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    A little trick that I'm sure some of you may have figured out by now. In energy boss there is a gimmick that the boss has where he attempts to grab a player at the beginning of the boss battle and attempts to absorbed them. However, if he misses the grab he will be in a state of confusion like as shown in the picture. While in this confusion state he will be vulnerable to all attacks and you can potentially kill him quickly without ever seeing his other gimmicks There are many ways to proc this gimmick i.e immortality formula, i-frame skill (BBQ for example), keiga ghost step for SB or simply dodging the grab.
    There is a neat trick that saders can also use that makes him proc his gimmick 100% of the time.
    Activate accession (2nd awakening skill) before the boss room.
    Then activate accession again near and above the boss's y-axis.
    He will move up to the position where you launched accession and try to grab you. Obviously he cant because you are in the air. It will look something like this:
    If you did this trick correctly and if your team has a good enough burst power you should be able to take out this boss in a one shot cycle.

    Important warnings/advice:
    Make sure you are on this boss's y-axis before you launch. If you don't he can still grab you even while in the process of flying into the air.
    Make sure you are facing the opposite direction the boss. The "screen flash eye opening" gimmick can still activate if you're looking at him regardless if you're in the air.
    If you're new to this trick, I personally stack 8-10 accesnion charges before going in for longer uptime to give boss enough time to take the bait. However, when you get more used to it you wont need to.
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    but srsly thanks for heads up on gimmick ^_^ (haven't reached maxed lvl on my saint yet, not finished vos set yet, but this is a very helpful if and when im anton rdy ^_^)

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