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    It's in Korean, but it's a very comprehensive blog that covers skill builds, recommended legendary equipment, different epic weapons, etc.

    He gives two skill builds. The first one shown is his recommended build for LSA build and his second one is for shadow off chronicle.

    He mentions Gracia is also good for EB, but due to shadow meta he more strongly recommends a shadow build over Gracia. He then gives suggestions for legendaries to use for a shadow build.

    For weapons he recommends staff over rod. The only exceptions are Shepard's Rod, Rabinetta Rod, and Salvation Rod.

    Only thing is for epic armor he doesn't talk about it much because of how strong Dark Gothic is.
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    This one also has useful pieces to use for various shadow, but the images are broken. To see them, click on the image and remove the gibberish in the url so it reads gamechosun.

    Key things to look out for are sources of smash/crit smash, and stuff that stacks shadow (if going shadow various), along with stuff that boosts m. crit (you want max m. crit).
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  3. I'm going to add on to this thread seeing how it's only looking at super endgame and with new people joining from steam, they're probably lost on how to get there (and don't want to wade through the general discussion thread).

    Fresh 86 in Magic Seals: You choose if you want to farm for 9pc Chron set (2-3 months [strictly OV] with no events and the worst luck possible; or 1-1.5 months doing Dark Elf Dungeons and the chronicle feat quest and OV.) or 6pc Gracia (~4 months Grind with no events/Gabriel). You also want a Liberation Staff, so that's at least a 100 day grind (might as well grind for that while grinding Gracia). If you want to MAIN EB, you definitely want the buff swap Chron set (6 pieces).

    Chronicle choice: Either 9 piece Lightning Storm Abyss (OV3) or 9 piece Elemental Ball Expansion (OV2). Choose the one that fits your playstyle better. Since Neople loves to give ID frags or selective chron boxes out from events, this is usually the faster route. Grab 6 pieces of the Mage's Ultimate Elemental (Shoulder, Belt, Shoes, Bracelet, Ring, Magic Stone, or Subequip) for Mana Burst buff swapping.

    Gracia Choice: Depends on your hell luck (such as Ray Decrease Shoulder, Lightness Auto Top, Assassin's Blade Ring, Executioner's Butchery Necklace). Normal is all Armor slots (top, bottom, shoulder, belt shoes) and subequip so it can pair with the Gigantic Presence accessory set.

    From your Chrons/Gracia, you're looking out for epics.

    Epic Choices: Mana Burn Set, Elemental Dropper Set, and Dark Gothic Set for armors. Refined Accessory set, Superstar Accessory set. Dethroned King's Tear (m.stone) and Time Traveler's Silver Watch (sub equip) are things to watch out for. Wizard Staff or Shining Intelligence Staff, if unlucky, Shepherd's rod.

    Buff Swap Gear
    Weapon options:
    Scream of Split Mana (Mana Burst +3 and +20% [multiplicative] Mana Burst), Shining Intelligence (Mana Burst +3 [future rework]), Incomplete Infinity Piercing (MB +2), Localist Magic (65 Unique) (+3% MB), Tainted Chronicle Rod/Staff (+2% MB)​

    Armor options:
    Top: War God Top (MB +2), Legacy/Halidom of Ista (lvl 45) (MB +1), or Halidom Glorious Ista (lvl 50) (MB +1)
    Bottom: Sea God's Cursed Silk Trousers (MB +1)
    Belt: Mage's Ultimate Elemental or Tainted Chronicle (+1% MB)
    Shoulder: Mage's Ultimate Elemental or Tainted Chronicle (+1% MB)
    Shoes: Mage's Ultimate Elemental or Tainted Chronicle (+1% MB)​

    Accessories options:
    Bracelet: Mage's Ultimate Elemental or Tainted Chronicle (+1% MB)
    Necklace: Mana Reflux Necklace (MB +2), Mage's Ultimate Elemental, or Tainted Chronicle (+1% MB)
    Ring: Mage's Ultimate Elemental or Tainted Chronicle (+1% MB)
    Special Equipment options:
    Sub Equip: Mage's Ultimate Elemental or Tainted Chronicle (+1% MB)
    Magic Stone: Mage's Ultimate Elemental or Tainted Chronicle (+1% MB)
    Pets: Petit Oblivion (MB +1), Petit Argos (level 25 skills +1), The Behemoth (Level 25-30 skills +1 or level 20-25 skills +1)
    Title: The Awakened Ones (MB +1 or MB +2) [most likely out of stock, so you'll have to wait until another skill title from Neople]
    Avatars: Advanced Clone Top (MB +1), Rare Clone Top (MB +1) [plat socket MB], Rare Clone Pants (plat socket MB), Unique Motion Aura (plat socket MB)

    Goal: Mana Burst maxes out at level 30 (so we need +10 more to reach the max from mastery). Each level in Mana Burst increase MB by 2%. Whatever 6 pieces of the Mage's Ultimate Elemental you choose, fill the rest of the slots with Tainted/Cracked chronicles.

    TL;DR Have a Flow Chart: EB Gear Flow Chart.jpg
    The Misc. Dark setting is what WingedProfessor has linked above
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