefer to just use its hitstun and set up with other things. That way, they gradually zone targets into a place where they can corner and start up the pain train. Physically, most exos usually put one point in Crucifix Wind because it's not the most reliable of damage sources, and one point in Spinning Cross because it's not the most conducive for comboing; if your target has QR, they can immediately get back up, they can backstep before they get hit the first time, and they can also just counter with their own super armor versus Spinning Cross.

    Most people max (and they should max) Atomic Smash because 97k amirite

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