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  1. The Winged Professor だが断る!

    Probably means Concentrated Force. Convergence Cannon is a good skill. Concentrated Force pretty bad lol.
  2. uh right, my brain derped. I'll go back and edit it.
  3. kacyjb25

    thx you :D
  4. Zarko

    The 20% atk increase in Mana Burst from Scream of Split Mana remain after the swap or is it only valid if the weapon is equipped?
  5. After the swap, but it's not a flat 20%. It's actually 12% to 15% atk increase in Mana Burst, depending on the number of tainted chrons after reaching level 30 Mana Burst.
  6. Icaro [3 Steps Ahead]

    How good is the cold princess epic set? i've managed to get the neck piece in my 100+ hells runs this weekend.
    (Still no signs of epic staffs... not even Shepherd rod ;_; )
  7. The Winged Professor だが断る!

    It's actually pretty decent if you get something like Mana Burn to accompany it and go water build. Just don't be a memer with DG + CP.
  8. NeoSabre

    speaking of cold princess, i managed to finish my first acc set today!
    (now only to finish an armor set)
    Ignore my jank ass water setup I'm suffering ok
  9. torr

    Just finished sub volcano on my eb, is it better than gracia and if so by how much?
    I would test it myself but I don't have the gold to enchant it all yet or buy a new M stone so its going to be off.
  10. NeoSabre

    fire eb is defnitely a legit thing
    i think its def stronger than gracia cause its gracia for fire bascially (with more stuff) so you should see a damage increase
    16% magical like alot of fire damage
    critical strike Kreygasm
  11. The Winged Professor だが断る!

    It should be stronger than Gracia, but keep in mind the offset that fire magic breaks Saya Necromancy. That won't be a big deal for long since Necromancy will die soon, but it's something to keep in mind in the meantime.

    Basically, if you have to duo anything with a SB you will have a hard time. But other than that it's legit.
  12. CzDG

    Hello so I'm pretty new to the game (~14 days) and I was wondering if someone could help me with progression on my elemental bomber.

    Right now I have 6 set LSA and a +5 wizard staff. What would be my gear progression from here on? 9set LSA and then? Also I've read that magical crit is really important for EB, but I cant seem to find ways to increase it more than my current level (43%).


    Another one of the problems i've been having is running out of MP. Since outside of events most of the MP potions I get restore ~ 2% of my MP, i end up running out of mp in longer/harder dungeons. Should this be happening? or am I doing something wrong?


  13. Let's clean up your skill tree. First things first, take out the points in Ghost Flame and Concentrated Force and put those points into maxing Elemental Rain and Crystal Storm. 1 point into Quick Rebound, 1 point into Darkness Mantle, and 1 point into Rapid Fire. The rest of your points go into either Elemental Strike (for more burst on boss) or Flame Circle (for more damage throughout the dungeon) and the leftovers you can dump into Darkness Mantle (for a slightly bigger suction range). I'm not sure what your TP skills look like but I suggest you have Elemental Rain maxed, Crystal Storm maxed, 1 point into Infernal Road, Chain Lightning Maxed, and Lightning Wall Maxed. With the left over TP point to go into Infernal Road or Element Shift.

    Now the for the MP issue, are you spell canceling/chaining your spells properly? If not, then it eats up a lot of MP. It's best to lead into your hard hitting spells (Elemental Rain, Chain Lightning, Lightning Wall) with another spell beforehand (I usually use Infernal Road, Crystal Storm, or Rapid Fire to start the spell chain). For example, you may want to do Infernal Road -> Elemental Field-> Lightning Wall -> Chain Lightning -> Crystal Storm -> Elemental Rain. Just a reminder that Elemental Rain and Convergence Cannon break spell chaining. Elemental Cannon's timing on chaining is sooooo short it might as well stop spell chaining. Crystal Crash's timing on spell chaining is short as well.

    Actually, let me break it down for you in terms of the amount of time you have to spell chain.

    Long: Infernal Road, Lightning Wall, Elemental Strike, Chain Lightning (non-9pcLSA set), Flame Circle, Rapid Fire
    Medium: Crystal Storm, Elemental Field, Darkness Mantle
    Short: Crystal Crash, Chain Lightning (9pc LSA set)
    So Short it Might as Well Not: Elemental Cannon, Dark Zone, Concentrated Force (but this is such a bad spell you shouldn't use it)
    No Chain: Elemental Rain, Convergence Cannon, Elemental Buster, Armageddon Strike

    As for crit percentage: Green emblems - M. Crit, Red Emblems - Int. & M.crit, Skin/Aura sockets - M.crit, Belt, Shoes, Shoulder - M.Crit Enchants (depending on your budget), Subequip - Anton enchant or Anodoron of Darkness enchant, Magic Stone - Natram bead enchant. The Olympus Aura right now gives 10% M.Crit and I'd suggest you pick that up as well. Certain Pets and Titles have +3% M.Crit on them as well. This is how you hit high magical crit percentage without magical crit on weapon. To hit max M.Crit, you only need 97% (since there's a hidden 3% crit for everyone).
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  14. NeoSabre

    for gear progression its 9set LSA ->6pc Gracia family heirloom set with 3pc Gigantic Presence
  15. Divinefist

    I just got a darkness low sash and dg pants to drop on my eb. How good is a shadow setup using legs and rabineta in comparison to gracia and other setups?
  16. The Winged Professor だが断る!

    It depends, but various shadow + rabinetta solo is weaker than Gracia. But with sb + crusader it is noticeably stronger.
  17. torr

    Is the giant configuration bracelet (gives 12% to both crit chances) good as a stand alone piece if I don't have capped crit? I'm thinking of using it along with assassins ring and butchery necklace.
  18. The Winged Professor だが断る!

    Yes. That's fine to use if your crit is low. There's not a lot of competition for solo bracelet slots besides Bloody Cuffs (only ok if you're running without sader and useful in boats), Refined Bracelet, Suju Bracelet, and smash bracelet if you don't have a source of smash.

    To not double post - 20 man LSA warlock raid

    Phase 1

    Phase 2
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  19. elol111

    ElOL, 4Nature
    new nugol with savior

  20. Too bad with 90 cap, the 20 man LSA raid isn't impressive. I know KDnF did a 20man EB/GM raid back in the 85/86 cap, but I can't find that. Hmm, we should do a 4man EB/GM Heroic Anton before the new subclasses come out.

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