Elemental Bomber Skill Planning

Discussion in 'Elemental Bomber' started by Alan, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. Alan

    Hey guys,

    I'm quite new to the male mage class and I was wanted to hear your suggestions/improvements on this EB build..
    *Sucks how I have to use an non-updated skill builder:(*

    Regardless I have a few questions:
    Should I get the skill elemental shield? Any common skills? (Ancient memory, magic critical)
    Thanks in advance!

    P.S - I guess this char is geared more towards PVE but I wouldn't mind PVPing once in a while :keke:
  2. Nier FPriest main since 2017

    The planner is quite dated since we get active awakenings for free now and they have a new passive that's not listed there.

    I prefer having max flame circle than concentrated fury (still scales bad imo) though with all free SP we have right now you could probably end up maxing both. Always max crit and I would only put points on AM if you have spare sp left. It's not that great of a buff that I'd rather max another skill than get AM.
  3. Alan

    Thanks for the insight!
    I'm assuming I max the passive (Elemental Bombardment)? It seems quite useful xD
    I also have another question. Should I look for weapons that are rods or staffs? I see the benefits and cons for both but still unsure which is optimal for this subclass.
  4. Nier FPriest main since 2017

    Staff just because they're not as reliant as glacial in attack speed(debatable still). I would only use rod on special occasions like a really good weapon effect or something.

    Yes max that passive as it allows you to cancel and chain skills like you can use infernal road and instantly use crystal crash while in mid animation. It is the biggest balance change that EB got aside from faster casting/less post cast delay. The higher it is, the more spells you can cancel into each other.

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