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    I see a lot of people confused and still asking me questions rather I should use "this cross for X" or should I use "this cross for Y".
    So I will try to explain all the crosses (that are the most useful/relevant/mainstream etc), how you need to use them and why.
    First off, there are 4 main skills that are the most important to any full support sader build.
    Divine Invocation, Wisdom Blessing, Strike, and Apocalypse. These are our greatest buffs and depending on the type of cross you use it can be amplify greatly.

    Let's start off with the big buff first Apocalypse.
    Cross that will and can be needed for this skill:
    Any legacy cross (I recommend the higher level ones for obvious reasons), Labarum (Level 85 epic) and Redemption Cross (Level 60 Epic).
    Legacy: If you don't have anything else this is great for apoc +1.
    Labarum: When it comes to Apoc specifically it's not as good as a legacy cross because it's inherit base stat is lower that even a level 70 legacy cross however, this cross has great versatility because it's not only its a decent apoc cross, it's BiS for DI, decent aura cross because of +1 AoC and +1 SoP. Not a bad Apoc cross but the job is better suited to a legacy cross.
    Redemption Cross: BiS hands down. Very important lesson to remember in dealing with sader buffs is levels > stats. (In most cases anyway.) +2 apoc makes this cross BiS no contest.

    Divine Invocation:
    Legacy: See Legacy cross description under Apoc category.
    Priest Judgment: Cross for those who aren't lucky enough to get an epic cross or rich enough to buy boiling trace. As poverty tier as it is, it's still a very great cross that saders still use even in anton raid (Or used to. Not exactly sure after the dreaded recent nerf we got in KDNF). Still, +3 DI is still pretty decent.
    Despair Clockwork: Same as Priest Judgment but better base stats and a sweet -15% cool-down reduction.
    Boiling Trace: Same as Priest Judgement but has better base stats with it. Also has more versatility with other buffs attached along with it.
    Deep-Rooted/ Labarum: The best DI crosses that currently exists in both DFOG and KDNF. However Labarum being a tinsy bit stronger because it has high base stats.

    Legacy: See Legacy cross description under Apoc category.
    Boiling Trace of Rotten Blood: +2 Strike levels with great base stats.
    Cross of Boiling Blood: BiS for using stike skills. Like I mentioned in the other thread its waaaaaaay to OP for strike and wisdom blessings however strike benefits from it the most because of per numbers. For each level of strike you obtain, you only get around 1-3 more phy attk which is piss poor compared to WB. A whole new +20 phy attk completely demolishes +2 levels of strike.

    Wisdom Blessings:
    Legacy: See Legacy cross description under Apoc category.
    Cross of Boiling Blood: Don't get me wrong Boiling Blood is good for wisdom blessing but the reason why boiling trace is better is because boiling trace gives +2 wisdom blessings and when scaling with VoS and SP at hand +2 levels of WB is better that +10 mag attk and +20 int. Not only that but it doesn't scale well with VoS + SP (Your primary WB/Stike Buffing setup). The only exception to this rules is if your spirit mainstat is high enough to overcome this weakness and in that instance VoS + SR is your go to setup.
    Boiling Trace of Rotten Blood: The best (besides the specific instance I just explained) WB cross you can get. +2 WB and a better than base stat than Cross of Boiling Blood.

    Hope that answers any questions.
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  2. MrHeart24

    Yo I'mma hand it to this guy for putting it down for people to read. Tired of getting people asking me or fighting with me what crosses are better. Thanks BP!
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  3. LordGigo

    Two questions.
    1)At what point does Boiling Blood beat Boiling Trace? I have about 2800 Spirit.
    2)The HP drain from Boiling Trace is pretty serious, does this weaken the buffs by a lot? Should I heal up before buffing or just ignore?
  4. WasteNo404 █▄▀█

    1) literally when you get your hands on boiling blood, since it beats any for strike/wisdom
    but you should use boiling Trace as a swap for that sweet +3 Protection (extra spirit/vit)

    2)Losing HP isnt bad unless you keep cycling stacking ancension & their is a bug on boiling trace that effect only sometimes function 2nd room (anton/Ancient/OV) so you can 1st cycle buff then 2nd cycle buff 2nd room to actually proc the effect from boiling Trace, its quite annoying, until you get used to it with party (but if you're actually losing HP in 1st room 1 cycle buff, it sometimes wont continue losing HP), outside of those 3 areas works fine 1st room, it even sync well with Ramnu/Lion's Ring if you plan using it

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