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  1. jungjam z

    WM - A
    Zerk - S
    Asura - A
    SB - B
    Sword master - A
    Demon slayer - B
    Dark Templer - S
    Vegabond - A
    F striker - B
    F brawler - S
    F grab - A
    F nen - S
    M striker - A
    M brawler - A
    M grab - A
    M nen - A
    M ranger - B
    M mech - B
    M launcher - S
    M spit - A
    F ranger - S
    F mech - A
    F launcher S
    F spit - A
    Ele - S
    BM - A
    Summoner - SS
    Witch - A
    Monk - A
    Avenger - B
    Sader - A
    Exo - A
    EB - A
    GM - A
    Shadow Dancer - S
    Necro - A
    Rogue - B
    Kuno - S
  2. Aethersteel IGN: Aethersteel(Ninpo) Guild: NewWorld/Kawaii

    Now im totally convinced people that pvp with a certain class rates them lower than they prob should be
    Ex. Boopy pvping with rogue giving them c thought they prob imo are B+/A-
    JJ giving Mbrawler A though most would give mbrawl easy S
    I play kuno and battle mage though i agree bm is A i def dont think kuno is S (though many i talk to say think otherwise) as i would give kuno a A or A+ but def not S
  3. Vince Omega

    M Brawler got nerfed tho. Increased cds on a lot of moves.
  4. Aethersteel IGN: Aethersteel(Ninpo) Guild: NewWorld/Kawaii

    in kdnf or dfog. thought this was a list refering to dfog tier list
  5. jungjam z

    M brawler got nerfed in dfog too.
    I gave S tier to classes that dont need combo or classes taking advantage from laggy pvp.
    Zerk, launchers, summoner, and kuno definitely dont need to combo and kill enemy easily.
    Talking about m brawler. I gave A tier on him because m brawler's skills in dfog dont work right. For example, when a poison bottle hits you, it should be explode and give you a second hitstun with poison status. When a brick hits you, it should burst and give you a hitstun with 100percent chance stun. But they dont in DFOG. As a result, m brawler does less damage than what it should do. Having less chance to get combo because he doesnt actually have 100percent chance stun and hitstuns along with bricks and poison bottles. (he cant even do standing combo in laggy pvp >:( )
    If you think m brawler is S tier because of bleeding and poison from his poking in neutral game, there are more classes i should put on the S tier.
    Of course m brawler is S tier in kdnf and im not denying it. However, in DFOG(ripinpiss), Things change
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  6. Aethersteel IGN: Aethersteel(Ninpo) Guild: NewWorld/Kawaii

    Ok i didnt know that those small interactions were hindering to mbrawl too. Though i do think mbrawl as really good neutral game in global but i feel like the class is S not only cuz of that but they have alot of tools in which you could poke until someone closes in on you because they have alot of tools to get away from someone (or get them away from him) to continue poking. Honestly with this latency, i feel like the people i play against with some of said S tiers only poke run until they get dmg advantage and stall out time to win match since their class does it better than others.
    Ex. Launcher shoot and cannon jump, mbrawler pokes and nado kicks when u get close and go away, ele zones, etc.
    Yeah the only ones i really think should be higher are really Mbrawl and Necro (i feel should be S cuz you can just play nicholas and vallacre aoe running game like every lag necro i fought did....) but i can see what you mean.
  7. moritsuna

    So - M grappler good or not?? Lol. I'll take it from that other guy that said it's bad in lag.
  8. lag deletes all of his grab skills.

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