[Event] Deciphering Class "Codes"

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  1. Jay 테미

    Each code represents one of 53 subclass in DFO (including Female Priests and Unreleased Knight Subclasses) and you must decipher & name them to win.
    The person with the most codes deciphered will win the event. If there are multiple winners, the true winner will be selected through a raffle.
    Event will end April 22nd 22:00 EST and the winner will be revealed on the next day.
    Edit: The Event has ended.

    $25 (CAD) Karma Koin

    • You can re-submit entry many times as you want (but I will only accept the latest entry).
    • You may share answers and work together with others freely.
    • Nexus Account has to be least a week old to participate.
    • Private Message @Jay the entry with the answers. I will not accept any entry posted elsewhere.
    • Use the format below.
    • Fill out all the answers.
    • There may be codes referencing to other DFO versions
    • Not all codes are DFO related
    • Google
    • [Day 2 Hint] 28 is not a Gunner.
    • [Day 2 Hint] say 38 aloud slowly.
    • [Day 3 Hint] 16 and 35 is related to Korean names.
    • [Day 3 Hint] Neople had to temporarily remove few skills for 36.
    • [Day 4 Hint] Check the class lore for 34.
    • [Day 4 Hint] 28 and 30 are memes.
    • [Day 5 Hint] 31 doesn't have a home.
    • [Day 5 Hint] 48 builds walls.
    • [Day 6 Hint] 18 has bubbles.
    • [Day 6 Hint] 41 has a "scam" chronicle set.
    • [Day 7 Hint] Alternate Code for 2: Hastings
    • [Day 7 Hint] 14 is a Hero.
    • [Day 8 Hint] Translate first word of code 46 to Korean and pronounce it.
    • [Day 8 Hint] 42 is not a reference to DFO.
    1. Lenny (Answer: )
    2. J (Answer: )
    3. Star Wars Soldier (Answer: )
    4. Lunch (Answer: )
    5. Maplestory Thief Instructor (Answer: )
    6. 하하하 (Answer: )
    7. Eliwood's Weapon (Answer: )
    8. Daredevil (Answer: )
    9. British TV Series (Answer: )
    10. A Bird (Answer: )
    11. hPa (Answer: )
    12. Scarlet Johansson (Answer: )
    13. Lankester Merrin (Answer: )
    14. Reversed Rank (Answer: )
    15. Wyvern (Answer: )
    16. God in Korea (Answer: )
    17. Cookie Clicker (Answer: )
    18. Flowers (Answer: )
    19. Captain America (Answer: )
    20. Two Friends (Answer: )
    21. Kate (Answer: )
    22. Cross Eyes (Answer: )
    23. Yin Yang (Answer: )
    24. Secretly an Archer (Answer: )
    25. Scrotum (Answer: )
    26. Catherine Wheel (Answer: )
    27. My Little Pony (Answer: )
    28. Smoker (Answer: )
    29. Fly Killer (Answer: )
    30. Armpit (Answer: )
    31. Dancing Queen (Answer: )
    32. Ora Ora Ora (Answer: )
    33. No Panty (Answer: )
    34. Transcendence (Answer: )
    35. Elba (Answer: )
    36. Serverwide Lag (Answer: )
    37. Garlic (Answer: )
    38. Log In (Answer: )
    39. Gas Mask (Answer: )
    40. True Mimi (Answer: )
    41. Your Mom (Answer: )
    42. Stuck on a boat for 7 years (Answer: )
    43. Batman (Answer: )
    44. Formerly Bug Man (Answer: )
    45. You Died (Answer: )
    46. Imported Food (Answer: )
    47. Eva (Answer: )
    48. Your Highness (Answer: )
    49. Apple (Answer: )
    50. German (Answer: )
    51. François Bertrand (Answer: )
    52. Yataaaaaaaa!!! (Answer: )
    53. Transformer (Answer: )
    Bonus (Weapon)

    54. Gloves used by the most beautiful and deadly Fighter in history (Answer: )
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  2. Pyros

    When you say more hints, would there be more hints for those classes or just more dupe classes to find?

    Edit: Dumb, didn't read the bonus hint thing properly
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  3. Holypie

    Will you accept an different advancement name for the same class than the one the hint refers to? i.e. a hint refers to optimus, but I put female mechanic.
  4. Jay 테미

    You can choose to use any titles.


    Day 2 hints has been added.
    • [Day 2 Hint] 28 is not a Gunner.
    • [Day 2 Hint] Say 38 aloud slowly.
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  5. Jay 테미

    Day 3 hints has been added.
    • [Day 3 Hint] 16 and 35 is related to Korean names.
    • [Day 3 Hint] Neople had to temporarily remove few skills for 36.
  6. Jay 테미

    I'm no longer accepting Blank Answers.
  7. Jay 테미

    Day 4 hints has been added.
    • [Day 4 Hint] Check the class lore for 34.
    • [Day 4 Hint] 28 and 30 are memes.
  8. Jay 테미

    Day 5 hints has been added.
    • [Day 5 Hint] 31 doesn't have a home.
    • [Day 5 Hint] 48 builds walls.
  9. Jay 테미

    Day 6 hints has been added.
    • [Day 6 Hint] 18 has bubbles.
    • [Day 6 Hint] 41 has a "scam" chronicle set.

    Also the event has been extended till April 22nd 22:00 EST.
  10. Jay 테미

    Day 7 hints has been added.
    • [Day 7 Hint] Alternate Code for 2: Hastings
    • [Day 7 Hint] 14 is a Hero.
  11. Jay 테미

    Day 8 (final) hints has been added.
    • [Day 8 Hint] Translate first word of code 46 to Korean and pronounce it.
    • [Day 8 Hint] 42 is not a reference to DFO.

    Early hints since it's the last day.

    Don't forget to submit your answers today!
  12. SkyArt

    Tfw you got most of them but forgot to double check deadline time :(
  13. Jay 테미

    Event has ended. I will announce the winner tomorrow.

    ★ = Easy
    ★★ = Moderate
    ★★★ = Hard

    Korean 2nd Awakening Title for Female Launcher is 스톰트루퍼, which translates to Storm Trooper.
    Old nickname for Male Launcher. Korean word for Launcher is 런처 and the word for Lunch is 런치.
    See more here.
    1st Job Thief Instructor NPC for Maplestory is Dark Lord which is the 2nd Awakening Title for Soul Bender.
    하하하 means Hahaha. Male Brawler laughs like a maniac when 'Upgraded Poison Mine: Firelock' is used.
    Eliwood is a character from Fire Emblem and his signature weapon is Durandal which is the 2nd Awakening Title for Skirmisher.
    Daredevil is a character from Marvel Universe. He's Blind.
    Black Mirror is a TV British TV Series and Black Mirror is also one of Dark Templar's skill.
    Male Ranger's 2nd Awakening Title is Raven which is a bird.
    hPa is short for Hectopascal and Male Striker's main (most commonly known) skill is Dragon Kick which is called Hectopascal Kick in kDnF.
    Female Brawler's 2nd Awakening Title is Black Widow and Scarlet Johansson has the role of Black Widow in Marvel Cinematic Universe.
    Lankester Merrin is a fictional character from the novel/film 'The Exorcist'
    Referencing when Koreans were confused by Male Spitfire's 1st and 2nd Awakening Titles.
    1st Awakening: 제너럴 = General
    2nd Awakening: 커맨더 = Commander
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wyvern is basically another word for Dragon.
    Weapon Master's 2nd Awakening Title in kDnF is 검신 which can be translated to Sword God, however Weapon Master is known as Omniblade in DFOG after 2nd Awakening.
    Cookie Clicker requires a lot of clicks and so does Creator.
    Female Nen Master's 1st Awakening Title is Blazing Flower and 1st Awakening Active/Passive is 'Nen Flower'/'Floating Nen Flowers' respectively.
    Captain America is another character from Marvel Universe. He is associated with a team known as the Avengers.
    Male Mechanic has pair of robots following him around after 2nd Awakening. His 2nd Awakening Passive is also called 'HS-1 Friends'.
    Kate is a famous Summoner (and vital character) from DFO.
    Paladin Artwork has Cross symbols in her eyes. Check out animation for more clear picture.
    Yin Yang symbols can be seen from Shaman's Artwork.
    Glacial Master has skills called 'Broken Arrows' and 'Judecca the Eternal' which uses bow and arrows made out of ice.
    People refer the skill 'Spiral Nen' as balls.
    Catherine Wheel (or also known as Breaking Wheel) is a torture device and skill used by Inquisitor.
    Elven Knight has a useless skill called 'Guardian Riding' which lets her ride a pony.
    A meme which rose after Seraphim Artwork was revealed due to her open mouth. An example.
    Witch has skills called 'Devolution Flyswatter' and 'Giant Flyswatter'. She clearly does not like flies.
    Another meme (and fetish) that rose after Demon God Artwork was revealed due to her pose. An example.
    Vagabond's 2nd Awakening Title is Blade Dancer and has skills called 'Lotus Dance' and 'Moonlight Dance'.
    Ora is a battle cry used during multiple rapid punches.
    Meme that Battle Mage has lost her panties due to 2nd Awakening or belief that she has to take it off to Apostilize (check the original Artwork). This Artwork triggered majority of kDnF population.
    Elemental Bomber is called 엘레멘탈 바머 in Korean and shortened as 엘바 which pronounced 'El-bah'.
    An incident from June 2015 which resulted in Neople removing few of Shadow Dancer skills due to overloading the server.
    Blood Mage Awakens to Vampire and everyone knows they don't like Garlic.
    To celebrate Rogue balancing in 2013, Neople created an event called 'Rogue In' (pun for Log In).
    로그 (Rogue) can also be translated in Log and vice versa.
    Gas Mark (Dogma Device) can be seen on Dimension Walker's Artwork
    Mimi is a nicknamed used for Female Gunners, mainly used on Spitfire.
    Female Slayer is called 'Madam' (middle-aged woman) due to her age (which was miscalculated).
    'Your Mom' is a part of nickname origin which was used to create Demon Slayer's nickname which originated due to Korean's dialect.
    A meme from Berserk manga series. Due to the author taking long breaks and scheduling problems, the protagonist and his party was stuck on a boat for 7 years.
    Few years back, Male Grappler had many gamebreaking bugs which was left unfixed for a long time.
    Vanguard's 1st Awakening Active is called '유 다이드' in kDnF which literally translates to 'You Died'.
    A nickname created due to Korean word for Swift (스위프트) being similar is similar to 수입푸드.
    수입 means Import and 푸드 is just Food.
    God of all classes.
    Also how people refers Male Crusader sometimes (jokingly).
    Mistress' 2nd Awakening Artwork depicts Mistress holding onto an apple.
    Female Striker's 2nd Awakening Title is Kaiser which is German word for Emperor.
    Francois Bertrand was a Necrophiliac.
    Referencing Kunoichi's Passive Skill called 'Yata Mirror'
    References to Female Mechanic Skill Set (such as 'Transformation' and 'G-Series')
    Description of Queen's Bet.
  14. oOMeOo

    i can answer almost 3* hint but wrong at 1* :bang:
  15. Chocodomo

    Thanks for hosting, had fun discussing it in my guild discord.
  16. Jay 테미

    Two people solved all the codes completely. Congratulations to @Tate and @Isa... and the true winner is....


    Thanks for participating everyone. Maybe I'll do something similar in the future, but harder.
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