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    keep in mind the rental weapon has 3 refine on it
  2. Pyros

    Yeah if you don't refine anything, then Rental is going to have more iatk than everything besides epics, but that's a bit of a moot point. A +3 refine ticket is 700k and will give you more dmg than the rental would since they're now equal. Also 80iatk is worse than 24light and +1 to a range of skills anyway so even unrefined gracia is better, and so is recon. The only skill that'll hit harder with rental is swarm.
  3. Just got a Que Sera. What's our best epic non-savior weapon? I've heard Gleipnir is ok but underwhelming compared to other weapons and that Que Sera and Newlington are great. So I guess it's really down to which is the better out of the two: Que Sera or Newlington?
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  4. Probably Newlington, because the elemental boost up the ass. Anything in the 90 range can work though... probably.
  5. Zarko

    Got today a Newlington Rod in my DW but I already use a Mana Broom. Is it worth investing in Newlington?
  6. Once you refine it to an equal or higher level? Yes, definitely. You can find other sources for the +200 Int, but that +30 Elemental damage with an 18% Elemental Elenore is too good to pass up, especially when your Independent Atk will be leagues better than Mana Broom at +8 Refined
  7. Zarko

    I tested here +0 refined Newlington Rod and +5 refined Mana Broom. 6/6 Gracia and some epic pieces. Their damage turned out to be very similar.
  8. Pyros

    Newlington is mostly only good if you have a good amount of ele dmg. So you need either crow or radiant for 90 sets and for 85, probably like ele dropper or NG maybe. You also kinda want a mstone with some ele dmg(rosetta is obviously best, otherwise one of the 90 epic ele mstone is nice over dethroned/bismuth) and 3kingdom/doppel title and all that. 3pc CP is also fairly good for those reasons, although 5senses would still be better.

    Anyway you really want to pump that ele dmg up to make use of Newlington, otherwise it kinda becomes meh. But if you do have high ele, it's probably the best, minus savior.

    Gleipnir is pretty solid otherwise, at least in my tests it was surprisingly close to Newlington. The defense ignore can hit shred caps, but you need a very potent shredder or several shredders to get there in general due to raid penalty on shreds. On the other hand I believe it's also affected by the raid penalties so it's basically weaker than it shows. Still the big iatk bonus on it isn't negligible(although might not be great with Black Formal or NG).

    Que Sera is also a very good weapon, I'd say 1st or 2nd compared to Newlington depending on other mods. If you have too many conflicting mods with Que sera, it loses value, if you have low ele, Newlington loses value, ends up being pretty close. I don't have one to test properly though(and not sure I'd bother refining one if I did).

    Savior Broom(and to a lesser extent the other ones, but brooms give you a lot of cast speed so a lot more freedom for gearing options without any impact) are the best when released as usual, but out of release they're kinda meh.

    I haven't tested every weapon but I'd say it goes something like Released Savior > Newlington = Quesera > Gleipnir = Mana Broom = Jubilation > Unreleased Savior. Wizard staff is somewhere in there too.

    I have no idea how Werry rates, but you could do the Crawling Mist shenanigans then swap out of it for some big 2A numbers at least. Sadly I've found 2A to be very good eye candy but having so so performance due to taking too long(want to dump everything else first, and by the time you're done dumping everything, enemy is well dead so you don't 2A). I end up using the non crystal version more since it does its damage faster and you can move sooner.
  9. 2A is a good hold ungemmed. Constantly teleports everything it can to the middle, stuns and roots them, and lasts for quite a while.
  10. what are the stats of the petite pets?
  11. Jay Hero of Prophecy


  12. Sykar

    But can you buy the DW Petit Mage still? Because all I get is the BL pet when I try to buy.
  13. Pyros

    Buy it from the proper section in the cash shop, Item > Limited Edition. The promotion page always defaults to one of them only.
  14. ScreenShot2017_0423_013722805.jpg
    is my legacy weapon better than my gracia? it gives more skill (1-80 instead of 40-75), inflicts shadow damage but doesn't show number, and have better INT
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  15. Pyros

    No, the difference in base iatk between a legacy and a legendary is too big, and gracia has 20light dmg. Gracia isn't particularily good either, but it's certainly better.

    Inflicts Shadow isn't a stat that increases damage. It's not increased shadow, it's inflicts shadow.

    For an ability to use shadow damage(or elemental damage in general), say from accessory enchants, 3kingdom title, magic stones(unique ones), random gear, you need to inflict shadow damage in the first place. Some classes naturally inflict shadow damage(necromancer, dark templar, soul bender, avenger) but for everyone else, +shadow wouldn't do anything unless you inflict shadow. Inflict can be obtained as a stat on certain gear, via using a colored cube contract or by enchanting your weapon with a card that Inflicts the right element(and also with some consumables but that's annoying). It's also sometimes called Imbue, cause consistency isn't Neople's strength.

    Your gracia broom also has inflict light damage, which means all light damage you have on gear(say from gracia armor, or from the broom itself) will work since you inflict light. If use say an epic with no inflict stat and want to use elemental damage(and you definitely do), you'd need a way to inflict an element, since Dimension Walkers are neutrals, they do not inflict anything, but can benefit from all inflicts, while classes with natural inflicts generally cannot change their element, although it's skill specific and there's exceptions. These weapons save you the trouble since they have naturally an inflict damage type, which will change all your damage to that type.

    Also in case you're wondering, you can have more than one inflict. However only the strongest will be applied.
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  16. the legacy has +110 INT from helidom set though, do I focus on independent atk before INT?
  17. Pyros

    Yes, at equal values. Int gives damage at a lower value than attack does, for every class. Obviously something like 500int would be better than 50atk, but in this case the difference is almost 200atk, which would need probably 300-400int to be equal.

    Both weapons are unsealed though so you could just go to the training room and test. Give yourself max crit to remove variance(can also make it so every hit is a counter) and just hit whatever monster. You'll be able to see which one does the most dmg pretty easily this way.
  18. thank you. grinding that legacy then..
  19. Could someone post their dimension walkers skill points, and tp skills? I'm new to the class and am having trouble determining which skills are the best to invest sp into and would love a second opinion to help me out. Thanks in advance.
  20. Pyros

    I should make a guide I guess.

    Anyway the gist of it is, don't get any base mmage stuff as usual, keep Harlequin/Accident/Kaleidoscope at 1, keep Dimensional Leap at 10(for the TP), keep Paradigm at 0 or 1(1 if you want to sometimes hold with it, 0 if you don't care, I have it at 0 personally since I didn't find it very useful) then you have preference skills, pick what you like the best between Laser/Silouhette/Corridor/Whip Skewer/Parasite Swarm(you can pick more than one, it's just a matter of how you spec into each of these, Silouhette/Laser are good for random dungeon due to low cd, Corridor is great for trash due to ok cd and large aoe, Parasite swarm is good all around but has a fair amount of delay before it does its dmg, Whip Skewer is good for high burst of dmg but very long cd and due to being a hold there's time where you don't want to use it). Max everything else.

    For TP, max Positron blast, Spacetime explosion, Nyarly, Dimension Leap then pick either Corridor or Parasite Swarm to max, corridor is better for random dungeons and you also want to max the actual skill if you do, Swarm is better for bosses and stuff.

    Note that while leveling, you should just put points into other skills instead since you will have a lot of free points. For example Kaleidoscope is very nice while leveling until you need the points, and Harlequin is ok-ish until you need the points too.
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