Dualist Awakening Quest Dialogue

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  1. For those you care about the dialogue that goes on during the awakening stuff, this is for you. I plan to do this for all the other characters (those that already have posts on the Wiki I'll skip.) Now your probably asking, Advent, why don't you just post the stuff on the wiki? Simple answer, I don't know how... If anyone wants to do that be my guest.

    Dualist Awakening 1
    Knight Robato: The Metastasis energy radiating from your hands... I can't fathom how much pain you must have endured to keep it suppressed.
    Because of the pain, however, you've learned how to use qigong, the innate power of man, as a weapon.
    You've even reached a level at which you can muster your qi and infuse your weapon with it.
    If you want to continue your journey while fighting the Empire, then you'll need great power to ensure your survival.

    I knew you'd come back to me.

    Dualist Awakening 2
    Knight Robato: Even though our bodies can sustain an unlimited amount of qi, we can only use a certain portion of it.
    The reason is simple: our bodies don't have enough energy gates to support the full release of qi. Therefore, opening all the gates you have is important to the mastery of qigong.
    Fight warriors that have lived for eternity, and all your energy gates will open eventually.

    All your gates have opened. Good.

    Dualist Awakening 3
    Knight Robato: I've made some adjustments to your energy gates.
    You should be able to muster qi more freely, but first you need to get used to your new body.
    Please go fight the major players of the Tower of the Dead to get familiarized with your new body.

    Your body is now capable of radiating qi without hindrance. How do you feel?

    Dualist Awakening 4
    Knight Robato: Now your capable of qigong more powerful then anyone else's.
    Mastering qi doesn't affect your appearance. People might underestimate you, belittle you, and sneer at you.
    Whether they are the Imperial soldiers or errant warriors, you can take them out with a single blow. You have that kind of power in you.

    Now your body has the full possession of the qi in it.

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