Endgame witch gear farming.

Discussion in 'Witch' started by Eurasia, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. Eurasia

    Looking at DFOpedia, there are quite a few different level epics are good for a witch (pumpkin broom is 75, dark goth is 80 and piercing spear is 85), which dungeon should I do my hell modes on?

    I think I'll be skipping liberation grind (200k per run is crazy), any advice for a decent weapon aceholder while I farm my OVs and hell?

    "B tier-solar 6 configuration 3 source of greed 10/8 liberation broomstick, fire enforcement higher than 90" from this thread, what is "configuration 3" and "source of greed"?

    Sorry if my questions have been asked before, but the general thread is 120 pages long and I'm not sure which info is oudated. (I think there's a huge patch right before I joined which made many posts obsolete)
  2. Hervey Administrator

    Grandine, so you get 80-85 drops. Adding 75 epics to the drop pool for a chance at one epic just isn't worth it, since there are plenty of 80-85 weapons you can use anyways.

    Not a Witch expert by any means but a 85 Halidom should be a perfectly fine placeholder.

    Configuration 3 refers to the 3 pc Anton legendary accessory set "Bulky Configuration." These can be purchased with Antonium which come from Anton normals.
    Source of Greed is the Anton epic magic stone, gives +45 to all elements. Can be obtained by clearing the raid 5 times for a Feat quest.
  3. Kamica

    Endless Eternity prices should be low after Mirror Arad update so there's hardly an excuse to not get Liberation weapon.
    It has been confirmed that Infinity Piercing is a better weapon than Pumpkin Broom. Do 80-85 hells so that you have chances at getting other good epics such as Flame Drop Trousers, Night Shadow Top, Pyromancer's Torture Bracelet, Submarine Volcano Belt, Pioneer Auto Bottom, Magical Rainstorm, and Dethroned Kings Tears.

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