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  1. The Winged Professor だが断る!

    Once 90 cap comes out, I wonder if it's possible to stagger Darkness Mantle enough to get some semblance of real holding. Smoke with no holds is something. Last run I did it was me and Crusader tossing around Nerbe and hoping he died before orbs came out.
  2. NeoSabre

    viewing videos of sell from that one eb, mantle is super funky on the way it holds, but it's definitely a hold
  3. The Winged Professor だが断る!

    It's enough to interrupt Eugene eye which is good enough for me since you can use that to kill him off of bait.
  4. Apparently Darkness Mantle is good enough to skip Mateka's damage limit too. ALL HAIL DARKNESS MANTLE! I don't know what to do with my newfound utility.
  5. NeoSabre

    Mantle does not skip his damage limit, however it delays the nugol's death so that all of the hits from Elemental Burst hit at the same time which yea, can skip damage limit

    what still gets me is the lightning wall at the end hitting mateka
  6. Is EB overpowered in Korea at this point? I know it's super solid here, but I know nothing about KDNF and maybe with all the male mage faffery he might've gotten a boost? Also, remember when darkness mantle was eb's saving grace pre 1st awakening in Neople DFO's season one cuz he was pretty demolished?
  7. NeoSabre

    average class tbh.
    but that is like most of the classes - besides the rebalanced characters that get huge damage boosts
  8. Well, I went to get data on EBE set in Raid setting: Smoke, BG A, Cutting off the Energy, Third Hatchery (Atol), and Anton Heart. Raid leader wouldn't put me in Naval to collect data, so I just did my normal position in my EBE set. Only ate consumables for Atol (had to ask the DT to not hide so I can solo).

  9. neguas

    just got a 4th piece of dg to drop, is using 4/5 with native shoes stronger than gracia? and should i be enchanting certain slots for resistance and filling emblem slots with resistance emblems too?

    also, how would i shift around my skill build if i wanted to max mantle and zone with this set up? like which skills to drop in favor of those. sorry for the bunch of questions.
  10. The Winged Professor だが断る!

    Yes. 4/5 with Native shoes is stronger than Gracia. And you don't really need to worry about shadow resist too much since cap is at 150. Just if you get over you get additional shadow shred (which is currently a bug and will be patched out eventually).

    ScreenShot2017_0114_210553641.jpg ScreenShot2017_0114_210555570.jpg ScreenShot2017_0114_210557397.jpg ScreenShot2017_0114_210158006.jpg

    This is the build I currently use, although I recently took some points out of mantle and put in 10 levels back into Infernal Road. If you're running with SB, Infernal Road is a bad idea and can be dropped, but if not it's useful for Eugene multihitting. I have TP in Lighting Wall instead of Mantle because I needed Lighting Wall to be strong enough to one shot the top two orbs in Tog even if I'm running without a Sader.

    Chain Lighting is strong, but I don't like waiting for the full hits to get damage.

    Also I imagine EBE works just fine in Naval, probably better if your offslot is Juris.
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  11. Mine's similar to Winged, except I went max Flame Circle and 1 point into Lightning Wall. It's a preference thing. I did this even with a SB in the party because I'm weaving Infernal Road for spell canceling and it'll melt regardless (elemental rain, elemental buster also melts the ice...until future patch), so why not Flame Circle? Though, I am super careful in trying not to melt an annoying boss like Krave, Magtonium 5, etc. if they're frozen. I like the super armor when killing those annoying trash mobs (and their random invulnerable frames) in cutting off the energy. Since I'm also doing Atol, it fits as well.

    Mantle is used for suction (though in the future it'll be useful as a hold too) rather than damage so you can keep it at 1. Usually if I have any leftover SP points, I tend to dump it into Mantle for the slightly larger suction range because its suction is pathetic (gets a lot better in the future). Definitely keep Zone maxed and grab Elemental Strike (if you haven't already) as an extra "dark" skill with elemental shift.

    Looking into the Future (Luke normals/raid), there'll be bosses that punish a lot of multi-hits so I'll probably drop Flame Circle and Max Lightning Wall...or even the dreaded Concentrated Force (but I don't think I'm THAT desperate).
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  12. The Winged Professor だが断る!

    Concentrated Force is more like - I blew all my hard hitting skills pls kill so I don't have to wait to 2 cycle.
  13. Icaro [3 Steps Ahead]

    Sad that we didn't get the update to darkness mantle, maybe we will get it later this year? probably after male mage update?
    and thank you free hell tickets for the DG belt (2/5)
  14. The Winged Professor だが断る!

    Dark Eyes bug seems fixed. Armageddon level does not snap shot on cast. When I have time I'll check snap shot abusing.
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