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    After running Anton Raid for about a few weeks and finally having run all positions, I thought this handy dandy guide would be pretty good.

    Optimization Information
    Most important stats to optimize in order are: M. Crit, Elemental Damage, M. Attack, Int.
    You also want to make sure you cover all the basic damage modifiers. They scale well with Crusader.
    M. Crit
    Getting Crit to 97% is the most efficient way to raise your overall damage. Elemental Bomber is strongest as a burst oriented class, so you want to make sure all your burst skills always crit.

    Elemental Damage
    High amounts of elemental damage matters a lot when dealing with setups that involve additional ele damage: IE- Gracia and Dark Gothic + Rabinetta. With passives giving you free 100 elemental damage, it is not that unreasonable to shoot for at least 300 of the element you're stacking if you want to be primary DPS.

    M. Attack, Int
    Unlike F. Mage, Elemental Bomber does not have passives that give him a huge amount of base stats so base stats do matter. However, this can be compensated for by a Crusader. You will be hurting if you get the misfortune to not have a Crusader so make sure you bring potions to stack int as well as Warlord Cry pots.

    Damage Modifiers
    As many damage modifiers as you can - One smash, one crit smash, additional damage or additional elemental damage (or both, but if you can only fit one you should always choose additional elemental). If you can also stack skill damage on top of all of that, it is a fantastic option.

    You want to optimize Mana Burst levels as much as possible. Optimized Mana Burst swap is 89% which is a huge boost to your overall damage.
    See - Elemental Bomber Gearing and Skill Guide

    Gear Recommendation Level*
    Gracia 6 + Gigantic Set + Liberation Staff
    At least this level of gearing will let you be semi-effective at all positions given good supports

    Other Gearing Options*
    Lightning Storm Abyss + Liberation Staff
    Effective at Battleground and Naval, but not that great at other positions since you will be lacking overall burst damage which is really important

    Elemental Ball Expansion + Liberation Staff
    May be good at Smoke/Naval, but I would more recommend other setups. Rabinetta + Shadow is far more effective at Tog killing than EBE

    Optimal Gearing Option*
    Shadow Build (Dark Gothic or Various) + Rabinetta's Black Heart Rod
    This will let you be surprisingly effective at Smoke. Rabinetta works really well against Tog if you have at least a Crusader and even better if you have a Soul Bender as well. Be sure to bring lots of MP potions and Mana Aid to keep your MP up since Tog has a lot of HP

    *Please note that this does not mean that these are the only gearing setups. These are just what I recommend from what's reasonably achievable.

    Important items
    CD Reduction Potions
    Warlord Cry Potions
    Undiluted Intelligence Potions
    Undiluted Vigor Potions
    Canna's Pudding/Canna's Milk
    HP Potion of Heaven
    All status healing item - Toy of Sparkling World is best, but the version sold by Naen also works
    Super Armor Potion - You absolutely need this in phase 1

    Rabinetta setup specific
    Moon Charm - Buy from Canna if you have Dark Gothic pieces
    Mana Aid - Buy the Mana Aid pouches off the AH

    Important Tips
    If you proc immortality, you can only use MP items to restore mana. HP/MP items won't be available for use until Immortality CD is done. You can ask your Crusader to heal you since Immortality CD is immediately done once you're at full HP.

    The way Dark Eyes/Elemental Bombardment/Elemental Chain works is that as long as you're cancelling from a spell, you will get the benefits from these passives. It does not actually matter when you cancel from the spell and you can do a trick where you cancel a spell out of it's start up animation. A common trick is to do this with Rapid Fire since it's CD is extremely short. If you for example piano Rapid Fire into a big spell like Armageddon or Elemental Burst, you will get the bonus from the passives and at the same time be able to fire off the spell immediately.

    Elemental Field can be a bit tricky to get the proper timing for the cancel since the animation until the active hit is pretty long and the window for cancelling out of it and still getting the passive is more strict compared to other spells where you have pretty much forever. Make sure to check in training mode and compare the CDs of your spells to check if you have the right timing. If you don't, it's recommended to either use Elemental Field at the end of a combo and then start a new chain with a low CD spell like Rapid Fire, Crystal Crash, Ice Crystal Storm, Infernal Road, or a spell with a long animation like Flame Circle.
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    Suggested Party Compositions
    Crusader - You need one to boost base stats
    Dark Templar - You have no holds, so you need someone to make sure things don't walk out of Armageddon
    Soul Bender - Extremely important if you have shadow build
    F. Brawler/M. Brawler - Good Smoke partner if you have a Soul Bender
    F. Mages - Good if you both have shadow builds
    Witch (Collider) - Is also viable as a holder
    Asura - Good partner for Naval
    F. Mech - Also good partner for Naval
    F. Nen - Very solid support and good partner for Gracia builds
    Chaos - Very strong partner, especially if they have shadow damage set

    F. Spit (Water) - Can also potentially work, but will be inefficient at Tog since Rabinetta will prioritize shadow if your shadow stat is equal or higher than your water stat. Main thing is if you're with F. Spit and Soul Bender be really careful about breaking Saya Necromancy. That means Infernal Road and Flame Circle should not be used.
    Glacial Master - More or less the same as F. Spit.
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    Dungeons (WIP)
    Status: Need to add Volcano guides. These should be done later today.

    Phase 1
    Naval Gun Defense
    The trick to this room is the mini bosses with the cube reaction mobs will spawn 50 seconds intervals after you enter the second room.

    You can cheese all three mini bosses by pre-casting 1st Awakening at the first wave, 2nd Awakening at the second wave, and 1st Awakening at the third wave. Just begin your cast about 2-3 seconds before the wave spawn and make sure you use Super Armor potion so you don't get knocked back mid-cast.

    Elemental Field is also decent to use here. With a CD pot it's duration is almost as long as it's cool down. Just make sure to pay attention to the timer and do not cast cube skills after the 50 second mark until all the monsters in the mini-boss wave are dead

    This is a general rule, but make one person in charge of watching the clock and have them signal when the spawns are going to happen.

    Source of Black Smoke
    Lighting Wall is extremely good at taking out the two orbs at the top

    Careful of using Elemental Field as you might take out the wrong orb

    Additional Elemental damage builds are good here, especially shadow with Rabinetta.

    Important Tip: If you're soloing Tog, you can make your life a lot easier by immediately teleporting to the center of the room. Tog will Blood Bubble and Tognado right away, which means he won't be doing this attack during the orb phase. You can solo deal with the orbs using Lighting Wall then teleport to take care of the 3rd orb (if for some reason your party member can't deal with it). Use Elemental Strike or Elemental Cannon to take care of the last orb.

    Nothing too special here. Just make sure you bait the hit reaction before going into heavy burst skills. It has about a 10 second CD so after one skill cycle, back off and bait it out again. Use low commitment skills like Ice Crystal Storm or Elemental Cannon. Once the attack goes off, start your cycle with Trap Strike or Lighting Wall unless you have a holder.

    Unless you have LSA, be really careful of using Chain Lightning here. Do not use it unless the hit reaction is on CD.

    Shaking Battleground
    Doom Taiorik
    There's two strategies. You can Lighting Wall at the start, but it's inconsistent depending on where Taiorik decides to walk. Sometimes he'll walk straight up or straight down and if you try to correct for this, he'll already be starting his gimmick phase.

    So instead what you can do is teleport directly at him. You want to be close enough to where he tries to do the attack where he stands still and tries to vacuum people in, but not too close or you'll get trapped. Once he starts his attack, you can teleport again behind him and start your cycle with Lighting Wall.

    Make sure to be spamming Toy of Sparkling World so you don't get your burst cycle interrupted.

    If yo have a holder, you can ignore the above and start your burst cycle once you confirm the hold.

    Doom Plagnus
    Use Super Armor Potion here. Go to the center of the room and wait for him to jump. If he does not jump, Lightning Wall then burst him. If he does jump, walk slowly to the left and count to 4. After 4th pillar drops, Teleport then confirm if he's in range for Elemental Field into Armageddon Strike.

    Durable Leg
    Flame Krave/Zombies
    Do not use Darkness Mantle for either of the top two circles. I'd recommend not using it at all here. Due to how the circles are positioned, compared to Anton normal it is very easy to accidentally vacuum zombies out of other circles.

    If you have a Dark Templar who is familiar with re-positioning zombies using Harvest, you can easily clear this room by immediately using Elemental Field to nuke all the zombies, then have the Dark Templar move all of them into the circles. DISCLAIMER - Make sure the DT is familiar with the range of Harvest or they will have trouble with the two top circles.

    Otherwise you should just camp a circle and use Wind Strike/Trap Strike to knock a zombie into a circle. Simple is best in this room rather than trying for something fancy and messing things up. Once the zombie is down, teleport towards the bottom middle of the room so the boss doesn't create fire puddles near the circles. Watch the bar for when the zombies will get up then teleport and knock them back in.

    This is the same as Anton normals. Just wait for a holder to get him then nuke before he can i-frame out.

    This is also the same as Anton normals. Just use Darkness Mantle to vacuum the two clones and nuke them with Elemental Rain.

    Once they are dead, immediately teleport to the top of the screen and set down Elemental Field into Armageddon once you verified that Agnes is held.

    Phase 2
    Cutting off the Energy
    This dungeon is very straight forward. Look for easy access to three transmitters on the way to Eugene. Elemental Field should also be used to quickly wipe rooms since you don't want to waste too much time on trash mobs.

    You can bait Eugene with Armageddon Strike, but be careful if there's lag because sometimes Eugene will somehow grab you out of it. Also do not use Infernal Road or Ice Crystal Storm to chain from with Armageddon. It can freeze/knock him over which will mess up your bait timing. I like using Chain Lighting due to the super armor and you have enough time to see if he's actually going to go for a grab, but yeah. Rapid Fire also works pretty well.

    Otherwise to bait his charge, make sure you're not standing on the same x-axis as him. Be slightly above or below and chip at him with Infernal Road, Rapid Fire, and Ice Crystal Shower until he charges.

    Once he charges, teleport and nuke immediately. But don't overcommit and go too ham since he tends to open his eye after ending his vulnerable phase. If you're stuck in Elemental Rain, remember you can hit Z to end it early and look away in time. You don't have to worry about this if stuck in Elemental Burst since you are invuln and won't heal Eugene even if you have the misfortune to be stuck while his eye is opening. If you're near the end of the animation you should hold direction to look away from him as soon as possible.

    Pro-strat is to pot up, use whatever swaps you have, etc. If you do everything you can get Eugene under 430 bars on bait. He will open his eye. If you have a holder you can interrupt. But if not you can wait for wall slam.

    Hatchery General Advice
    Unless it is infested, there is only one enemy to worry about here, and that is the mini "boss" of the hatchery. Do not hold back on skills when it comes time to damage them. Immediately go into Awakenings and kill them ASAP.

    Hatchery Infested
    Use Elemental Field and Armageddon in this room immediately and it should delete both of them. If you don't have a holder, you can buy time with Lightning Wall -> Elemental Field -> Elemental Burst. You don't want to waste time dealing with Rok's gimmicks. If he does escape for some reason, you want to avoid the black circles on the ground or else you'll take a lot of damage. You have to wait until he's done being an asshole to damage him.

    There is also kind of a special trick to dealing with Rok, but I am not sure if it works the same in raid. But basically he has a pattern of jumping fairly quickly after being damaged and starting his crap. For some reason if you teleport towards him and then use Lighting Wall, he will not jump and that will give you time to nuke him.

    Hatchery 1
    If you're the main DPS, let one of your party members be in charge of baiting and travel across the room quickly while hugging the top of the screen so you don't accidentally make Nugol target you. Focus on killing the Turtle with heavy cube skills like Elemental Strike, Convergence Cannon, Elemental Rain, and Elemental Field. Try to get the turtle dead before Nugol's 3rd charge attack so your party member can bait it into the turtle right away.

    The vulnerability for Nugol without a holder is surprisingly short, so if your timing is good you can pre-cast Armageddon shortly before Nugol hits the turtle to immediately nuke him.

    Hatchery 2
    Mertadarok is exactly the same as he is in Anton normals. Depending on who your party members are, it might be better to let someone else take the green orb. Generally you want to be available to damage Merta as soon as he is hittable so you don't have to deal with his second gimmick phase.

    If not Baiting:
    Use Rapid Fire, Infernal Road, Ice Crystal Storm to break the corner rocks. Use Elemental Field to break the middle rock so you can go straight into awakenings to nuke him.

    If Baiting:
    You might want to use a super armor potion, but it is very simple. Just wait for the circle to appear on the ground below you and teleport to the next rock. If there's lag this becomes much harder since Merta then gains the ability to change his mind. When he charges, he runs in a straight line so just stand a bit above or below his y-axis and you don't have to worry about him. Also, you will have 1-2 more jumps before the middle rock will break so make sure to not be near your other party members unless you want to get them killed/interrupted while breaking the middle rock.

    Hatchery 3
    This should be your favorite hatchery. Elemental Bomber shines really well here. Primary DPS (if that is you) MUST be in 1st player slot.

    When you get to the room where Ator is, do not step into the circle right away. Lay down Elemental Field first. Then once you get buffed or whatever, then step in the circle. Once you warp slightly from Ator's gimmick starting, go right away into Armageddon Strike. He should be dead. If not, use Elemental Burst or whatever other back up cubes you have.

    You want to use Awakenings because you will not take damage from the lava puddle since you have a million years of invincibility frames from them. Prioritize using them first.

    Hatchery 4
    This guy is super easy. Pattern for the ghosts is the same as Anton normal - Middle, Bottom, Top. Just hug the left wall so you'll take less damage. But do note that you take more damage than in Anton normal so have HP pots ready. You do not want to waste time waiting for Immortality.

    Immediately Elemental Field and nuke him. He should be done with just that.

    Black Volcano - Mateka's Carnival of Fun
    If hatcheries are not dead yet, you need to pay attention to the first room. Elemental Field immediately to wipe out the trash mobs then pay attention to the sigils on the ground. If you see Ator's sigil (metal) your entire party needs to immediately go to it so the room doesn't explode. If it's Mertadarok's, just jump and use Rapid Fire downwards to avoid the ground pound. Nugol and Floo is just don't get hit.

    Also, do not worry too much about saving Awakenings for Mateka. You will have to wait for everyone to get two clears anyway and deal with all the orb phases, so they will be off CD by the time you reach Mateka Phase 2.

    This guy is a super asshole if you let him live. You need a holder. If you're a crazy person who went into Volcano without a holder, your option is Lighting Wall into Ice Crystal Storm and then Armageddon Strike. This should freeze him long enough to where he won't start his bullshit. You need to use Armageddon and not Elemental Burst since the fire wave will break the ice and free him.

    Magtonium 5
    You have only one way to kind of hold him, and that's to time Ice Crystal Shower during a very very short vulnerability phase. But it's not reliable and he will break out before you can do much damage on him and he will jump. So you need a holder unless you want to deal with waiting for him to land. Otherwise, heavy cubes to nuke him. He's more of an annoyance than anything else.

    Medel has two states - Red Aura and Blue Aura. To damage her she needs to have a red aura and be on a red tile. A tile turns red by two people standing on it. There is a cast bar over her head which shows when she will change aura and she always starts out red aura, so that's your chance to immediately cheese her.

    You made sure to come here with a holder, right? If so, you can turn the tile under her red, immediately hold her, then nuke her with Armageddon. Unless you can keep her from moving she will be extremely annoying to deal with. Lighting Wall and Ice Crystal Storm will not hold her long enough.

    When she's charging up her attacks, she is invulnerable. Also, she will have various effects happen to the room when she changes aura states. Keep an eye out for nen bubbles to appear and teleport to them and wait until the floor stops being on fire.

    To be honest, this guy is very similar to his Anton normal counterpart. Just counter hit him when he uppercuts you to get an orb. Wind Strike or Trap Strike work very well here.

    Orbs cycle in the following order Metal (Ator), Earth (Mertadorok), Blood (Floo), Wind (Nugol).

    You summon a boss by making all three circles on the ground match symbols. The trick to getting the right signal is to stand in the circle one orb before the orb you want. So if you want Blood, you stand in the circle when the orb changes to Earth. Ator is the exception. You can just stand in the circles since his symbol is always first.

    Order for summoning the mini bosses is Blood (Floo), Earth (Mertadorok), Wind (Nugol), Metal (Ator).

    Floo is summoned first because he has a high chance of potentially failing the run by either bugging out or the party failing to coordinate the gimmick before Mateka returns to the ground. At this time you should also ask your raid leader for invulnerability so you avoid dying from taking the flame. The gimmick is very straight forward, get bitten by Floo, then pass around the flame until the count is 1, then return the flame to Floo. You pass the flame by walking through your party members. However, you must do this quickly, otherwise Floo becomes a huge pain if Mateka returns to the ground.

    Mertadorok you want to be really careful. A few seconds after he spawns, the spotlight will spawn as well. If you cannot instantly nuke him you should not be standing near the center of the room.

    Nugol doesn't have any kind of gimmick to worry about.

    Atol's rules is just everyone stands in the circle. A holder can prevent Atol from doing the ground slam into the fire pillar.

    Another thing is if Hatch teams are slow to clear, you want to use Elemental Field to wipe out the hatch bugs in the room. It hits hard enough to kill the bugs, but not so hard that you'll kill your party. If your Elemental Field is too weak, what you can do is tell your party to camp one of the corners of the room while you go the opposite direction. While Mateka is being a jerk to your party members you can carefully take care of the hatchery bugs.

    Mateka Phase 2 - To be continued.
    But honestly you just drop Armageddon on this guy and he dies.

    If you're GOAT player, you can also counter hit Mateka to death and not deal with any of his shenanigans.
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