Ele-bomber; Thoughts on "tri-elemental" remake?

Discussion in 'Elemental Bomber' started by Images, Dec 1, 2015.

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    So as I was watching some Oblivion (2nd awakening) videos (Chardo & EnigmaticBlitz, def props to both ur awesome). I started to think...."hey what if Elemental bombers were to become tri elemental, fire/dark/light. And get rid of ice and leave that to IceBro" Orbs would be more potent with its associated element. Dark gets its piercing back and adds a percent of slow. Light, gets a % stun lock(imagine freezing rate w/water shift atm), and electrocutes so you know the + damg, And fire explodes and sets aflame. The ice skills, could be turned into skills that are blended, so for example something like, Crystal Crash, would be part light and fire. Crystal Storm, would be light and dark, or a blend of all three or completely different skills, its up in the air honestly. I really like this idea, since I atm and most, depend on the ice shift and crystal storm for the freezing effect. I feel these changes on EleShift and the appropriate skill changes, i think itd help him out of his sort of ,in my opion, current obscurity, by that I mean he just seems unimportant/unloved by many, and loved by little. I know his 2nd awakening is pretty awesome and it changes things, but i feel he needs a different change overall, and the including of his 2nd awakening (because its awesome). What do you guys think? Or am i just stoned? :P

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