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  1. teru

    This post made me start thinking about Elemental Burn for battleloli.

    According to the skill planner here, Elemental Burn gives 691 INT for 4 marks at max level for 500 SP. This skill planner doesn't necessarily reflect our current patch so if someone could confirm these numbers that would be great.
    • Most battlelolis end up with somewhere around 1100-1200 INT at 80 cap with okay gear.
    • This is 2500-2600 INT with full buffs: Fire Chaser + Fusion Chaser + Stage 6 Battle Groove.
    • A 691 INT buff on top of 2500-2600 INT equates to a 26-28% increase in magical damage.
    • Considering over half of battleloli total damage output comes from Chasers, this is at least a 13-14% increase in overall DPS.
    • The increase is even larger when the battleloli is not fully buffed, i.e. for any other stages of Battle Groove; for example 691 INT is a 31-33% increase in magical damage at Stage 5 Battle Groove.
    My theory is that
    • Elemental Burn is trivial to keep up on a battleloli, between Chasers and tier 1 elemental spells.
    • A 13-14% increase in DPS at full buffs is not achievable through any other allocation of that 500 SP. For example,
    • Maxing Full Swing or Double Swing or Meteor Assault or GDS or etc. will NOT increase your overall DPS by 13-14%.
    • So, Elemental Burn is part of the currently optimal battleloli build.
    burritoblob mentioned something earlier about how
    but that was for 70 cap.

    For our current cap, does anyone here use Elemental Burn on their battlelolis, and is it really as good as it looks on paper? For all my obsession with battlelolis, I don't even have a max battleloli so I can't test it out for myself.
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  2. burritoblob :blobhyperthinkbutfast:

    Going to end this simply: chasers don't light Elemental Burn marks at all. Neople intentionally made it this way to make sure there isn't a huge dependence on the skill so they can (incompetently) balance it out in the other skills. Stopping every 18s to relight marks is a DPS loss no matter what. Why would you doubt me? :fmage:

    Also I do have this max in 86 cap, but it's only because of the specific content I normally encounter every day. Don't even think about using this right now.
  3. teru

    killed the dream ;_;

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