Effects of the individual kartel pieces after rework?

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  1. sharzik

    A reddit post two months back mentioned they'll be getting patk/matk/iatk but I'm wondering if they retain their current effects as well. Specifically, the shoulder, belt, and shoes have a speed proc effect that I'm interested in for assists and whatnot. I wouldn't mind a dump on the other quegendary sets as well since I can't seem to find that information anywhere :`(
  2. Pyros

    Pretty much all the sets retain their old stuff and get better stuff on top. There isn't really a complete translation of these so either use google translate or just wait for them to be closer to release then ppl will surely retranslate them properly, atm it's probably still a few months away.
  3. Chardo Fight for truth and tacos al pastor

    its about 54 physical, 54 magical damage and 83 independent damage per armor piece (my pieces are around 90% quality), the shoes, belt and shoulder still give tons of movement, Atk speed and cast speed (5%) and another proc that gives additional 5% that doesn't stack, the top and bottom can proc 10% additional crit but dont stack.

    the accessories are 4% additional physical, magical and independent damage, and other 6% percentage more if your HP is less than 50% (the last effect doesn't stack though)

    the sub is the same (8% crit smash and more level to 1st awakening) and the stone is meh (85 stat aura)

    Tl;DR most optimal 6 piece sets are 5 armor pieces + 1 accessory or 4 armor pieces (ditching either bottom or top) plus one accessory and the sub, also yes its worth farming if your class currently benefits more from fire/dark than light or water. (or you found a great fire/dark epic)

    you can also see all the changes here http://df.nexon.com/df/news/update?mode=view&no=507594 you can google translate that and figure it out.
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