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    Change log- 10/20/16 Uncovered my old collection from an old phone, last edit date 05-12-2014. I have work to do boy......

    After looking for HOURS i FINALLY found what i was looking for.
    Years ago i got all the bits of lore i could find and piled them all together in one place. I put everything that was lore related, many things from different regions. I asked people in game to translate some stuff from korean and i even went as far to PAY people irl money to translate stuff for me from korean. The site it was on went down(DFO core) but i manged to find a txt file saved on an old phone that wouldnt even boot half the time. Glad to say that it was worth the search.

    This is a copy paste from that file, there are MANY things that need updating because we didnt know what we know now 2 years ago, I will work on this untill it is up to date. I'm still missing lots of info, like whats currently happening in DFO right now, Or 2nd awakening lore, or thief information, but for now, enjoy :) Also i just realzied this was waaayy back when i had a hard on for male spit fire, god i still love black rose to this day.

    If you have any questions or want something cleared up, find me in game at these IGN:
    Sup guys, I've been interested in the DFO lore since 09, but i really started to look for it around '10.
    What you are about to see is my PERSONAL lore collection. As in i gathered everything i could find and stuck it all together. Most if not ALL the lore i post will be real(But the troll lore section)
    It's not complete(Since lore is always being added) but most of the lore is there.

    Please press the spoiler button to navigate around, for most browsers you can push ctrl+G (for google chrome anyways) and type in the letters in the [boxes] to quickly find a topic

    Table of Contents
    I. Introduction [INTRO]
    II. Class related lore [CRL]
    Slayer [SLYER]

    Berserker [ZERK]
    Blade Master [WM]
    Asura [SURA]
    Soul Bender [BNDER]
    Gunner [GUNER]
    Ranger [+12TOWORK] or [RNGER]
    Launcher [LAWNCHAIR]
    Mechanic [RBOT]
    Summoner [GAIA]
    Battle Mage [BM]
    Witch [TRICKY]
    Elementalist [ELE]
    F. Fighter [BOOBIEFIGHTER] or [F.FIG]
    Nen Master [F.NEN]
    Striker [F.STRK]
    Grappler [F.GRAB]
    Brawler [F.DIRTY]
    M. Fighter [M.FIG]
    Nen Master [M.NEN]
    Striker [M.STRK]
    Grappler [M.GRAB]
    Brawler [M.DIRTY]
    F. Gunner [BOOBIEGUNER] or [F.GUNER]
    Ranger [F.RNGER]
    Launcher [F.LAWNCHAIR]
    Mechanic [F.RBOT]
    Priest [ITOUCHYOU] or [PRST]
    Monk [MNK]
    Exorcist [EXO]
    Crusader [SDER]
    Avenger [AVN]
    Elemental Bomber [ELMB]
    Glacial Master [GM]
    III. Organizations, apostles and "prehistory" (Stuff that happened before the game starts) [OAP]
    [WRDSET] DFO World Setting - Fortunesinger and the Battles of Pandemonium
    Ep.1:The 12 Apostles [APS]
    Ep.2:The Futune Teller and Pandemonium [FTP]
    Ep.3:From Ancient to Recent -History of Sky Realm and Formation of Continent [SRFC]
    Ep.4:Kingdoms Of Arad [ARD]
    Ep.5:The Dark Holy War [TDHW]
    Ep.6:Stuff about slayers [SBS]
    Ep.7:Investigation on Crying Cave(Screaming cave) [SCRMC]
    IV. Personal accounts of stuff/d diaries/ stuff that doesnt fit anywhere else [RNDM]
    Dragon Tyrant Bakal, Learn the true motive behind Bakals reign [2SCRY4ME]
    V. Not real lore, but funny [TROLOLOL]
    Hi, some of you may know me as Blastu from the DFOS forum(RIP), But thats not important right now, What is important is lore.
    ****BEWARE**** Everything before you will be a very VERY long read... This IS a work in progress as i have to find and read all the information to make sure it is valid and that there is no trolling in each one
    In most games, Lore is boring(most of the time it's something like: Dis god wanna keel us all, we better get de help from dis other god). DFO/DNF does not apply here, this lore is pretty damn good. It has depth too! Haven't you ever wondered "Why the hell am i being sent to random places" Or "Why the hell is there a huge ass octopus on a flying whale who just so happens to be mind controlling people?"
    I hope to answer that with this collect of general links (and some stuff pasted here) from some sites that are still running, and some and some dead sites....
    Slayers [SLYER]
    -Berserker [ZERK]

    He is one who, without a second thought, slays the foe that stands before him. He does not deny, nor is ashamed of, his demon-possessed arm. He accepts the fact that the demon that dwells within him, at any moment, could destroy him. And he endures, even in the midst of the excruciating pain caused by Kazan Syndrome...

    To those who choose the path of the Berserker, unimaginable strength is bestowed; however, embracing such a destiny comes with an acceptance that one’s life will end painfully and tragically. Tombstones throughout the continent mark the final resting place of Berserkers who were all unparalleled in battle but met harrowing ends. One by one, they evaporated...like a withering flame into thin air. Even given vast demonic energy, the Berserker is still a prisoner to the limits of the human body. Though they appear to fear nothing, even they cannot divest themselves of the most basic and human of feelings. They still desire to live.

    Awakening into a Hell Bringer may grant them even more power, but it quickens the strangling coils of mortality. The Hell Bringers are known for their endless pursuit of vitality. By absorbing the blood of other creatures, their drink in their vital power. However, the more power gained, the more intense their own candle of life burns, bringing them ever closer to their ill-fated deaths.

    Until then, Hell Bringers will be of tremendous help to the Dungeon Fighters. If you find yourself alone in a party with a Hell Bringer, just pray that his blood and vigor will last until the end of the dungeon.

    -Asura [SURA]
    Let me read to you from the Book of Dark Visions, Chapter of Shadows. Within these lines you will know the epic of the Dark Knight.

    “The earth quivers, yet my heart is filled with peace. Though my eyes have been cast into eternal darkness, I sense all things, seeing beyond the deception that the eyes can bring. Countless years of training in darkness has paved the way for a true kinship with the world of shadows.

    I stand fast on the trembling earth, beneath the thick black skies. I reach stretch my senses out into my surroundings, and I feel the fear of those who surround me, their swords unsheathed and directed upon me. Beyond them I can sense my lost eyes. My eyes, embroidered into the dark boundless skies, have been there since the beginning. Yes, my precious Wave Eyes...keeping guardian watch over me. Their constant gaze will help me realize the power of waves.”

    -Soul Bender [BNDER]


    That a demon has possessed one’s arm is certainly a curse. Since no one would ever pursue such a thing, it is attributed to nothing other than fate.

    To the accursed, little choice is given, but they must decide whether they wish to oppose that demon, or to entrust his soul to its darkness. This is left to one's own will. The strength to withstand its consuming darkness, yet control and guide its power is not an easy balance to maintain.

    As we know, there are those who have broken through the chain. It is said that Zieg, the first and strongest Soul Bender, was able to control the seven demons any way he wanted. Yet even he eventually disappeared into the ground, due to those same entities that he embraced.

    It is clear that the way of the Soul Bender is not a path easily taken… but as those who have tasted power know, as soon as you experience even the smallest amount, you acquire a desire, or even hunger for more.

    The time for the advent of Blache, the prohibited demon, is at hand. An advent brought on by he who commands the demons.

    You who dream, can you feel the giant shadow that waits with an avarice mouth open behind your back? You who crave, are you prepared? The time has come to fulfill your ceaseless desire.

    But remember, desire is much like fire. If not properly contained, it may ultimately consume you.

    Zieg, the first soulbender
    “The one who rules over and oppresses a hundred ghosts..
    I have been drawn in by your ghostly power that blurs the line between life and death.”

    An unfamiliar voice whispers in my head. How is it that a nameless ghost in the underworld has such a powerful aura?
    Ordinary ghosts are afraid of my title “Soul Taker” to even approach me, let alone converse..

    “Who are you? I am not the one you are looking for if you wish to repent.
    Do not approach – leave before my power devours your soul.”

    The voice falls silent, then continues, sending chills down my spine.


    “You believe that you have reached the end? I am the one who has returned from hell itself.
    The one who has lost his body but has been granted the ultimate power. The one who has earned the power of the nine ghosts by himself.
    It is simply that your power resonated with mine and drew me here. Do you not yet realize that this choice is not yours, but mine?”

    As he says the last syllable, I suddenly see horrible visions.
    A man who was dragged into the underworld by ghosts..
    A man who then withstood the countless tortures and escaped from hell.
    Then I suddenly remember a name.

    “Could you be High Priest Zieg?!”

    The visions in my mind disappear.
    I feel Zieg enter my body through my arm.

    “Please receive my power… and become the king of the nine ghosts… my lord.”
    Zieg's diary
    Well met, Soul Reaper.

    Surprised? Don't be. Only a Soul Reaper would dare to open my personal journal. Either he, or an insane man—but there is no difference between the two. We are, after all, cursed with insanity; such is the price we pay to control the Demons to what little extent we can.

    You tread a fine line between the light and the dark. Between, I should also say, life and death. I doubt I will still be alive by the time you pick up this book. In fact, I doubt I will stay alive long enough to finish writing this passage. But, I have surprised myself before...so we shall see.

    History shall name me as the very first and the most powerful of all Soul Benders, that I could command the Seven Demon Ghosts in any way I wished. I damn history; nothing can be gleaned from it except violence and lies. My testament within these pages will be the only thing that stands the test of time and tongue. I shall say this now: I may be the first Soul Reaper, but I will never be the strongest.

    You may balk at this statement. Feel free to do so; I won't be able to see your reaction anyway. But what I can do is answer the question that follows such a harsh confession:


    It is simple. No matter what history may say, I cannot control the Demons.

    Oh, yes, I can summon them to do my bidding—but I cannot control them. I am as much their slave as they are mine. The gods know that I have tried; I have done my best to subdue them, to save myself from the flame. But I am not strong enough, and you can only try to suppress them once. I have failed and therefore condemned myself to an early death.


    If you should be so bold, Soul Reaper, then you can find that answer out for yourself. And I shall tell you how, as my last parting gift to this world. To give to it—through impossible odds—a Soul Bender who deserves to be called the most powerful. Listen and learn wisely from my failure...

    We must always begin with the basics: A time and place of contemplation. Anywhere that is quiet, more or less safe—whether by your hand or another's—and potent in dark magics will suffice. I personally chose the Crying Cave, but I have heard of other places...the Catacombs, the Purgatorium, great fortresses forged of pure hellkarium or towers paved with floating marble that drift across the sky. It matters not; demons do not discriminate.

    It should remain unsaid that you are familiar with the Seven Demon Ghosts. What is more debatable is your knowledge of the Seven Mortal Sins: Sloth, Pride, Lust, Gluttony, Envy, Wrath, and Greed.

    No doubt your next question would be, Why should any of this matter? Why should I care about some dithering texts from the Blue Bible?

    My answer shall rely on the strength of your will. If you falter and would rather spare yourself the truth—and, for that matter, avoid spiritual suicide—I would recommend stopping here.

    ...Still reading? Good.

    The answer is far more complex and at once far simpler than you may think. Every Soul Reaper is aware that Blache is the God of Wrath, but what is more esoteric knowledge is the fact that each of the Demons is a god itself.

    Do you see now?

    This is why every Soul Bender is sentenced to a premature death: We are mortals clinging desperately to the strength of deities. Moreover, they are aware of this unfortunate truth.

    There is a way to force the Demons into submission, a way to control their hunger as well as their power. It is, naturally, not without great risk: Should you fail to defeat them or escape their clutches, they will consume you a few years ahead of your assumed expiration date.

    As I said: It is spiritual suicide.
    His ghost
    You can see more of Saya if you scroll down to stuff about slayers
    Rhasa is literally Diregie's right arm
    thus why it is "Rhasa: Carrier of the Plague"
    plague= diregie
    -BladeMaster [WM]


    "To future warriors--
    I was once but a common warrior, unremarkable in skill, unimpressive in wisdom and knowledge, hardly distinguished in the eyes of my peers. I was plagued with the base impulses of jealousy, shame and despair. My inner weakness allowed the demon in my arm to seep slowly into the rest of my body. There was nothing left for me other than to surrender myself to time, the one thing that begins, binds, and ends all men.
    But I refused to accept this dismal fate. I believed with a fierce heart that one's potential could be unlocked if only by strength of will and purpose; that my great power could emerge if I committed myself to training; that hidden skills could be discovered and developed if I listened to my soul. It was with this rekindled thirst for life that I lifted myself from obscurity, took up my sword once again, and became the legendary warrior I am now.
    Now, as I hear the death bell toll on my extraordinary life, I see that the only skill I ever needed was the one that resisted being ordinary.
    I dreamt that I was dancing through the skies with my weapon, as if fate put us together in a tragically-timed waltz. I only thank the heavens for allowing me a dance with the sky. It was a beautiful dance.
    - Inscribed on the tomb of the Grand Master of Wuthering Heights -"

    Sword gods
    “Is there a true zenith to the path of the sword?”

    Yang flinches from the sudden question.

    “Hey! Your stance is wavering just because I talked to you?”

    “Sorry, I simply remembered some of our old times. The end of the sword..”

    Yang sheathes his blade.
    Watching him, Soldoros too stops his training and calls back Clarise.

    “Was that a useless question? An answer probably does not exist.. as it is a level that even you have not reached.”

    “I believe there is an answer. Many swordsmen have reached our level now; we may not be the greatest anymore. Paths to places that we could not reach may be open to some of these men… although it is still impossible to know if another path after that will open.”

    “Seems like this is only a foolish discussion…”

    “I can vaguely sense the level of our powers. We have been through many stages of strength. It is just that there are so many more that are hard to see.”

    “Is it possible to say that you have reached a stage that you cannot see? I still wish to reach the zenith and watch the view from above.”

    “There are also great views from halfway up.”

    “A stage without a name… It would be much easier to talk about if it had a name. Even small hills have names too, so why not this one?”

    Yang falls silent for a while, then speaks.

    “Would Sword God(劍神) be an appropriate name?”

    “Hey… Isn’t that too grandiose of a name? What will you name the next stage..”

    “I believe we can worry about that after we pass this stage.”

    “Haha! Let’s use that then!”

    The two finish their short repose and fix their stances, continuing their training.

    - A conversation between Soldoros and Yangeoul.
    Gunners [GUNER]
    -Launcher [LAWNCHAIR]
    A blinding flash of light, then an ear-splitting roar…then instantaneous devastation that leaves nary a tree branch smoldering in the dirt. Is this the fury of an angry god? No, but something close, something mortal that can create divine devastation. It is a gift perhaps granted by the gods themselves, but a gift that they must now regret bequeathing unto man.

    The Launcher who can declare “I shall see light and bring to it darkness”…that is a Launcher who has awakened into a Wrecking Ball. Wrecking Ball is a legendary title belonging to the one who annihilated the Dragon’s army squadron during the Mechanical Revolution. It is the name given only to the most highly regarded Imperial Guard. It is the name of the one who serves, with power and authority, as a commander to the gods.
    -Mechanic [RBOT]
    During the days when Bakal ruled Empyrean, a group of Mechanics formed a secret squad dedicated to the downfall of the evil apostle. They were known collectively as the Seven Great Machinists of Empyrean, and collaborated on the creation of a machine capable of defeating Bakal. This secret project was codenamed Gaebolg.

    Just as Gaebolg was to be activated, the Machinist Teneve betrayed his fellow Mechanics by sabotaging the project and allowing Bakal’s army to strike. Those who weren’t massacred took flight, most never to be seen again. Curio, a genius technician who survived the initial attack, used a dimensional shifting device to send the Gaebolg machine to another dimension, hoping to keep it away from Bakal and other ill-intentioned beings. Bakal eventually hunted down and killed Curio, but not before the wiley machinist was able to stash the blueprints for the dimensional shifter in a hiding place.

    “These blueprints means the salvation of Empyrean. He who is able to re-create this device will be able to fulfill that for which the Seven Great Machinists sacrificed their lives. One day, these plans will come into the hands of one who is ready. It is then that a new Machinist will be born.” – Curio

    Below is Gaebolg, well what it's assuemed to look like accorrding to what i've been hearing from people who are "in touch" with the dfo artists
    Alright so if you wanted to see gaebolg im sorry but i jsut cant find the fricking picture anywhere, sorry mates, ill find it one day fam
    Never mind, it was pretty easy to find it in my folders.

    The Seven Meister(machinist)
    It’s about 500 years ago when Bakal was reigning over Sky Realm.
    Magic blackout was implemented to boycott the spreading of magic knowledge in Sky Realm. Angels decided to shift their focus to the development of science for the purpose of overthrowing Bakal’s reign.
    Bakal failed to understand the prowess of science. So he showed no concern for its development. That’s how Angel’s strenuous efforts to develop science slipped his attention and blossomed into real fruits. Science and technology in Sky Realm soared to new heights. The Seven Meister was seven talented mechanical engineers. They were planning to create a destructive weapon secretly and named this weapon Gaebolg. This weapon was specially designed to defeat Bakal. However Meister Teneb, one of the Sever Meister betrayed his friends. He divulged their plan to Bakal. Thing went south. Five mechanical engineers were murdered. The only Meister who survived was Curio. He was concerned about the weapon would fall into foe hands and took the initiative to transfer Gaebolg to other space through time travel machine.
    Curio still could not escape the grip of enemies. Bakal killed him. But the design picture of time travel machine was left and passed down.

    Hundreds of years have passed since his destruction, yet still it is a name that remains etched in the hearts of all Empyreans.
    During the 500 years that Bakal ruled over and terrorized Empyrean, much Empyrean blood was spilt as they fought for freedom. Many still speak about it as if all their blood and hatred took physical form and became an entity.
    With no explanation, major figures in Bakal's organization and those secretly cooperating with him started getting murdered. Next to their cold corpses laid a single black rose… The people of Empyrean started to believe that what they had been praying for, for hundreds of years now, was finally coming true.
    Those behind the black roses were none other than Irene, the High Priestess in Empyrean, and Flo, the first Spitfire. Together they formed a special force composed of fast and quick hiding women from the Lawless District, who called themselves the “Black Roses”.
    Following the Machine Revolution and once the Imperial Capital was rebuilt, Irene was appointed as the High Priestess of Empyrean, the first in more than 500 years. It was she who appointed Flo as Imperial General, and the Black Roses officially became recognized as a military force in the Imperial Capital.
    Still, the activities of the Black Roses remained secret and mysterious. The only thing known is that after Flo, there was a tradition of appointing Spitfires as generals. Recently, the general of the Black Roses went missing, and in response, a message was sent from Empyrean to the continent stating they are in search of an experienced Spitfire who will lead the Black Roses into the new era.
    Agent names
    Anusica - behatted rifleman
    Olivia - short-haired rifleman
    Esmerelda - armed with a grenade launcher
    Rosanna - armed with a scattergun

    Black rose in the male fighter cinematic
    Random tidbits

    Both rifles do phys damage

    There are 3 currently known monsters that can summon Black Rose (Maybe more but idk)
    General Smoke
    Hwarang Bihwarang of TODes
    Gordon the Leader (He is the worst out of the 3)
    Not lore but it's what i'd like to imagine the daily life of a general is
    -Ranger [+12TOWORK] or [RNGER]
    Some say that nothing is ever promised tomorrow. Well, my friend, from now on, all promises end today.
    As a Desperado in the Lawless District, you better not turn up anywhere empty-handed. You are only known by your gun - the only ID that ever matters.
    Life is cheap and bodies pile high. We dance with the devil in the day, guns a blazing, and shoot tequila at night, just hoping we live long enough to see the next sunrise.
    For us, this is life.
    You live by the gun, you die by the gun. Those who oppose this law are judged by it... and the only sentence is death.
    Soon you'll find that the only thing that survives is respect.
    -BattleMage [BM]
    A long time ago, far earlier than when Pandemonium separated from the planet Terra, in a distant mythological period, it is said that the ancestors of Terra had quite a different appearance.
    These ancestors, who possessed physical abilities quite different from the people of Pandemonium today, used an unknown mysterious power. The most experienced amongst these practitioners were said to emit a golden ray from their bodies.
    Due to their physical appearance, they were called Teana, based on the goddess of light and justice found in ancient mythological writings. Some Pandemonians dismiss the Teana to be a made up fairy tale, for the likes of children and madmen… however there are still those who maintain that one does indeed exist, and has been seen walking among us in reality. The first witness account occurred one year following the conflict between the Guardians, which was responsible for the creation of the first Battle Mage, and the Kashpa.
    The fabled Teana is known to call herself Bellatrix.
    As suggested in myths, this being emanates a golden ray and has incredible powers that she uses to help the weak and punish the wicked. With the discovery of this new entity, Battle Mages in Arad began to study her power, and discover the focal point of her strength: the Chaser. They began to understand the power of the Chaser, and realize how it can be better utilized to harness a more ultimate power.
    An occult belief began to spread, a belief that one who discovers the ultimate truth will harness the power of Teana and become as powerful as Bellatrix.
    Will they become as powerful as the golden goddess of myth? The Battle Mages in Arad have become filled with anticipation…
    “With this power... I will return peace to Pandemonium!”

    -Niu the Chaser to Pi, his companion.
    -Elementalist [ELE]
    For generations, the mysterious beings from the world of Pandemonium known as mages have been dedicated not only to the study and practice of magic, but also to discovering the answer to why magic exists in the first place. They have been driven to learn why such dangerously infinite power has been placed in such foolish and finite beings.

    You may think you know the answer, but I assure you that you do not. Mages have been seeking an answer for eternity, and could probably continue for an eternity more. However, legend has it that a chosen one will arrive and she will know, an Archmage who will come to not only understand the ultimate truth, but become that truth in physical form.

    Throughout the ages, many have tried to claim the title of Archmage, only to be thrust into a life of endless bloodshed and betrayals before being forgotten altogether by history. Most have ceased entirely efforts to become Archmages. However, this legend has been given new life now that young mages have been spilling into Arad from Pandemonium in the hopes of reviving their withered world. Will one of these young mages become the Archmage of legend, or will all face the gruesome fate that befell their predecessors? History waits in breathless anticipation.

    -Summoner [GAIA]
    Let me tell you about the Circle Mages, the only Summoners' organization in Pandemonium.
    The Circle Mages was founded by Kate, the first to successfully launch the hired summoning system with from creatures outside of the Underworld. The organization was long regarded as a symbol of hope for Pandemonium-- their motto: Embracing the harmony amongst all living beings.
    However, from the Circle Mages arose a faction known as "Second Fact." They rebelled against the moderate views of the Circle Mages, even distributing the recipe for the creation of the "Mind Control Ring," the forbidden artifact that possessed the power to dominate all summoned creatures in Pandemonium. At the height of their rebellion, they authored the following statement:
    "Remember, you who are walking in the way of the Summoner, if your loved ones are in danger, do not just stand helplessly watching. Whosoever holds the Mind Control Ring shall be endowed with the forces as promised by the Second Fact. And she who contains its power shall be named... Gaia."
    -Witch [TRICKY]
    We witches work hard to master our craft,
    Our broomsticks can break any spear, pole, or staff!
    Nothing will ever hold us back,
    Whenever we're challenged we always attack!
    Off we go! Flying around!
    Cather our scrolls and fly into town.
    Study the Ancients and practice our spells,
    Nothing will ever bring us to frown!
    Our familiars are near, in your hearts they strike fear.
    Snowman and Pumpkin are ways right here!
    We've lasted for ages, the best of all Mages,
    Against us not even an Apostle's courageous!
    You think us to be young, innocent, and foolish?
    We are the ones who put away Ghoulguish!
    We are responsible for Seria's tutelage!
    Try me, you'll see, I invented hubris!
    We will poison your crops!
    Me and my sisters,
    Sugarplum gumdrops,
    All shall fear me, I am the TRICKSTER!
    - Song of Iki -
    Fighter [BOOBIEFIGHTER] or [F.FIG]
    -Nen Master [F.NEN]
    am always in awe of those of you who feel the power of Nen within.

    Being a Nen Master is nothing short of remarkable. But you yourself know that your true power has yet to be unleashed. If you allow Nen to flow freely through your body, surrendering your corporeal connection to the world of mankind, you may be able to Awaken into a Blazing Flower.

    Let your Nen loose. Let it seep into your muscles and your mind. You may not quite understand this quite yet, but I know that one day you will achieve such power that with every step you take the pure petals of Nen shall alight from the ground and swirl around you.

    This blossom will be your awakening as a Blazing Flower.
    -Brawler [F.DIRTY]
    “Have you ever tasted the sweet and bitter tart of poison? ...I sure have. I have drunk much poison in my lifetime.

    If you have never tasted poison, close this book. If you have never confronted the face of death, you must close this book.

    This is an account of my life and experience with the many poisons of the world. These indulgences can bring about an exuberance you have never known, as quickly as they can bring death to any enemy.

    Whether you are a fighter in the street, a deceptive swindler, assassin hidden in shadow, or guilty party of an illicit affair, it is of no concern to me. Poison kills without bias.

    This poison does not exist to strengthen you. It uses you to become stronger. It is at your expense that its embrace becomes more formidable.

    For those that have not opened your heart and mind to poison, I can offer you this... From the moment the nectar of death touches your tongue, it ensnares your throat and fills your lungs with a robust toxin. For such a noxious and violent compound, there really is no sweeter scent.”

    - Excerpt from “The Alchemy of Poison”, written by Luise, the first Hellcat
    -Striker [F.STRK]
    How much do you know about humans?
    Humans lack in ability to learn, and continuously repeat their mistakes. They are greedy and cannot cooperate with each other, and much too weak to ever master magic. They easily become lazy if they do not have an incentive to work. They are careless and offensive, and are always putting their entire race in danger. Does that suggest then that humans, given all they lack in ability and potential, are of no threat and should be ignored?
    In spite of their faults, the human ability to grow and adapt, to become stronger and evolve is a strength
    they were blessed with from God. This quality in humans is so strong that one might even think God bestowed them with so many faults, merely to provide balance for their superior drive.
    When a human pushes themselves to build muscle, to gain conditioning, or to learn any art, their movements become too quick to be seen, their fists and mind become as powerful as any weapon or magic spell. Still,
    you may mistakenly take them for granted with all of the faults you know about them. You may remember
    that they are the lazy, careless vagrant you have seen laying in the streets before…
    However, should you ever meet one in combat, with eyes burning bright with rage and sweat glistening from their brow like the exhaust of a heavy engine, use caution…
    Within the heart of that human may lay the chaotic power of destruction that only exists otherwise in outer space.

    - Excerpt from the book “The Dark Elves Study on Humans”
    -Grappler [F.GRAB]
    Can you hear it?
    The sound of desperate breaths pushing through the air. To me, it is the sweetest music there is...
    It starts when you think you have a hold of me, when you think you sense an opening for an attack, a weakness in my guard. I wait patiently for this moment... wait for you to strike. Like the fly led to the secret scent of the hungry flower, you are trapped and don't even know it.
    It might seem that I have merely overpowered you in a single grab, but I have actually already won our fight by exploiting your weakness... a lack of patience.
    You will float but for a moment in the air, only to twist and land in a sharp and punctuated end to your life. Oh, how magnificent that crescendo-as your bones break and your body is shattered!
    My dear, I sound the most sonorous symphony, and you are merely one of the instruments I play.
    -Monk [MNK]
    The belief in God being a wise and merciful savior brings rest to most people... yet to those who
    thrive in darkness, it brings fear and dismay.

    The world remains embroiled in conflict, as the Imposters spread their cursed infection throughout it.
    While many Imposters wear masks to hide their maniacal faces, they are not nearly thick enough to
    shield them from the Light of Divinity. As a result to encountering this holy light, many of the Imposters
    are left with their masks melded like wax upon their faces, hardened and fused to their skin.
    The scriptures of God foretold the birth of a warrior who would suppress the Imposters, and bestow a
    blessing to the accursed. The suppression of such corrupted souls requires an iron will and indomitable
    spirit, enabling one to face evil while ignoring their own fear of failure.
    As the order of the Monks refrained from becoming arrogant despite their growing power, God saw that
    they deserved a righteous blessing and guidance. And so it was foretold that their day would come,
    where they would spread like light throughout darkness.
    Templar of God, with the power of the Holy Spirit at your disposal, you will bring punishment on the Imposters and become the protector of light to the weak.
    -Exorcist [EXO]
    To catch a tiger, one must enter the tiger's cave.

    Those on the path of an Exorcist are destined to confront the many evils that are the core of all anguish, pain, and resentment in the world.

    To be an Exorcist means to desire to purify this world of evil, whether they be human or spirit. And so the ancient spirits have long been the symbol of the will and power of the Exorcist.

    For generations, the scholars of the Holy Order have been in pursuit of understanding the ancient scriptures, written about the Exorcist:

    “All evil deities of this world or nether, shall entomb themselves within the energy of a true Exorcist, and will forever call him master.”

    As the deeds of “Sinya” at the Dark Temple have proven, even myth can become reality. After years of deep ritual practicing, he began to glow with a bright blue aura. Many even say they began to see the faint image of two outstretched wings following him closely at all times. It became apparent that he had begun to wield the power of the Blue Dragon spirit.

    As a master of spirits and keeper of the gates to the netherworld, the Hyperion holds the key to balance in his very hands. He does not hesitate to call upon the spirits under his control to bring about purity to the world.

    The Hyperion Order fights for the day their blue energy cools the red-stained moon once again, and then they will know that the world has been purified.

    -Crusader [SDER]
    Shadow cannot exist where there is no light, it depends on the light.

    Without the object of its obstruction, it would have nothing to void, nothing to cast astray. All opposing forces are merely two perspectives of the same truth, and thus the fate of Janus is merely another perspective of the rest of the world’s fate.

    There is a force of unrelenting light, who wishes to purify the world with healing... We call him the Crusader, the Healer of Light. He has beheld the Light of God, and has been given authority to provide justice against all sinners. The light emanating from his body is a holy, bright burning flame, thus the shadow it casts is a long dark void.

    Oh Holy Paladin, Agent of God.

    As his every move is aligned closer with God’s will, his capacity for healing increases. Whether he chooses to burn the Imposters into white ash, or call upon his power of chaos to entomb them frozen solid in time, repentance is inflicted according to his will.

    Michael, the holy one who first discovered the Imposters, left these words with Rosenbach, the first Paladin and blessed Agent of God...

    “The authority given to you is an honor, yet its origin is chaos… for the light of a true healer is an unrelenting fire, burning bright through darkness with a shadowless flame.”
    -Avenger [AVN]
    I...I will not give in!
    - Where is your god now? The one to whom you fold your hands in prayer, the one who "cares" for you...? There is no god! There never has been! Michael has deceived you! No one answers your pleas for help but me. Come to me. I will be your savior. I will guide you...
    God! Where are you? Listen to my cries for help! My will...is weakening! Do not let me succumb... Give me courage. Show yourself to me, so that I can carry out your will once again!
    - Your god ignores your prayers. Even if he were real, do you think he would bless you, knowing that you wield my powers? Your god favors the righteous. He has no room for the anguish you suffer. Your body and mind are soiled. Your god has cast you out!
    If God has indeed left me... If I am no longer able to do His will with my corrupted body, then I will stamp out the darkness within me by the sheer force of my will. If that is not enough, I will vanquish all the darkness in the world and wait for the day he forgives me.
    - Embrace ME and I will never leave you! I will wash away this tainted world full of lies, and only the truth will remain!
    Darkness that tempts me, listen well! Even if my God has deserted me, even if I have become an outcast from my Order, even if all who I love betray me... I will destroy you. I will search the corners of hell itself and hunt you down, even if it consumes my very soul.
    -Nilvas Gracia's Prayer-
    Male mage [M.MAGE]
    -Elemental Bomber [ELMB]
    Listen and listen well.
    "The abyssal pools that are his eyes echo the dark night skies.
    The cold voice rings with death, bringing forth despair.
    He of cold blood, who forsakes everything for might.
    Who released this beast that knows neither compassion nor pain?"
    This song speaks of Sarpoza's Black Eye, the leader of Kashpa and also the first Warlock. The 'Warlock's Song' is often sung by the young mages of Pandemonium. They had cursed the Black Eye for his evil ways, but at the same time respected his immense powers as a Warlock. This is but one of the terrible conflicts the young magic wielders must come to terms with. But do not look down upon them, for they did not decide to give up their humanity to become engines of destruction.
    They did so only to survive or to protect themselves. This was the only way. Do not forget that they were once normal, with simple dreams for themselves. Sing them a song if you come upon them. Grant their souls a little relief...
    - Kate of the Little Woods
    -Glacial Master [GM]
    Flowers Bloom in the Abyss.
    Because of the nature of the Abyss, eventually its shapeless form will coalesce into something real.
    Of course, this is not something that naturally happens. There is nothing natural about anything they do.
    Once the Abyss is solidified, the land that they walk upon, the air that they breathe in,
    even the blood that runs through their body will crystallize. They will neither be alive nor dead.
    They will exist only for the purpose of magic...
    Imagine the grief of mages who gave up part of their physical being just to survive.
    A cold heart is all that is left after their change so drastically.
    They become more and more detached from others.
    They can hardly be considered human, really.
    So far from being alive, the mages are closer to being spirits.
    In the heart of the mages who have given up everything for magic,
    only the Abyss is real, suspended as though an icy flower in a dark place.
    These are the Hell Freezers.
    Female Gunner [BOOBIEGUNER] or [F.GUNER]

    I have a capricious mood that shifts whenever I endow my bullets with a different elemental power…which means you never know how you are going to die.

    "If you can see the bigger picture, you might be able to survive the war. But if you can survive the war, you will see the bigger picture."
    - General Helen Caffrey
    "Listen, Curio, it's a shame that even physics experts tend to overlook the power of electromagnetic waves, but it's probably because they are too familiar with it. Due to technological comprehension limitations, there really is no way to explain the destructive potential to everyone. If the wrong person ever finds out how to use this power, the outcome of war will be determined by their fingertips."
    - Machinist Zen to Curio
    "Although our experiments in condensing enormous amounts of electron energy were successful, we are hesitant about applying this technology to battle. Is it right to wield this power? To play the role of Valkyrie, and choose whose life ends first?"
    - Jezebel Kitzka
    -Ranger [F.RNGER]
    I've yet to meet a gun I can’t out run…or a soul who can out run mine.

    A dangerous stunt sends blood drops down to the floor, gracefully collecting in the distance.
    My longing for you increases, as drops are pooled together.
    I encounter countless enemies, displaying my instrument of fate, hanging among its chain.
    The crimson performance begins, only the moonlight can tame me.
    I take a sip of the moon's glow. The abrasive beauty lulls me softly to sleep.
    - Excerpt from the Corsair's Ballad, as it is posted in the Imperial Princess Garden
    -Mechanic [F.RBOT]
    The cold metallic body of a deadly mechanical device... caressed by the soft warmth of a feminine hand

    500 years ago, the 'Seven Machinists' started planning for a new weapon to strengthen the Bakal Resistance known as the 'Eternal Flame'. The research and development of the Combat Mech initially seemed to progress well, yet came to halt when there was an internal betrayal.
    Hundreds of years later, their plans begin to pan out, thanks to the ingenious minds of the new generation. Scientists like Fiendheiger used the remnants of Machinist Curio's research as the foundation for reaching mechanical achievements like the Tempester & Gale Force. Further developments led to the creation and concept of Mecha transformation and combination functions.
    Mechanics of today, and especially female Mechanics, are greatly fascinated with this area of study. Their efforts to make transformation mechanisms more efficient have been very successful. The G series they developed are not only more sophisticated and more powerful, but also possess a new form of power capacity that sets them apart from the outdated Mechs of their predecessors. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this latest form called the G-0 Battleroid, has a power comparable to Gaebolg; which makes it the ultimate killing machine.
    Machinists who develop such a passion for building robots are said to have a mechanical heart themselves. At the rate their technology has been advancing as of late, it won't be long before the title of Metalheart takes on a literal manifestation among Machinists.
    -Launcher [F.LAWNCHAIR]
    Ah, so many beautiful bodies all gathered together. A beautiful sight, indeed.
    As if they were just there waiting for me...to blow them all away. Lock and load!

    Have all of my efforts been in vain?
    Will i really be able to save the Imperial Princess by crossing enemy lines like this?
    I am starting to lose my confidence.
    Sometimes the Heavy Firearm on my back feels entirely too heavy to carry.
    How can I even think with such weakness!
    I must continue to fight!
    It doesn't matter if these firearms break into pieces... hell,
    it doesn't matter if my body breaks into pieces.
    If only I possessed a stronger destructive power...
    Yes, a stronger weapon that could penetrate Middle Ocean and reach the Kartels!
    The ground is shaking.
    Is this a response to the desperate beat of my heart?
    What is this? What is this great weapon before me?!
    The blinding rays of destruction seem like they persist for eternity!
    Yes... I've finally obtained it. My efforts were not in vain!
    My heart rejoices with the reinforcement of this artifact.
    Let's go to war!!
    Male Figther [M.FIG]
    -Grappler [M.GRAB]
    It was a devil...
    We were many, but it was alone... Yet no one could stop it.
    Everyone should be in regret as I am right now.
    How shameful... The days I wasted thinking that I was a competent martial artist...
    never truly devoting myself in training, but merely bragging...
    I wanted to run away... But there he stood in front of the door.
    Though his body wasn't huge, he felt like a colossal giant to me.
    Running past him and going out the door seemed utterly impossible.
    I'm just barely holding on, with my two shaking legs supporting me. Right now,
    I can't even move a muscle. If my body moves, it will be by his hands.
    But my body won't be the only thing that will be slammed to
    the ground.
    His dignified self and pure passion for martial arts will slam my fake
    character and pride... along with my shameful past.
    When I heard his earth-shattering call, the only thing I could do was close my eyes.
    -Brawler [M.DIRTY]
    Oh Wildcat, the god of war...
    The world is in chaos.
    Though the creatures from hell run rampant, humans kill each other for their own greed. Their screams fill the sky and their meaningless death cause angels to cry tears of blood that taint the ocean red.
    Dear Wildcat,
    Isn't it time you make your presence known? With blinding lightning and ear shattering-thunder, aren't you supposed to use your might to take away lives, destroy this world and end this chaos?!
    Why must you remain silent! How much more cries of agony must you hear?!
    Please come down and end this tragedy. And take this life also... one that is blind by the sorrow of losing her children, and now is merely dragging her life along the ground of this meaningless world.
    - Prayer of a Forsaken Mother
    -Nen Master [M.NEN]
    You dare come at me with such lewd virtues? ...without a hint of courage?
    The remaining life I have is as important as yours.
    There is something however, I hold more dear than becoming an old man,
    sick and bed-ridden with disease.
    Have you ever seen your family die before your very eyes?
    Have you begged for your life with your face immersed in utter fear?
    If there is one sin in this world worth contempt, it is the sin of being weak.
    While you were busy figuring out your "true morals," I acquired my Nen ability...
    something none of you could obtain after decades of training.
    My Nen is my resentment... my rage... and my pure hatred toward you all.
    As I soak in your jealousy, I shall become even stronger.
    You who fear this cursed tattoo... I will teach you what true fear is with the ferocity
    of my lion-like Nen prowess!
    Beware the mauling of the legendary Radiant Lion.
    -Striker [M.STRK]
    Martial Arts have no conclusion.
    The human body has infinite potential. As you continue training though, your previous limits are surpassed.
    Much like the talons of a dragon, from birth to adulthood. Born with tender claws of cartilage, they see a continuous progression, gradually growing stronger and more fierce with every year they live. The Dragon Claw never stops growing.
    This is the name we have chosen for ourselves.
    We chose this name to represent our resilience, our endless progression and always improving knowledge of skills and techniques.
    For the most important values of what life has to offer are not obtained upon reaching any goal, but during the process you must endure to reach that goal. One who simply sets limits will never reach them. Upon reaching a pinnacle, know that there will always be a new one waiting for you.
    You never have the leisure of striving towards the limits someone else established.
    Devoting everything within me to train for the sake of stretching my testability further as I approach new levels of ability...
    That is the meaning of my life.
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    [WRDSET] DFO World Setting - Fortunesinger and the Battles of Pandemonium posted by HunterxZelo on DFOs
    Pandemonium (World)

      Pandemonium was originally part of a planet named Terra. Terra had an advanced civilization and technology, which evolved into the cause for war. Warring with the top technology of every country led the planet to a demise and destruction.
    At the time of the planet's demise, only the town of Terra split from the planet and slid into alternate dimension. It floats and appears at random worlds and planets all over the place through this dimension.
    In this act, many different life forms came into Terra, and the city fell in chaos. Then the residents of Terra started calling this place Pandemonium( Demon's Realm)
    Right now, Pandemonium drifted to somewhere near the Land of Arad...


    Ever since Pandemonium was separated from the planet Terra. Drifting in alternate dimension only bring the strongest beings from each different world it passes, they are called the apostles.
    Although every apostle came into Pandemonium through different worlds and they all possess great powers, there are still differences and gaps between their powers.
    They were simply the visitors from the other worlds, but in the war( The Great Dragon War) started by Storm Dragon King Bakal, the second apostle Hilder and the fourth apostle Casillas led the whole Pandemonium against Bakal. This earned the apostles the name of "Saviors of Pandemonium"
    At the same time, the strongest creatures in Pandemonium gained the name "Apostle," and it acted as a respectful title for them all.
    "Apostle" is only a word that Casillas mentioned to Hilder jokingly, they don't think they are Saviors at all.
    This is only what people of Pandemonium want during a time of chaos...
    In fact, many residents in Pandemonium almost died due to the apostles, and where the apostles lived also had big changes.
    Pandemonians(Race) [I actually don't know what they are called officially]

    They were named the Terranians(again, don't know their official name), Empyreans call them the "Island of the Other World", or "the residents that lives on the land accessible only from the reversed city"
    Pandemonium have technology and culture that the Land of Arad can never match, however, due to the planet Terra's demise, it ends the glorious civilization they once had.
    The apostles rule most places in Pandemonium now, so most residents now live in Eastern Queens Area or Western Brooklyn.
    Flame Skin(Race)

    A race that is rejected in Pandemonium, althought they look almost exactly the same as Pandemonians. They have faster speed and their basic magical abilities are more toward destruction, so they pose as a threat to things around them because they can't control their magic when they are young.
    They also sided with Bakal during the "The Great Dragon War", so they are hated and ignored wherever they go. Flame Sisters that poses a great threat for the Pandemonians is also from this race, the Flame Sisters disappeared suddenly recently though.
    Pandemonium Meeting(Event)

    Proposed by the Anti-Bakal force leader Iris, this meeting discussed how to stop the conflicts between Pandemonians. In this meeting, every attending group had some serious conflicts, and it turned out the meeting is all about adjustments toward the area the group rule.
    It is a fight between Terrakter's representative - Iris, Cassifar's representative Ricardo, Ancient Library's representative - Ikki, Guardians' representative - Niu, and Zakar Summoners' representative - Room
    Niu used a new magic called "Chaser" in the fights, although people thought she would win, Iris used her legendary instrument to defeat her.
    So, Iris gets to keep the information about the "Water of Eternity"

    Water of Life(Others)

    If you drink it, you will gain eternal life
    legendary water, Bakal raised a war to find this water.
    Water of Life, Water of Eternity, it has many names, we can't even make sure if it is really a liquid, or maybe some sort of knowledge, and even it's existence
    However, Hilder's knowledge of the Pandemonium from it's birth tells us that something that gives "Eternal Life" is actually available, whatever the thing is.
    Bakal raised a war to find this water, and the Pandemonium Meeting was all events that revolved around this legendary item. All we know is that Iris holds the information to this item.

    One of the longest lasting organization in the whole Pandemonium, Hilder is said to have helped this organization start. Members are mainly elementalists that uses the force of nature.
    The leader is Ron of the Void

    Race: Pandemonian
    Sex: Male
    Age: 62
    belongs to: Pandemonium (Terrakter's leader)
    Although he is very loyal to Terrakter, he is definitly not a strong mage, however he is one of the only person that fully mastered the Void.

    Iris Fortunesinger

    Race: Pandemonian
    Sex: Female
    Age: late 20s
    belongs to: Pandemonium, Terrakter's bard
    the Land of Arad(the fortune teller for the Empire, VIP of Dark Elves)
    An elementalist that was born in Pandemonium
    She is also a bard and a fortune teller, she appears randomly in the Land of Arad, telling other people's fortune.
    Her fortunetelling is 100% accurate, so the Empire and Dark Elves trusts her.
    She knows alot about the apostles because she was born in Pandemonium, she always teaches the adventurers the informations they need, and tell them where to go, and help them defeat the apostles that is transfered to the Land of Arad.


    A new organization in Pandemonium, uses dark magic to power themselves up. They kill and steal everywhere, for most pandemonians, this is the scariest organization, has the most amount of members

    Race: Pandemonian
    Sex: Male
    Age: 21
    belongs to: Pandemonium(Cassifar's Ace)
    (Heart Destroyer) Ricardo is the strongest member in the whole of Cassifar. When dueling with the (Fallen Heart), it uses dark magic beyond imagination. He lost to Niu in the Pandemonium Meeting, so he hates her.

    Ancient Library(Place, Building)

    When Pandemonium was still with the planet Terra, this is one of the place that have information on the high technology. Although most information is lost, recently in Ancient Library, they found out how to research ancient technology and magic with the broken data they have left
    We call this research "Witchery"

    Race: Pandemonian
    Sex: Female
    Age: 35
    belongs to: Pandemonium(Ancient Library's Keeper)
    She brought the once despised Witchery back to life, being the keeper of the library, she is called "Monica of the Library"
    She is very calm and confident, so her students trusts her very much.
    Race: Pandemonian
    Sex: Female
    Age: 18
    belongs to: Pandemonium(Ancient Library's Witch)
    She likes people to call her "The Vikki", she's a witch that resides in the Ancient Library.
    She mastered Phase Shift and has a crazy desire for knowledge. She's also humourous, she keeps a smile on her face, but if you think low of her, she will turn you into a frog!  

    Race: Pandemonian
    Sex: Male
    Age: 23
    belongs to: Pandemonium
    A witch that wears glasses
    Ikki always pull pranks on him, so he is always exhausted by her everyday 


    Powerless Pandemonians group in this organization to go against Cassifar
    During the battle with Cassifar, Guardians' member, Niu, used chaser to make her first step as the first battle mage ever.

    Race: Pandemonian
    Sex: Female
    Age: 14
    belongs to: Pandemonium(First Battle Mage)
    When she was attacked by the Cassifars, she successfully create a way to make elemental powers stay beside the spell caster's side to fight, and she made this the way Guardians fight. She announced to the world the birth of Battle Mages
    Beautiful and sincere, she feels like a heroine with her sense of justice
    Due to the fact that she is the first user of Chaser, she is named "The Chaser"

    Race: Pandemonian
    Sex: Female
    Age: 9
    belongs to: Pandemonium
    An elementalist that uses ice spells
    Quiet and timid, she follows Niu around everyday.
    She also own the powerful staff that have it's own conscious named "the Annoying Willy" 
    Race: Human
    Sex: Male
    Age: 37
    belongs to: ???(Exorcist)
    Hates magic, gains power via dueling with mages
    He uses beads as his weapon, he became famous after helping Niu when she was in trouble. He feels that defeating apostles like Diregie and Anton is his job, very old and stale man, and who knows how he got to Pandemonium as a human...

    Zakar Summoners(Organization)
    Was once the only summoner organization in Pandemonium.
    Their leader, Kate, makes pacts with monsters they fight with.
    However, the spirit summoners and Pact summoners' conflict made the orgnization fall into chaos, many members left and created New Order.


    Race: Pandemonian
    Sex: Female
    Age: 46
    belongs to: Pandemonium(Zakar Summoners' leader)
    "Spirit Summoner" Kate
    She was able to talk to spirits when she was young, she figured out how to make pacts with monsters, and so Pact summon was invented. She resides in Central Park right now, trying to let plants grow where there is no sunlight.
    She is the guardian of Pipi, and she looks forward to her future.
    Although she made a pact with the fourth apostle - Casillas, she doesn't seem to ever want to summon him.

    Race: Pandemonian
    Sex: Female
    Age: 10
    belongs to: Pandemonium(Summoner)
    Invoker Pipi
    She is a pure pact summoner in Zakar Summoners
    With the help of Kate, she made a pact with many creatures.
    She sometimes show a evil smile and nobody and understand her.
    Everyone worries about what she will summon...due to Kate's pact, she can also summon Casillas, but we don't know if she can control this power.

    New Order(Organization)
    Totally different from Zakar, they don't respect life. They think summoning's existence is the control. They treat their summons cruely.

    Smila's Children(Organization)
    New Order's special group for spirit summoners that have special abilities. Sacrificing the spirits for great power, they are taught also not to care about spirits' feelings.
    They have the traits of summoning and then sacrificing the spirits, so in this organzation, Most members are cold blooded or mentally ill.
    Ep.1:The 12 Apostles [APS]
    Cain reigns as King of Pandemonium as the most powerful Apostle of all nine. The fabrics of both his body and seemingly his powers seem to be invincible if not unabled to be countered. Being the most powerful being in all of Pandemonium, he has little interest in areas outside of Union Square.
    Also known as The One Who Fears Death.
    The strongest Apostle of all, Cain is the king of Pandemonium. No one dares to stand against him. No traps or magic can overcome his absolute strength and vitality. Even though he is the strongest being in all of Pandemonium, he has no interest in invading the surrounding areas around Union Square, where he resides.

    2nd Apostle: Hilder the Crying Eye


    She is the oldest living Pandemonian to date (aka Terranian), and also believed to be the first Mage.
    Legend states that she was one to discover several different forms of magic and it is also believed that she has mastered all the current Mage classes. Her abilities as a Mage, which include Telepathy, have protected her from the vile inhabitants of Pandemonium as well as from the toxins that now inhibit the land year round. Now even though her power is comparatively weaker to that of the other Apostles, through her friendships with the 4th and 9th Apostles, she is regarded as the 2nd Apostle. With her age, comes the wisdom of many years past, when Pandemonium once flourished and it is her sought after dream that it may be returned to it's former glory no matter how long it takes and through whatever means to bring back smiles to the peoples of Pandemonium. It is assumed she resides in Bloomingdale, where she is rarely spotted.

    Also known as The One Who Hides A Brightly Shining Dew On Her Two Faces.
    Unable to forget what happened to her beautiful homeland and her family, Hilder is considered to be the first being to use the forces of Nature to create magic. She holds all knowledge of Pandemonium's history and endeavors to rebuild Pandemonium to its original state. She has the power to stay out of harm's way and possesses telepathy, which is why she takes on the deed to unite Pandemonium's residents and prevent conflict. Although she has weaker fighting abilities than most of the other Apostles, due to the above traits, the people of Pandemonium still consider her as the Second Apostle.

    3rd Apostle: Isis-Prey of the Blue Sky (Aka Freya)

    Isis was originally from a world of a proud race that soars the blue sky. Due to many mysterious and disastrous events that started befalling his home world, he decided to find out the cause of all these events and soon found Pandemonium, particularly where Cain resided. Taking this as the cause of the events, Prey challenged Cain to a fierce battle which ultimately ended with a loss. The once proud warrior of his world, now defeated, retreated where he was expecting to be able to return home. However because of the epic clash between the two, Pandemonium had drifted away from it's original location and now Isis with no home to return to, flies around the skies of Pandemonium awaiting his fate and wishing to return home.
    Also known as The One Who Will Never Set His Feet On The Land.
    Isis originally lived in a place that was ruled by a race that soars the skies. Due to the odd changes to his world, he flew to a height no others in his world could, and while scouting the azure skies, he discovered the existence of Pandemonium. There, he found Cain and during the fierce battle between the two, Pandemonium drifted away from his home. Thus, Isis became a resident of Pandemonium.
    Fun fact: In the Korean version, Isis' true name is, in fact, Prey - Isis in the Blue Sky.

    4nd Apostle: Kasillas the Conqueror


    Kasillas is from a proud race that lives for battle. Seeking stronger opponents, he found his way to Pandemonium and challenged each Apostle (except Isis and Lotus) and barely defeated each one. However, he suffered his greatest loss at the hands of Cain, and due to the overwhelming power Cain wields, a fear of sorts was implanted into the warrior. Now seeking to rechallenge the only opponent to utterly defeat him, he made a pact with summoners to summon a shadow of himself anywhere in the land of Arad so that he may fight the strong denizens of the land and train for his future bout.
    Also known as The One Who Covers Steel With Blood.
    Belonging to a race which battle is the meaning of life, Kasijas arrived at Pandemonium trying to find stronger opponents after defeating all others on his planet. He fought every Apostle he could find in Pandemonium (excluding Lotus and Isis) and found that he could barely defeat his opponents. Furthermore, upon fighting Cain, Kasijas lost to his overwhelming powers and now fears him a lot. Whenever Pandemonium clings on to another world, he eagerly seeks opponents to battle with. He is about 1.5 times bigger than a regular human being and wields two swords. From his battle experience, he can be seen as one of the strongest creatures that ever existed. Upon hearing that there are powerful creatures in the Land of Arad, he made a contract with Summoner and is ready to be summoned to the Land of Arad, looking for a good challenge and become much stronger to defeat Cain one day. His summoned self is said to be much weaker (extremely) than his original self, though.

    5nd Apostle: Siroco the Intangible

    Siroco has the power or rather inept ability of changing the shape of the world around her. Wherever she goes distortions in space soon follow. She however is only able to travel through warm areas which is why she resided in the Metro Center of Pandemonium, alongside Anton who she fought over energy to survive. With her Devolution to the land of Arad, Siroco lost her immortality and soon after suffered a painful death in Screaming Cavern.
    Also known as The One Who Possesses Hundreds Of Faces, Yet Is Invisible.
    The first of the Apostles to be transferred to Arad. In fact, it's because of her that many of the major events in Arad have come to fruition. Wherever her powers arrive, the world will change. She holds the power to change the world around her. She can only freely move around warm areas, so she resides in the Metro Center in Pandemonium. Because of this, she often fights Anton for energy.
    However, when she was transferred to Arad, arriving in the Screaming Cavern, she went insane. She nearly wiped out the Nugols living in the cavern and created an unstable environment. Eventually, the Empire sent its best soldiers, including the four Legendary Weapon Masters, to investigate the place. Unfortunately, most of the investigation party succumbed to Sirocco's overwhelming power, and Roxy, a Dark Elf Beserker, unleashed the full power of Kazan's Blood Curse to put an end to Sirocco once and for all. However, this act ended up costing Roxy her life in the process...

    6nd Apostle: Diregie of the Disease and Darkness.

    Composed of the all diseases ever to infect all of the races of Pandemonium, Diregie is the living plague. Wherever she goes, death and plague follows and it's because of this that she has been shunned off by all of the denizens of Pandemonium. The Apostles had careful watch over the Bronx area where Diregie resided, an attempt to keep the Apostle away from harming other areas. Diregie herself however holds no reason to pick fights with the other Apostles and would only bother doing so if her life was in danger. A fellow victim to the Devolution, Diregie was transported to Arad and winded up on the once prosperous town of North Myre. However since her arrival, the area has become a deserted wasteland, where disease, mutations in animal life and wild weather have taken it's toll on the populace and their once beautiful grand city of the Hendon Myre empire.
    Also known as The One Who Spills Dirty Blood.
    The source of all diseases, Delezie has the power to turn living things into dust. They are also known as the only immortal Apostle ever, that even Dungeon Fighters aren't able to kill them completely. They were rejected by the residents of Pandemonium after spreading the flu and the Black Death and chased away by other Apostles, ending up residing in the north area of Bronx. They avoid picking fights with the Apostles, unless their life is on the line. Delezie is another one of the Apostles that was transferred to Arad. It appeared in North Myre, literally turning the place into a living hell.
    A portion of Delezie's power also appeared in Noire Ferra, ruining the Dark Elf city and transforming much of Aphelia into monsters, cursed by Delezie's Plague. There, a phantasm of Delezie materialized, causing much torment and destruction before eventually being defeated by adventurers.
    Delezie met their end in Reshpon, Village of Pain, after being defeated by heroes wielding the divine protection of Hilder. Delezie was cast into an Interdimensional Rift and thrown into a space vacuum, utterly annihilating them.

    7nd Apostle: Anton the Flame Eater

    The biggest Apostle to date. He comes from a world that once flourished in it's own rite but due to Anton feeding on the planets energy source to sustain his own life, all native inhabitants died. Just before his planet met it's ultimate destruction, Anton pulled himself onto the land of Pandemonium and began to feed on the small energy products that Metro Center releases from time to time. When he sleeps, the power from Metro Center releases with such a radiance that it is said Empyreans can see the entirety of Pandemonium floating in the sky. Empyreans have thus named Pandemonium as the "Mirage of the Reversed City". Anton also fell to the Devolution of the Apostles and is said to have transferred to Empyrean where he remains at the Power Station which has lead to the many power outages throughout the entire land. Rumor has it, that this is one of the causes to the Kartels of Empyrean invading the city and capturing the Queen.
    Also known as The One Who Can Reach The End Of The World By Stretching His Body.
    The largest Apostle in Pandemonium, Anton's body is large enough to cover a whole area in Pandemonium. Just before his world was destroyed, he used all of his power to pull himself onto Pandemonium, which had appeared around his world when it was destroyed. He resides in Metro Center and consumes the energy that is generated every once a while. Whenever he falls asleep, Pandemonium will glow like it is on fire. This is the only time when people in the land of Empyrean can see Pandemonium, which the Empyreans call "the mirage of an upside down city."
    Anton was later transferred to the land of Empyrean and went to the Power Station to continue his feast on energy. Because of Anton, the Kartels were able to obtain a major advantage over the forces in Ghent, due to the loss of power.

    8nd Apostle: Lotus, the Long Legs

    Lotus originally came from a world where only boundless ocean existed. Soon after he migrated to the Land of Pandemonium and became the ruler of the seas there. However during one of his hibernation periods, he was transported to Arad and winded up on the Behemoth. With this sudden appearance, the Behemoth flew to the skies out of fear and with no way off the Behemoth, Lotus took refuge inside the temples there where he took control of the GBL religion and made countless mind servants out of the worshipers. He appears to have some sort of knowledge on future events to come.
    Also known as The One Who Can Carry Thousands of Weapons At Once.
    Originally from an ocean world. Lotus was also transferred to Arad while hibernating, but landed on the Behemoth, startling it and sending it to the skies. From there, Lotus woke up to find himself in an unfamiliar place. After finding out where he was exactly, Lotus started to use his mind-control powers to take over the minds of the members of the GBL, who resided on Behemoth. What's very interesting is that Lotus managed to do all of this while being in an incredibly weakened state. When you eventually fight and defeat Lotus, he's only at ~10% of his true power.Lotus met his end after the heroes overcame his forces and mind control abilites. With his parting words, he mentioned that his death had been foretold long time ago, including the death of his friend, Sirocco...

    9nd Apostle: Luke the Constructor

    From the day he was born, Luke's brilliance and hardwork produced countless concepts and inventions. With the completion of each project, he moves on without falter onto other projects and continues the endless cycle of construction he lives in. In the past, under orders of Bakal during his reign of Empyrean 1000 years ago, he constructed the City of Death which connects Empyrean and Pandemonium. He can be found currently in Metro Center where, by request from Hilder, is working progressively over time to restore power to Pandemonium.
    (wiki)Also known as The One Who Touches Earth Without A Word.
    The current Ninth Apostle. Ever since his birth, Luke's blood drove him into a life of endless constructing. The Second Apostle, Hilder, witnessed his abilities and asked him to rebuild Pandemonium. The progress is slow because he is doing this job alone, though. He is currently rebuilding Metro Center that used to belong to Anton and trying to supply Pandemonium with constant energy. It is said that he was being pressured by Bakal 1000 years ago to build the Castle of the Dead for him, which connects the land of Pandemonium and the land of Empyrean, but the truth is, he built the place of his own free will.
    While much about Luke still remains unknown, it was him who showed Bakal many events of the future, including the death of the Apostles, and what that entailed.

    10th Apostle: Dragon King Bakal

    One of the former Apostles, Bakal tried to take over the land of Empyrean. However, he was eventually defeated and killed.
    Due to his wish to conquer the whole land of Pandemonium, Bakal was no longer considered an Apostle. Because of this, Bakal declared the Dragon War with his Dragonoid army to gain the Water of Life, which would make him immortal. However, he was fought off by the combined efforts of Hilder, Kasijas, and Luke. He then escaped to the land of Empyrean using the City of Death that he had Luke made, and sealed away all means of getting to the Land of Empyrean from the land of Arad, causing the Sky Tower to disappear from Arad. He then conquered the land of Empyrean and forbade the use of magic as it was a threat to him. He built a castle for himself and made an army out of the Soldiers of Light. Since magic was forbidden in the land of Empyrean, the people developed high quality technology, especially machines. The Mechanics of Empyrean eventually defeated Bakal and his Army of Light, ending his reign of terror. Bakal's scream before his death split Empyrean into several pieces. Many parts fell on the land of Arad around where North Myre is. Bakal's castle floated away from Empyrean and can sometimes be seen on a sunny day, and it is now known as the Floating Castle.
    However, it turns out that Bakal was merely acting on behalf of the beings on Arad. After being shown visions of the future in which many of the other Apostles and himself were to be slain along with the world of Arad to be sacrificed in order to revive Pandemonium, Bakal took it upon himself to take over Empyrean and make its inhabitants strong enough to prevent their eventual destruction. However, Bakal didn't count on Hilder sending heroes from 500 years in the future to come back in time and defeat him

    11th Apostle: Michael of the Holy Eye


    The 11th Apostle, the creator of the priest arts, and the leader of the Order of the Holy Eye, he is the General of the war against the Black Bible. Michael is also responsible for sealing away Ozma many years ago. Due to unknown reasons, Michel has the appearance of a young man despite being much older than he appears.
    Michael currently holds guard over Ozma in Dark Side, unable to truly kill him. However, he stands ever present of the plans already set in motion, aware that Ozma's death could spell destruction for the rest of the world.....

    12th Apostle: Ozma of Chaos

    The 12th known Apostle. Formerly a human wielder of magic, Ozma accepted evil powers from a Dark God and became the God of Chaos. With his powers, he brought much destruction and chaos to Arad before being eventually being sealed by Michael in another dimension. It is because of Ozma that the Impostors were created and the Cosmos Demons descended to Arad. Ozma was also the one who cursed Kazan and brought about his Blood Curse.
    Ozma was eventually defeated by heroes who had wandered into the Dark Side.
    Also known as The One Who Resurrected.

    The Twelfth Apostle. Formerly a human wielder of magic of the Pelos Empire, he and Kazan slayed the Berserk Dragon Hysma in Arad Year 100. Although they were celebrated as national heroes, the Emperor became paranoid of the two individuals growing influence and feared being overthrown. So, the Emperor devised a plot: he framed Kazan for treason and sent Ozma to pursue him. Tired and weakened from fighting each other in battle, they were both captured by Imperial Soldiers.

    Afterward, the Emperor sentenced both Ozma and Kazan's family to be executed. Kazan was banished while Ozma was imprisoned and sentenced to execution. While imprisoned and hearing news of the death of his family, Ozma devoted his soul to anger and revenge, and he accepted evil powers from a Reaper and was resurrected as the God of Chaos. Using his newfound powers, he created the Curse of Blood, turning his enemies into Imposters and making them betray their allies. This curse made men distrust one another and plunged the world into period of chaos. Eventually, Ozma's efforts led to the ruin of the once great Pelos Empire.

    At some point later, Ozma reunited with Kazan. Acknowledging their past friendship, he released Kazan from his human form and offered him an opportunity to join his Army of Darkness. Having gave up on humanity, Kazan refused his offer and the two parted ways. Kazan became the God of Destruction spreading his curse of the Ghost Arm while Ozma became the God of Chaos spreading his Blood Curse and continued his pursuit to create his Army of Darkness to wipe out humanity.

    With his powers, he brought much destruction and chaos to Arad before eventually being sealed by Michael in another dimension during the Black Crusade. It is because of Ozma that the Imposters were created and the Cosmos Demons descended to Arad. Ozma was also the one who cursed Kazan and brought about his Blood Curse, and was responsible for giving the Priest a grave curse, making the Priest become an Avenger. The same effect also took turn to Grandis's brother,Nilvas Gracia, who is a foe in Black Crusade.

    Ozma was eventually defeated by heroes who had wandered into the Dark Side.

    13th Apostle: The One Who Knows All Secrets
    While the identity of the 13th Apostle remains yet unknown, they are identified in the Book of Creation as "The One Who Knows All Secrets"...
    (wiki)While the identity of the Thirteenth Apostle remains unknown, it is said that it is sleeping underground somewhere in Terra.

    Ep.2:The Futune Teller and Pandemonium [FTP]
    Pandemonium (World)

    Pandemonium was originally part of the planet, Terra aka Earth. Due to strife between technically advanced nations, nuclear war destroyed the entire planet. It was only at the last moment that the region around New York City slipped into a different dimension sparing it from utter doom. The land traveled long and far through this dimension and reached many different worlds. This journey has lead to many different forms of life to creep onto the land and conflict has continued to emerge from the clashing of different lifeforms on conquest to gain more land. The once great city of technology was renamed Pandemonium by the inhabitants due to it's dark demeanor and primal way of life. Currently, Pandemonium hovers high around the world of Arad.

    Apostles (Title)

    The lifeforms come to Pandemonium during the "Journey". and the strongest will be name as Apostles.
    Even thought Apostles all come to Pandemonium by break through Dimension, and hold fearsome power, but they still rank weak and strong between them.
    Actually, Apostles are Invader for Pandemonium, but during the war with Bakal, 2nd Apostle Hilder and 4th Apostle Casillas lead the Terrian against Bakal, make the name of Apostle contain the meaning of savior.
    But the fact is, many Terrians facing dangers because Apostle's daily activity.

    Pandemonian/Terrian (Race)
    People who live in Pandemonian, Very good at Magic

    FlameSkin (Race)

    A Race that look like Normal Terrian, but they are much faster and able to use more powerful maigc, but they can't control their power when they are young.
    Because they join the side of Bakal during the war, now they are the most unwelcom race in Pandemonium.

    Pandemonium Grand Meeting (Event)
    It's a meeting for set the compromise between each organization in Pandemonium about Control area, information, and power. The organiger is Iris.
    From the result, we may call this event a tourment rather than a meeting because the way to set up everthing is by fighting....

    The fountain of life (Epic Item)
    The water which believed can give people the life of eternity
    There is not Comfirmed information about this item, we don't know it's really a liquid, or some kind of new tech, we don't even know if this thing really exist.
    But since 2nd Apostle Hilder lived from the very beginning until now, there should be something that give people the life of eternity, not matter what form it is.
    The only one know about the datail of Fountain of life is Iris.

    Iris FortuneSinger
    About 20 years old
    TerraKeter's bard, DarkElf's guest
    A Element master from Pandemonium, also a Bard and FortuneTeller
    We don't know when did she come to Arad, but since her Fortunetelling are almost 100% correct, many people would like to get advice from her.
    Because she is come from Pandemonium, she is the only who understand the Apostles(The mage we play are common people....you know what I mean) in Arad, so she will teach everything adventurer need to know to able to defeat Apostles appear in Arad

    TerraKeter (Organization)
    The oldest Organization in Pandemonium, the rumor tells that 2nd Apostles Hilder helped to create this Organization.
    Most of the Member in this Organization are Element Master

    KarCiuPie (Organization)
    The terroristic organization
    The member in this organization like to use powerful mage and killing people

    Ancient Library (Location)
    The only place still contain the knowledge of the old Terrian civilization.
    Even thought most of the documents are lost, but many people still believe they can rebuild the civilization by research the remain documents.
    The combination of magic and the old Terrian tech been called as "Magiscience"

    People who against Karciupie formed this organization. First BattleMage Niu (The Chaser) is the member of this Organization, and because this reason, most the member in this organization now are battlemages.

    Sakar the Summoner Union (Organization)
    Once the only Summoner organization in Pandemonium. Believe the Summoner should created a understanding and deep bond with his/her summon, But because some people doesn't believe the idea, they leave the organization and created a new Summoner union name "New Promise"

    New Promise (Organization)
    Believed The truth of Summon is Order, Total Control. The reason New Promise been so wellknow is because the Cruel action the Summoner use to their Summon.
    Ep.3:From Ancient to Recent -History of Sky Realm and Formation of Continent [SRFC]
    Race: Dragonoid
    Gender: Unknown
    Age: Unknown
    Origin: Devildom (the dismissed 9th Apostle)
    Origin: Sky Realm (Lord)
    It’s the lord of Dragonoid and also known as Furious Dragon King.
    When Bakal settled down in the Devildom region, he was appointed as the 9th Apostle because of his prowess and mystical abilities. His appointment afterwards became the cause of mass chaos in Devildom. Ambitious Bakal wanted to become the ruler of Devildom, which made other Apostles turn against him.
    That’s why Hilder, the 2nd Apostle, dismissed Bakal (Luke the Constructor was then elevated to the 9th Apostle). He amassed troops and waged war against Bakal.
    This war was named Dragon War.
    Bakal made an escape through City of the Dead and entered Sky Realm.
    In Sky Realm, he announced himself as the Redeemer and sent his Light Magic Troops to wipe out anyone standing in his way to dominate here.
    After he took the throne, he forbid anyone to use or learn magic and made Heaven City inaccessible as attempts to cut off connection between Sky Realm and Arad in order to stifle growth of rebellion force.
    It’s 1000 years ago. The year when the access to Sky Realm was blocked and culture interaction between the Arad continent and Sky Realm ceased marked the beginning of Arad era.
    The development of science in Sky Realm reached its peak over the next 500 years. That’s the period when the Severn Meister started to exert profound influence in Sky Realm region.
    Their attempts to develop the most destructive program “Code: Gai Bolga” that would be used to kill Bakal failed. However their deeds inspired numerous Angels. A Mechanical Revolution broke out. The Bakal’s reign was overthrown.
    The deranged Bakal divided the Sky Realm region into many independent continents upon his death. Some of these continents are now known as Yeedan, Nospith and Lawless Wasteland.

    Heaven City (Building)
    It was firstly constructed in Paroman. For an unknown reason, the whole building was moved to the West Coast in Belmaia.
    As the only access to Sky Realm, it could not be seen by people until the fire in Grand Flores weakened the magic matrixes around this building.
    Rumor about the existence of Sky Realm were swirling around. As Kiri fell upon the land from the sky, this rumor was proved to be true. A lot of adventurers embarked upon their journey to find out the access to Sky Realm.
    The access has been blocked. It is possibly done by Bakal who wants to cut off connection between Sky Realm and the Arad continent.

    Race: Magic Organism
    Gender: Unknown
    Age: Unknown
    Origin: Heaven City (City Lord)

    Heaven City is the only access for people on the Arad continent entering Sky Realm. Bakal took control of it in order to realize his ambition to dominate Sky Realm.
    The thought of humans on Arad continent helping Angels retrieving magic prowess made Bakal feel disturbed. He sent powerful Light Soldiers to guard this city.
    Even though it has been 500 years after the death of Bakal, Sighard, one of Bakal’s henchmen without knowing the death of Bakal, has still kept his promise and been guarding here.

    Angels (Race)
    Angels are living in Sky Realm. Each of them has slim legs and graceful curves.
    Angels used to be proficient in casting magic. But Bakal restrained the development of magic culture. Only tales about magic are passed down.
    Because Bakal cut off connection between Sky Realm and the Arad Continent, Angels gradually neglected the existence of the Arad Continent. Only the rumor that there is another world across Middle Ocean is circling around.
    It is true some Angels have fallen upon the land of the Arad continent after surviving the attack from fish in Middle Ocean. They are pretty shocked to find out the world below their homeland enjoys highly developed magic culture.
    If Sighard is defeated, humans may have a chance to meet Angels.

    The Seven Meister (Characters)
    It’s about 500 years ago when Bakal was reigning over Sky Realm.
    Magic blackout was implemented to boycott the spreading of magic knowledge in Sky Realm. Angels decided to shift their focus to the development of science for the purpose of overthrowing Bakal’s reign.
    Bakal failed to understand the prowess of science. So he showed no concern for its development. That’s how Angel’s strenuous efforts to develop science slipped his attention and blossomed into real fruits. Science and technology in Sky Realm soared to new heights. The Seven Meister was seven talented mechanical engineers. They were planning to create a destructive weapon secretly and named this weapon Gai Bolga. This weapon was specially designed to defeat Bakal. However Meister Teneb, one of the Sever Meister betrayed his friends. He divulged their plan to Bakal. Thing went south. Five mechanical engineers were murdered. The only Meister who survived was Curio. He was concerned about the weapon would fall into foe hands and took the initiative to transfer Gai Bolga to other space through time travel machine.
    Curio still could not escape the grip of enemies. Bakal killed him. But the design picture of time travel machine was left and passed down.

    Race: Angel
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown
    Origin: the Severn Meister (chasing after freedom)
    He is a mechanical genius and the youngest among the Severn Meister.
    He was in charge of the development of time travel machine which would be used for the transportation of giant Gai Bolga. He had a resolute mind and yearned for freedom.
    The betrayal of Teneb doomed the prospect of their research project. As the only survivor, Curio transferred Gai Bolga to anther space and blocked the signal used to summon Gai Bolga.
    Curio was murdered by Bakal and the signal used to summon Gai Bolga has been saved and passed down.

    Race: Angel
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown
    Origin: the Severn Meister (price for betrayal)
    He was the best mechanical engineer in that era. He betrayed his engineer fellows and divulged their plan to Bakal for an unknown reason.
    After the death of his five engineer fellows, he disappeared.

    Imperial City (a place name)
    This city used to be a huge continent. It was where Sky Realm existed. This continent was split into different parts upon the death of Bakal. The Imperial City is centered around Kent that was the capital of Sky Realm and being connected to nearby isles through water highway. The Coast Guard composed of gunners is defending in the south.
    Imperial City has been invaded for the second time. The princess was put under house arrest.

    Lawless Wasteland (a place name)
    It is located to the southeast of Imperial City, a distant continent on the opposite bank.
    As the largest continent in Sky Realm, the desert covers most of its area
    When water highway was built, error in measuring distance resulted in trains failing to reach this place. That’s why Lawless Waster is lagging behind the pace of development for hundreds when comparing to other adjacent continents.
    Lawless Wasteland has been the paradise of criminal. Its decent into evil was happening following the decline of ancient culture.
    Its residents are leading poor lives because they are unable to get energy supplies from Yeedan, which is one of the reasons for the decline of ancient culture.
    Without a specific culture that everyone will aspire to and no public security organs to assist in the maintenance of security and administrative order, this place like what its name is indicated is crime infested. Justice can only be brought by gun.
    Haze, the Fog City is the largest city here.

    Kalete (Organization)
    It is the most heavily armed force in Lawless Wasteland where conflicts are settled down by uncivilized means.
    Enjo Sipho, aka Eyes of Dawn is the leader and seldom makes appearance in public.
    Kalete defeated all the armed forces in Lawless Wasteland 26 years ago and started to invade Imperial City and made foray into its capital, Kent. They surrounded this city for three yeas and still could not penetrate its defense. Their supplies were running in short and they were forced to stop the war.
    Afterwards Kalete spent a long period to recover its military power and invaded the Imperial City for the second time.

    Yeedan Industrial Region (a place name)
    Yeedan is located to the east of Imperial City.
    It has built an energy station to help mechanical engineers complete their assignments. Commerce develops rapidly in Yeedan, making this continent more and more prosperous. Most commercial products or materials supplied to Sky Realm are made here. Yeedan has contributed a lot to the development of mechanical culture in Sky Realm. But Antuen who has settled down here recently has grabbed a monopoly on energy supplies, which drags Sky Realm into chaos.
    The mass chaos in Sky Realm provides a chance for Kalete to successfully invade the Imperial City for the second time.

    Nospith Isle (a place name)
    It is a small floating island to the north of Imperial City.
    Only the rich in Sky Realm can afford to live here.
    Surrounded by Yeedan and Imperial City means most of attack attempts from Lawless Wasteland will be blocked by these two barriers. People living on the island are leading a peaceful life.

    Healin Islands (a place name)
    Healin Islands emerged after serious damage was made in the south of Imperial City to split this district into many parts.
    It is a barren area and no culture takes root here.
    It’s become the best destination for holiday due to its warm climate and beautiful beach.

    Modern-People Living in Imperial City Kent

    Race: Angel
    Gender: Female
    Age: Unknown
    Origin: Imperial City Kent (Chief Maid)

    There is a group called Princess Yard. This group is led by Princess and composed of the best maids selected from around the world. Marlene Kitzka still stands out from such a talented pack.
    Members of Princess Yard are assigned with the mission to protect Princess from unwanted threats. These maids have withstood many severe trails to fully display their resolute spirits that even a man simply can’t match. But they are still feeling frustrated about the incidents that Princess is captured by Kalete.
    Marlene Kitzka was born in a notable family. She is the daughter of Kitzka, has a good personality and morals and is quite stubborn at times. She behaves awkward with men, is not sophisticated enough when it comes to dealing with people and always cares about others and put their interests at heart.
    According to tradition, maids are selected and will be given a new name by Princess. Marlene Kitzka is also called White Rose.
    She did not mention it to Princess that she disliked her new name.
    If there is someone who is not Princess calls her White Rose, she will feel very shy.
    Crisis in Kent drove her to learn Magada Propel from adventurers. So she came down to the Arad continent and sought some adventurers to save the Sky Realm.

    Race: Angel
    Gender: Female
    Age: Unknown
    Origin: Imperial City Kent (Kent Troops Commander)

    She is appointed as commander of Kent Troops thought she’s female.
    In her opinions, she is not the ideal candidate for this position. She was forced to fill the position after its original commander died in a combat against Kalete.
    She blamed herself too much and attributed the crisis prevailing in Kent and failure her troops suffered to her incompetence.
    She lost her parents and brothers in her childhood and joined the army to revenge her father and siblings. But she lost her right hand in combat.
    A cannon is installed on her right arm to take place of her lost right hand.
    She thinks Verrickt, used to be a member of Kalete, is a weird old man and does not believe in him. However, he is the only reliable source to provide information regarding Kalete and she wants him to live in Kent. So she takes care of him considerably.

    Race: Angel
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown
    Origin: Imperial City Kent (a legendary gunner)

    He is a living legend as a gunner in Lawless Wasteland. He is also known as the Sand Storm.
    He rises to fame because of his superb shooting skills and defies any perilous obstacles.
    He craves freedom. After he joined in Kalete, he played an active role. But as principle was strictly emphasized in Keleta, he could not put up with such a military life and decided to quit the organization. He then hit the road again to travel around.
    Now he is an old gentleman and has two most pleasing traits that are generosity and romance.
    When he was young, he displayed the unregulated and uncontrolled lust and rage. After experiencing ups and down in his life, Verrickt has become a humble person.
    He is a rover and has settled down in Kent. It is his dream that someday Kalete will be the same lawless group as it was in the past.
    He hates Zenldin Schneider because she is a woman in a field dominated by men. He still recognized her for her extraordinary leadership ability and resolute spirit.

    Race: Angel
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown
    Origin: Imperial City Kent (a talented mechanical engineer)

    He is a member of the Seven Shards research group. This research group is believed to be the successor of the Seven Meister. Despite the fact that he is the youngest, Melvin Richter has displayed terrific talents and has real quality to become a star in the field of science.
    He cares about nothing but science and hates doing chores.
    He focuses his energy and attention to the development of science and technology.
    Any new scientific achievement or scientific talk will get his attention.
    Although the look on his face seems to show his pride, he never has a bad intention.
    Jill in the same group was a perfect match for him (Melvin did not think so). Jill was so jealous of Melvin’s talents and success. He then quit and allied with Kalete to wipe out Melvin.
    Melvin knew nothing about Jill’s intention.
    Many hostile forces including Kalete are stepping up the manhunt for this mechanical genius whose mechanical talents will help them strengthen their military prowess. Melvin is hiding himself somewhere in Ironworks Street.
    Melvin is accompanied by a robot equipped with AI intelligence which he named King Kong Wolf. This robot was designed by him when he was ten years old. It is not only his pet but his bodyguard.

    Modern-Two Imperial City Invasion Battles

    Imperial City Invasion (Event)
    The invasion was done by Kalete under the command of Enjo Sipho, which is an armed force dominating the Lawless Wasteland.
    1st invasion (Three-year War): When the 1st invasion took place, the Imperial City nearly fell into enemy hand. But Imperial City withstood invasion attempts by Kent Troops. The 1st Imperial City invasion failed.
    The defeated Kalete seized another opportunity and made assault on the imperial city when the whole Yeedan Industrial Region was controlled and dragged into mass chaos by ANTON. The 2nd Imperial City invasion was successful.

    Race: Angel
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Origin: Imperial City (Female clergy)
    She is the priestess of highest rank in Sky Realm and Princess.
    After the Three-year War (1st Imperial City Invasion) broke out, she was elevated to the priestess of highest rank by her predecessor who was leading Kent Troops to secure victory over invaders and protect the Imperial City from security threats. Upon death, this predecessor not only appointed Erje as the priestess of highest rank but also transferred her ruling power to Erje.
    Erje possesses wisdom and insight that are inappropriate for her age, good mastery of key concepts and theories in political and economy and has won trust of every one in Sky Realm.
    She is eloquent and her telepathic abilities are an unknown mystery.
    She was captured in the 2nd Imperial City Invasion and now is imprisoned in a tower.

    Race: Angel
    Gender: Male
    Age: 55
    Origin: Kalete (Leader)
    He is the leader of Kalete and seldom makes appearance in public.
    He is 55 years old but possesses extraordinary energy and strength of a man of his age. He is also known as Eyes of Dawn.
    He has created the most formidable terror organization in Lawless Wasteland and acted as its leader.
    After the failure of Three-year War (1st Imperial City Invasion), he endured hardships to plan retaliation. By taking advantage of power station malfunction, he occupied the Imperial City and captured Erje.

    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown
    Origin: Kalete (Body guard)
    People will call him Johan, the Baptizer.
    He is the only slayer in Sky Realm.
    But he is a Soul Bringer but is able to cast magic.
    Rumors are circulating around about his homeland. Someone thinks he comes from Afterlife Island and others say that he is a human on the Arad continent. No one can tell what his real intention is as a member of Kalete. Even members in Kalete are not so familiar with him. They just make use of him.

    Modern-Legends about Lawless Wasteland

    Aden Highland (City)
    It is a small village in the south of Lawless Wasteland.
    This village has nothing special but there is still a legend about it to spread after it defeated ferocious invaders from Kalete for three times and glorified itself to be an anti-Kalete force..
    But outrageous conflicts among gunners including “Glass” Vilmots offered Kalete a perfect opportunity to take control of this village.
    Before Kiri fell onto the land of the Arad continent, she used to fight here.

    Aden Highland Warfare (Event)
    Aden Highland, a small village in the south of Lawless Wasteland was pit against powerful Kalete, an armed force here planning to dominate this region. Within one year, this village withstood three invasions. Battles between its residents and invaders are called Aden Highland Warfare.
    Many famous gunners were involved in this warfare. Kiri who is now living on the Arad continent joined in Aden Highland Guardian Army.
    During the 3rd invasion, Vilmots, the commander, was betrayed and finally killed by enemies. Aden Highland was controlled by Kalete.

    Race: Angel
    Gender: Male
    Age: 39
    Origin: Kalete (member)
    As a member of Kalete, he is also known as Stick
    It is his personality traits that make him ruthless and irritable. Nothing can stop him from getting whatever he wants.
    As a wandering gunner, he is using cards and gun to taken down his foes.
    He is the commander leading troops to invade Aden Highland. There are many times that his troops were directly confronted with the army led by Vilmots.
    He is pure evil.

    Race: Angel
    Gender: Female
    Age: 30
    Origin: Kalete (employed sniper)
    She is a notorious mercenary in Sky Realm and also known as the Deathgazer
    There is a popular saying among mercenaries that on one will live under her gun. It sounds scaring but gives a truthful profile of Irigare who possesses persistence and professional competence.
    In Aden Highland Warfare, she defeated Nills, the Left Straight, hurt his right hand and broke his weapon. But she was murdered by Audrie, the Machine Gun.

    Race: Angel
    Gender: Male
    Age: 38
    Origin: Kalete (a commando leader)
    Mercenaries in Lawless Wasteland call him Ranjerus, the Dog Man. He is the leader of a commando.
    He looks like an agreeable middle aged man next door. But he is downright dangerous and will bring death to anyone without hesitation.
    He has taken part in the Three-year War (the 1st Imperial City Invasion) and accumulated abandon experience.
    After being employed by Kalete, he started to attack Aden Highland. His troops endured serious loss when facing resistance from Aden Highland Guardian Army.
    He uprooted Aden Highland Guardian Army after Peyo was tricked by him and stabbed his teammates from behind.

    Race: Angel
    Gender: Male
    Age: 40
    Origin: Aden Highland Guardian Army (Leader)
    People will call him Glass.
    He plays an important role in Aden Highland Warfare and protects Aden Highland and leads many gunners to defy all evil organizations in Lawless Wasteland.
    He is 40 and possesses experience and leadership skills of a man of his age. He is earnest and taciturn and always keeping a cool mind.
    Although he successfully protected Aden Highland from being occupied by Kalete in one year, his tragic end is inevitable because of the betrayal of his teammate.

    Race: Angel
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Origin: Aden Highland Guardian Army (a talented sniper)

    Also known as the Left Straight, Nills is pretty young and has just shown his blooming shooting talents.
    Born in a middle-class family, he is growing up with a silver spoon in his mouth.
    He accidentally discovered his shooting talent when he was playing a weapon in his neighbor’s home. This neighbor was also a young gunner. From then on, he swore to become a gunner.
    To uphold justice, he came to Lawless Wasteland.
    Although he displayed real quality to become a sniper and was able to learn very quickly plus the fact that his breath was steady, his timidity and deficit technique had made him fail to be enlisted in Aden Highland Guardian Army.
    However he solved crisis for Aden Highland Guardian Army in the 2nd Aden Highland Warfare and was finally recognized by them.
    In the 3rd Aden Highland Warfare, he was shot by Irigare, hurting his right hand and he tried to escape through stealth.
    Now no one knows where he is

    Race: Angel
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Origin: Aden Highland Guardian Army (a female sniper)
    She has black hair, is a female gunner and also known as the Machine Gun.
    She is always dashing forward in combat.
    In the 3rd Aden Highland Warfare, she was shot by Peyo and then saved by Nills. She was killed by Irigare when she tried to save endangered Nills, which made her come to prominence.
    She is immune to any emotion. That’s why she is able to hit targets at any range
    She is keenly aware of this difference and will feel a supposed outpouring of regrets whenever thinking of it.

    Race: Angel
    Gender: Male
    Age: 33
    Origin: Aden Highland Guardian Army (an excellent driver)
    He is a good driver and people will call him in his nickname, Peyo. Being a transporter of Aden Highland Guardian Army has brought fame to him.
    His driving skills are incomparable in Lawless Wasteland.
    He is funny and talkative. Painting is his life interest
    Being teased by Ranjerus, he betrayed his teammates and involved himself in many evil plots trying o kill Katu, Vilmots and Audrie.
    He possesses good Sword Mastery.

    Race: Angel
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Origin: Aden Highland Guardian Army (Justice)
    He is intolerant of any evil.
    His nickname is Justice.
    He likes fighting in solo and his legs are pretty powerful.
    After being cheated by Peyo into dueling with Kiri, he and Kiri fell into sea. Rumor is swirling around that he is dead. But this rumor has never been confirmed.

    Race: Angel
    Gender: Female
    Age: 26
    Origin: Aden Highland Guardian Army (an energetic gunner)

    She is an outstanding female gunner in Sky Realm. Her nickname is the Lady.
    She is a girl, but she does not fear death, enjoys adventure and fight. She has a strong character.
    She was critically acclaimed for her competence of using different shooting weapons. She will draw the revolver at breath taking speed.
    She was cheated by Van Platin into battling Katu. Both of them fell into Middle Ocean after being shot. She was floating on the sea and finally reached Belmaia. She then decided to settle down there.
    Now she is living a happy life and teaching shooting skills in Hendon Myre.

    Modern-Characteristic Coast Guard

    Race: Angel
    Gender: Male
    Age: 35
    Origin: the Coast Guard (avenger gunner)
    In the Coast Guard, he enjoys the most fame as the leader of a four-people team.
    He has silver hair and a 20-year-old like baby face.
    In most cases, he will be an agreeable and tolerable man. But once in combat, he will become a ruthless killer.
    When he is shooting an enemy, there is a hideous grin in his poker face and he will say “shame on you, filthy animal”.
    His mechanical talent has been well observed in his childhood. He was born in Yeedan. As a student of Hethman who is the most achieved mechanical engineer in Sky Realm, he has been expected to become an equal to his teacher.
    When he was 16, Hethman was murdered.
    His teacher revealed his death to Hira in his will and asked Hira to send weapon design pictures that were hidden somewhere in Forging Mill to Kent. Hira found a letter left by his teacher accidentally. After reading, he came to know the reason for the death of his teacher. Kalete coveted his teacher’s abilities as a weapon consultant in Imperial City and regarded him as a threat. That’s why Kalete sent someone to assassinate his teacher.
    Failing to control his rage, Hiram built a weapon according to his teacher’s will and enlisted himself in the Coast Guard. He was elevated to a leader after several years. HIRA does not reveal his teacher’s designs of destructive weapons to the public. He is the only person who knows how to build these destructive weapons.
    His only purpose is to kill everyone in Kalete.

    Race: Angel
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Origin: the Coast Guard (a forthright wandering gunner)
    He is a wandering gunner in the Guard led by Hiram.
    Different from Hiram, Huk is a person who takes things as they come.
    Generous and straightforward, he likes drinking and woman.
    Being confident in his superb shooting skills, he prefers using his revolver to hit targets instead of suppressing enemies’ attack through firepower.
    He has long red hair, tan skin and wears scars in his face.
    He travels around to pursue freedom. When the Three-year War took place, he felt pulse through his vein after hearing evil deeds of Kalete. A strong sense of justice drove him to go to Lawless Wasteland. He came across Van Platin and had a fight against him. He flied to furious rage after seeing his face hurt by Van Platin and decided to join in the Coast Guard.
    He swears he will capture Van Platin on his own.
    He regards fights as pure entertainment. He is often scolded by Hiram for his wild acts.
    Race: Angel
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Origin: the Coast Guard (Shooter)
    He is a young gunner and a follower in the Guard.
    He has yellowish curling hair, white skin and is short.
    In real life, he is a timid person. Once in fighting, he will keep a cool head.
    Hiram praised him for his ability as a gunner and reminded Huk to learn from him.
    Born in a wealth family in Nospith, he is the youngest among his siblings. His parents sent her brothers to learn in colleges that are famous for their high teaching levels in politic, science and medicine. Coen hates her parent making plans for him and left home when he was 13.
    He came to Kent. In order to make a living, she received a job to work in a shooting training center. She was found by Hiram accidentally and impressed him through her superb shooting technique.
    She is still growing and learning as a member on Hiram’s team.
    She is often running errands for Huk and Myu.

    Race: Angel
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Origin: the Coast Guard (Female mechanical engineer)
    She is an excellent mechanical engineer on Hiram’s team.
    Short brown hair, tall and wearing fight garments make her be misunderstood as a man quite often. But she has a pretty face and charming character.
    She is a mechanical enthusiast and always carrying food with her.
    She may not be a good gunner. But once she has enough mechanical apparatus, she will create freakish firepower to wipe out enemies.
    Born in Yeedan and following her secret crush, she became a shop assistant and worked in a weapon rebuilding store.
    But her secret crush disappeared someday, which gave Myu a heavy blow. But she tried to cheer up and built her own mechanical plant.
    One year later, she received orders from Hiram and was attracted by him for his personality. She then decided to join in the Coast Guard.
    When she was informed of her secret crush being spotted in Lawless Wasteland, her heart was throbbing with excitement.

    Although her dream of love has not join in Kalete, she is praying not meet him in battlefield.
    Ep.4:Kingdoms Of Arad [ARD]

    Mainly being dedicated to blending Magic with Alchemy to apply them in realistic life and military products
    Building lots of devastating weapons.

    Paros Empire (Kingdom)
    Paros Empire that is regarded as the predecessor of the Kingdom of De Jones was where Khazan and Ozma were born and lived when they were still humans.
    Looking back in time, Paros had the same formidable military power as the Kingdom of De Jones is today. When its national strength reached a peak after Khazan and Ozma were born, this empire announced military supremacy over the Arad continent.
    However, as he became the evil Chaos God, Ozma channeled his inner chaotic spirit in a way by spreading blood curse throughout the continent and infected humans. He became a blood sucker in disguise to seek more targets to create chaos and disorder, Paros inevitably came to an end.

    Belmaia Principality (Kingdom)
    While being under reign of Queen SKADY, Belmaia is actually governed by a joint committee consisting of three parliament members. Its capital city is Hendon Myre. It’s about 500 years ago when this new kingdom emerged and incorporated vast areas between Paroman and the Suju kingdom from south to north into its territory. This kingdom possesses fertile farm lands and has never experienced food shortage crisis after being founded. In Spirits’ language, Belmaia means the kingdom of kind hearts.
    The Suju kingdom is a natural barrier to invasion of the Bantu people. By taking advantage its geographical position, the Belmaia kingdom has survived and thrived and peace has been maintained for the past 300 years after the decline of Paros Empire. But its military stagnation has undermined development of armed forces.
    In folktales, the Belmaia nobles are believed to be connected with the fire disaster in Grand Flores.
    The Heaven City firstly appeared in Paroman and later was transferred to the West Coast.
    Now the kingdom of De Jones has occupied Belmaia.

    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 30
    Origin: Belmaia (Queen)
    She is the Queen of Belmaia. Her full name is Skady Balore Marr.
    Born in a wealthy non-royal merchant family, she claimed her noble status by marrying to the Prince of Belmaia.
    After her sick husband came to the throne, Skady has been the one who reigns. Following the death of her husband, Skady was enthroned and has been known as Queen Skady.
    Still not quite comfortable with her queen status, Skady will take a trip around the Belmaia kingdom. That’s why she is often spotted out.

    Skady's Escort (Organization)
    It's Sandlin, Speaker of Parliament who proposed to set up an escort team to protect Queen Skady.
    Only the bravest and most skilled in Belmaia will be enlisted. This military fleet is assembled to escort and protect Queen Skady.
    But Queen Skady does not know the existence of such an organization, which makes it extremely hard for each security escort team member to carry out their mandates.
    Security escort team members will wear least attractive tailor-made clothes because of their secret missions.

    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Origin: Belmaia (a famed ironsmith)
    Spotlight is shed upon his rapid rise to fame as an ironsmith. People will call him Ironsmith Expert or a Forging Master out of respect.
    Siv has a long track record of involvement with making equipment for Myre. Now he’s fully occupied with the fun of digging up ancient treasure and weapon.

    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Origin: Belmaia (a bard)
    She’s grabbed every Belmaia citizen's attention because of her sing talents as a bard.
    Instead of being concerned about issues like combat or territory expansion, she is staying focused on her singing career and touring around the world to perform her songs. Her music is full of love and passion.
    She is beautiful. Being as popular as this singing sensation is, it still can’t be explained why people will look perplexed after listening to her songs.

    The Clergy Order (Organization)
    Headquartered in Lemidia Basilica sanctuary, Belmaia, the Clergy Order is an organization to select and train qualified clergy.
    Even though Ozma was defeated, his blood suckers, the Disguiser army, were still wrecking havoc on this continent. The Clergy Order was founded to train qualified clergy to dispatch these blood suckers.
    In recent years, as there are signs of time reversing appearing in Belmaia, it's brought into focus that Ozma will take a time trip back to the past and get revived in Arad hundred years ago. So the Clergy Order has ordered its clergy around the world to get amassed in Belmaia.

    Lemidia Basilica (Building)
    It is a sanctuary located in Belmaia and has been transformed into the clergy training academy led by Michial in order to wipe out
    Trainee clergy will be receiving rigid training here to learn how to wield giant weapons (Heavy Strike) and wave their fists (Divine Hit) to bring down their opponents.

    Hendon Myre (City)
    Belmaia is a country with a long history of magic culture. Hendon Myre is its capital city.
    Legend has it that the Archmage, Hendon Myre made use of a Magic Matrix to build this city in the desert.
    As a paradise for magic enthusiasts, all magic research endeavors will be awarded in Hendon Myre. Myriads of magic apparatus built here have been appeal to merchants and scholars around the world.
    It is Myre’s will that all the buildings in the city must be whitewashed.

    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: Unknown
    Origin: Belmaia (Arch Mage)
    The arch mage created a huge magic matrix and successfully changed this desert area into a comfortable living environment.
    Human are learning magic from Spirits. However even Spirits are blown away by Myre’s versatile magic casting talents.
    According to history, Myre is obsessed with the color white.
    In his old age, he has authored a book called Anti Enbi to keep track of all the research he has done for his entire life time.

    Hendon Myre Alchemist Community (Organization)
    It is funded by government. As alchemy has been all the rage in recent days, it is necessary to set up a medium-sized research group and make strenuous efforts for profound study of alchemy.
    In Hendon Mrye, different schools of magic enjoy rapid development. But Alchemy has been always alienated from mainstream research. It never occurred to people that a small alchemy research group would receive government funds some day.
    Actually, this research group must report each of their research achievements to the Kingdom of De Jones. It is because this kingdom is currently taking control of Belmaia.
    That’s the truth behind this research group being funded by government.

    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 50
    Origin: Belmaia (Chairman of Hendon Myre Alchemist Community)

    He is the Chairman of Hendon Myre Alchemist Community
    Being the driving force behind alchemy innovation development, he has a strong faith in the superiority of science over magic, which sometimes makes him a stubborn man. He does not get well along with mages.
    He used to be a member of alchemy community in the Kingdom of De Jones. As his research was restricted, he left and came to Hendon Myre where enough freedom was given to allow him pursue his own research goals. He founded Hendon Myre Alchemist Community.
    However, the fact that his alchemy community has been kept under surveillance makes him feel outrageous and frustrated.

    West Coast (City)
    It's a prosperous port city adjacent to Hendon Myre.
    It's a beautiful seaside city and an entry to the Heaven City.
    Sharan the Chairman of Magic Guild, the magnate Roger Levine and Kagon are living here.

    Northmyre (City)
    Northmyre is a prosperous commercial city located in the north of Hendon Myre.
    Following the break out of the same widespread plague as the one swept through Novebella, a Dark Spirit’s city, all Northmyre residents were infected and killed in a month.
    A Belmaia investigation team was sent here to reveal the truth about the plague. But only very few of them came back alive.
    According to these survivors, Northmyre has been under control of Manic Robbers that used mysterious skill. Even though the plague has claimed lives of everyone in Northmyre, victim’s bodies could not be found.

    Suju (Kingdom)
    Its capital city is Shonan where King Heonan is reigning.
    Although not an equivalent to Paros Empire, Suju has created a splendid civilization for its 2000 years history.
    Situated in the northwest of Arad continent, every Suju people are shrewd and insightful. Their clothes, language and culture bear great difference from any other countries.
    Suju people have huge body size. They are not tall and strong but can move very quickly. There are many among them having good mastery of Nian.
    Suju people are tame and pretty satisfied with their narrow territory. Qigong Masters will assemble once the country is thrown into the chaos of an all –out war. They will make use of caves or valleys to resist enemies and grab victory.
    There are a bunch of Qigong clubs managed by young Qigong Masters in the suburb. Prices for many famous swords are slashed in market here.
    In this country, everyone has a martial spirit. Even an old man you come across in street will give you hard time when being pissed off.

    Suju Language (Language)
    This is a language only prevailing in the Suju region.
    Comparing to the standard language widely spoken on the Arad continent, Suju language was only used by people in Suju kingdom. As Suju culture getting spread across the continent, lots of words in Suju language have been added to the standard language lexicon. More people are becoming familiar with Suju language.
    Characters in Suju language are a form of ideogram while words in the standard language are written in an alphabetic writing system.
    Spoiler [​IMG]
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Origin: the Bantu people (Shaman)

    Her father belongs to the V•lk clan while her mother is a Cunic. Born in such a family, MINTI is a naive child.
    Although as young as she is, MINTI has been regarded as the best Shaman in Bantu region.
    She is the little sister of RABN, aka the Avalanche Guy.

    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Origin: the Bantu people (a soldier)
    He and many other Bantu soldiers are guarding along rugged Mount Thunderime ridge to defend their homeland.
    His high pitched scream will cause a terrifying avalanche. That’s why people will call him the Avalanche Guy.
    He is impatient with intruders but like other Bantu people will respect someone who secures victory over him in fights.

    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 44
    Origin: the Bantu people (ironsmith)

    He is an optimist and cares less about what other people think of him.
    He will forget everything when seeing a beauty.
    He is always holding a glass of Horse Milk Wine.
    Being a D•rus means he is deft with his hands. Rin has made a lot of weapon and farm tools for the Bantu people.
    His wife is Renardy and a V•lk. This couple does not have a kid.

    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 35
    Origin: the Bantu people (ironsmith)

    She is an extroverted and agreeable mid-aged woman and has good morals.
    She comes from the D•rus clan and are specialized in making armor.
    His husband and the eldest son Marino were killed by Ice Dragon Skasa. She cherishes a bitter hatred of Skasa in her mind. The young man Charlie who is also known as the Ice Heart is linked with her.
    Different from other Bantu people, she will put down her guard when facing an outsider.

    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Origin: the Bantu people (Vice Tribe Chief)

    As a vice tribe chief, he will give up everything to protect his Bantu people.
    He has a strong sense of responsibility and extraordinary leadership skills.
    He is only inferior to his brother Bwanga and looks up to him.
    Now Bwanga is away. He has been assuming a leadership role.

    Dark Spirits Realm (Country)
    It's a closed country built around Underf•t which is a cave linked to Alpheilia Tunnel. Its capital city is Andafu.
    This country is governed by Queen. Dark Spirit Elders will also exert influence in national affairs.
    This country adheres to a policy of isolation and is walled off from international exchanges. It retains its neutral status and never involves itself in territory expansion conflicts with other armed forces on the Arad continent.
    A plague broke out in Novebella and caused death of many Dark Spirits.
    IRIS, the fortune teller from Devildom and now living in the Dark Spirits Realm pointed out the Plague was brought by humans. Her accusation cause the relationship between Novebella and Northmyre deteriorated. The war is on the verge of breaking out.

    Dark Spirits (Race)
    They have black skin and glossy white hair. Proud and bellicose are all words that describe Dark Spirits traits.
    They are living in the Dark Spirits realm and seldom socialize with other races. Because they are the only race that possesses the ability to make spaceship by means of magic, there are many dark spirits dosing business around the continent.
    Every Dark Spirit is a hot temper, self-absorbed. These personality traits and formidable magic power they possess have undermined their reputation.
    Queen MEYA decided to seek friendly ties with Human countries by building Magic Guilds to help spread magic among Humans who lack proficiency in magic casting. Sharan, the Chairman of Hendon Magic Guild is a Dark Spirit Mage who has been sent to human country to help humans.
    Occasionally, there are Dark Spirits who leave their dungeon kingdom and live on the Arad continent.
    The least known Spirit race on Arad continent and Dark Spirits shares the same origin.

    Race: Dark Spirit
    Gender: Male
    Age: 29 (in human years)
    Origin: the Dark Spirits Realm (Queen's Herald)

    He is a herald and takes order from Queen.
    As a young male dark spirit, he always wears formal suits and adheres to etiquette.
    He was the one who volunteered to investigate into the cause of plague that swept through Novebella after IRIS blamed the plague on Humans and Spirit Elders persuaded Queen to wage a war. In order to avoid such a groundless speculation to put strain on diplomatic relation, KL•NTER went to Alpheilia where Belmaia Embassy set up a branch office and tried to find out the truth
    He and Sharan used to be employed by royal families and are close and trusted friends.
    His girlfriend is Lilies, a famous mean girl and his pet is a flying tiger named Lamina•Beantu.

    Race: Dark Spirit
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22 (in human years)
    Origin: the Dark Spirits Realm (Queen)
    She is Queen
    Although she is young, she has been a respected queen and best known for her calmness and insight.
    Dark Spirit Elders insist on declaring a war upon humans. But she has been standing firm in her proclamation that there she sees no cause for a war
    Keenly aware of her incompetence to convince Dark Spirit Elders of giving up their plan to wage a war, she sent KL•NTER to a human city to investigate into the cause of plague.

    Race: Dark Spirit
    Gender: Male
    Age: 63 (in human years)
    Origin: the Dark Spirits Realm (Dark Spirit Elder)
    He is the leader of Dark Spirit Elders
    After the plague broke out, he insisted on waging a war upon humans.
    He is such a stubborn person that he will finish what he wants to do. He is highly praised for his resolute and persistence and selected to lead Dark Spirit Elders.
    Like other dark spirits, he feels superior to Humans.

    Race: Dark Spirit, Zombie
    Gender: Male
    Age: 45 (In human years)
    Origin: the Dark Spirits Realm (alchemist)
    He is a royal alchemist in the Dark Spirits Realm
    His parents and siblings were dead in a plague that swept through Norie ferra. He was not infected because he lived in palace. Bitter hostility toward Humans occupied his mind. He went to Norie ferra trying to find out the cause of plague. But the plague prevailing there claimed his life.
    Because of hatred cherished in his mind, he became a vampire after death. People therefore call him MORGAN, the Wrath.

    Ep.5:The Dark Holy War [TDHW]
    Age Unknown
    Paros Empire (Mage)

    Once the great General of Paros Empire and the friend of Khazan
    When he hear Khazan betray the Empire, he been given order to catch him back...but during the battle between him and Khazan, both of them been catch by the Empire army.
    In the prison, he realize all things happen because the Noble class and the king fear the power of him and Khazan.
    After he know he lost his family, Ozma ask for the Death god, Ozma will exchange his soul for the power that able to Destory the world.
    Then the rest as we already know....
    But now, because Pandemonium get close to Arad, the space around arad become unstable, and the "Prison" where sealed Ozma also start to getting weaker, so now Ozma once again try to find a chance to back to arad and finish what he wasn't done.

    The Three Dark Knight
    They are the servant of death god, but death god send them to help Ozma.
    They were once fighting during the dark holy war... today, because Ozma may once again back to arad, so they also come to arad, ready for start the new dark holy war...

    The knight of Fear
    This is the one who make Grandis' brother become a Avenger.

    The knight of Desperation

    Knight of Destruction

    The Five Saints
    The Priests leader during The dark Holy war

    Micheal of the holy eye
    First Priest

    Base on legend, he will not effact by time, always stay in the form of 16 years old
    After the dark holy war, he disappear.
    Also, he is the one who develop the fighting style of Infighter : "ShinKi" (GodHit)

    Milan Rosenbach
    because his great healing and protection skill, his squad know as "Team of Immortal"

    Wolfgand Beonarr

    He was knew as "GodWind", his speed was the top of all Priests

    First Exorcist

    He was the first priest that come from XuZu. After he successfully defeat the Disguiser by Xuzu's Exorcism skill, the class "Exorcist" start to appear in Priest group.

    Shapiro Gracia

    Unlike other priest use great weapon, Paladin like to sue huge shield to protect their teammate, and they know few of the healing magic.
    During the end of dark holy war, Shapiro is the only one able to hold on the attack from Astaroth, and counter attack, make Astaroth have quit the battle field. This is the turning point of that battle.

    Extra: The only Avenger we know

    Nilbas Gracia
    35 year olds

    Once a Paladin, because the attack of Astaroth, he almost become a Disguiser, but he successfully overcome the curse and become a Avenger.
    Now Nilbas just travel around arad and search for Astaroth.

    Ep.6:Stuff about slayers [SBS]

    Unknown age
    The General of Paros Empire

    The Oni of destruction, Kazan the BladeSoul
    He was once the legendary General lived in Paros Empire, but he was been framed by the noble class for treason. All his families were executed, and himself been bannish from the Empire with his hand tendon were damaged.
    Later, his friend Ozma, who once the Powerful Mage in Paros Empire, but now the Oni of Chaos, found him. Ozma take away the rest of the life of Kazan, and make him the Oni of Destruction. But Kazan refuse to joined Ozma's plan for World Destruction. After that, Kazan just travel all around the arad as a Oni without a purpose.


    The princess of Bill Kingdom
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The Princess of Ancient Bill Kingdom, SaYa the Frost.
    She engaged with the prince of Saroum Kingdom, John. It would be a very nice marriage if the two kingdom won't have the strong tension.
    SaYa hope John can forget everything and just take her away, far away. But John couldn't leaved his duty and his people along. SaYa felt disappointed while angry with John for his decision.
    The tension between two Kingdoms were getting worse and worse, and finlly the war started.
    The war was end by Bill Kingdom army enter the palace of Saroum. In the palace, SaYa killed John by her own hand, then suicided.
    The sorrow of SaYa became a strong curse, make the palace of Saroum sink in the the ground. SaYa and John become Onis, stay in the palace and battle each other until the end of times.

    "Far away, I hear someone is calling me...
    Their sound came from under the chaos...
    Is the voice from my arm my friend or my enemy?"

    Khazan: "The BladeSoul will bless you for your power."
    Keiga: "Protect me from my enemies, create the hope of victory"
    Bremen: "The deepest eye will attract my enemies, weaken their mind and body."
    SaYa: "She makes your heart become icecold, and leads your enemies to her world"
    Rhasa: "The Ruler of all Diseases, the right arm of Diregie"
    Kalla: "Release your dark side, and obtain the power of Dark Flames"
    Blache: "Your desire will lead you to obtain everything..."


    The people who get the curse of Kazan usually will obtain KazanSyndrome.
    They don't look much different compare to normal people, but when they obtain strong emotion like sad or angry, they will lose control and attack everything in sight.

    "Dead"; unknown age
    First SoulBringer

    He is the one who discover the way to summon Oni and how to use them in battle. Since he can fully control the seven Oni, he is one of the few fearsome GhostKnight in arad. But he is been drag to the underworld by the Oni he control once he lose his power during battle.
    Spoiler [​IMG]
    36 years old
    Black Smith

    Long ago he is a very powerful swordman in De Jones Empire.
    He killed his friend who lose control during KhazanSumdrome, because this reason, he quit the De Jones army and move to Elvenguard. Now he is just a droken Black Smith who like to give advice to new adventurers.

    about 50 years old
    The master of GhostKnight Dojo in Hendon Myre
    There is not a lot we know about GSD, the only thing we know is there was something make him lose his eyes, and he is about 50 years, and he is one of the few powerful GhostKnight in arad.

    Ep.7:Investigation on Crying Cave(Screaming cave) [SCRMC]
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2016
  3. Blastu

    Dragon Tyrant Bakal, Learn the true motive behind Bakals reign [2SCRY4ME]
    Below is Dragon Tyrant Bakal, long piece of lore provided by neople, translated by kirov. Learn the true motive behind Bakals reign. Very good read.

    I am a special being.

    Of all the trash created by the space, space in which only coincidence exists, I am the most special. I was born a dragon, was a talented fighter, and had special skills. But this is not why I call myself special.

    I loathe all those who think they are not special. With even a mere fraction of a possibility, the birth of a single being can change the world, into a new one. But if he forgets his world, his world forgets him. That kind of world is worse than the trash which provides nutrients for grubs. I enjoyed ending those worlds. As cruelly and harshly as possible. That is not only a power empowered upon me by my world, but also the time when their world begins to have meaning.

    More and more powerful beings appeared, but it was useless. I was powerful. Of the dragonking which most creatures fear even the sight of, I was the strongest. Of course, it was only after I had noone to face and became the king of dragons that I learned that fact.

    Hooray for the Dragon Tyrant.

    Shut up.

    Hooray for the Dragon Tyrant.

    Today I killed a few dozen more subjects. Killed more than yesterday. I was not angry nor was I having fun. Nor was I in a bad mood. If I were to explain, I would say doing so makes me feel alive.

    But those who pretend to obey me now are waiting for me to grow old and weak. When the time comes, they will unite and revolt. Then they will divide my body and humilitate it and drag it around. For a few decades, too. What a beautiful end. Is this the reason I was born? To satisfy those who want to spit on my head?

    It was then that she appeared.
    Surprisingly, she gave off an aura like mine. She who looked like she would cry anytime, but has eyes that look like they know everything. She did not speak, but I knew at once that I must follow her. I knew at once. My future is where she goes. My special- my fate which can only be special exists only there.

    "Hilder" was her name.
    Unfortunately, she seemed to already know my name.
    I wanted to officially introduce myself...the name "Bakal"

    Part 2

    It was a fun place.

    There was no light in Pandemonium. It was an obvious thing. It was a mere fragment of a planet that drifts in space. But there were times when it would attach to a planet with a sun. In such occasions, a rift would open in time and light would seep into Pandemonium. The refracted light would divide into 7 colors and paint the sky. At times like this Pandemonium would become a place more beautiful than any other planet. That was the compensation for the planet where only shadow existed.

    When light would shine Pandemonium, I would fly freely. It is only fun when there is something to see.

    But light would not turn the scenery beautiful. Between collapsing buildings here and there, unknown corpses were rotting away. The blood on the walls were wills left by those corpses. Despite their attempts, the value of a life is not decided by how much blood you lost when you died. Blood is sadly not 7 colors. It is only red.

    Here and there various creatures would fight in groups. Why do they not know that living - no, dying like that - is not special. Struggling like that to become an unknown corpse.

    But I knew. They had one goal. They wished to become an "Apostle". Creatures gathered from the entire universe in Pandemonium all respected the apostles. The symbol of fear and reverence. And the name people started to call me: Apostle Bakal.

    The color that people see from me was also not 7 colors, but red.

    There were few others who were apostles like me. I focused on every one of them. I did not know how strong they were, but I felt the same aura from them as I did from Hilder - my aura. They probably felt the same from me.

    Even though they were apostles, I did not think too much of them. But one of them, I could not ignore. Every time I thought of him, I shuddered in fear. His power was unfathomable by my standards. I feared death for the first time in my life. His name was "Cain".

    Will I have to fight with the apostles in the future?

    Although I said "apostles", I repeatedly imagined myself fighting with Cain. And every time, the fight would end with my body in pieces.

    Pandemonium, there is something here. Hilder is going here and there, and gathering the "apostles". They all came here for similar reasons to me. Fateful pull. Yes. What is that. What is she trying to do.

    But I was not hasty. As long as I do not avoid fate, fate would not avoid me. Now was the time to wait.

    When the 7 colors would spread throughout Pandemonium once more, another being had climbed onto this planet. Would this being be another apostle, or another wimp who would rot in the back streets.

    Part 3

    It was just another day. I was peacefully flying the skies of Pandemonium.
    Even in the midst of the dark, I could see the new structures. It was all the work of that architect old man. Was it "Luke". He was an old man who could not speak. Building structures like mad, showed how a life form can become when it grows too old.

    Luke not only built more buildings, but also brought electricity back time to time. Of course, there were certain conditions
    "When Anton in Metro Center is asleep."
    "When Luke is not too tired to bring the electricity back."

    At the time when I was up high looking down at the city, the electricity came back briefly.

    "The scattered lights make the city look more desolate than it is now."

    The lights turned off. As I turned my head to go back, I discovered something. No, I think I discovered something.

    "The structures when the light came in, it did not seem natural...coincidence?"

    Since the lights came back not long ago, Luke would be in Metro Center. I flew at top speed.

    "Hey, dumb old man, can you return the power?"

    I yelled out as soon as I landed. But Luke just kept doing what he was doing.

    "I think I saw something. I just wanted to double-check."

    Luke did not even turn to me. He did not seem to hear me. I flung my body and landed with a loud thud in front of him. The sould bounced off the walls and metals, creating a loud noise. Metro Center shook as a whole. I pointed to the generator.

    "Uh, sorry to interrupt you, but can you return the power?"

    I did not care if he could hear me or not. I only wished my pressure and manners would be understood.

    Luke then stopped what he was doing, and looked up at me.
    This "looked" is only an assumption. With goggles that were not see-through, I could not know where his eyes were looking at. Only the fact that he was facing me was sure. He stared at me for some time, then seemed to mumble something with his hairy mouth.

    "Do you have anything you wish to tell me old man? Now that I think of it, those are structures you built."

    Luke took his head back to himself and thought for a moment, then walked away and flicked a few switches. Then the whirring sound of a motor was heard.

    After confirming that the motor was running, I flew back up back to where I saw the image. I flew around in the air while waiting for the power to return. Soon, the power came back in turn.

    Now I was able to see what I missed before.

    A dragon was dying in the midst of flames, crying out. The formation of the structures and light crudely composed the image, but the message was clear.

    "Bakal, look closely. This is your death."

    I felt a shiver run down my spine. There was no evidence that this was me. It was only a dragon. But I was the only dragon in Pandemonium, and as far as I knew, I was the only dragon Luke knew. I am the dragon king, after all.

    That wasn't it. Around that image, there were three more images. Each portrayed death.

    One portrayed a vague-looking figure dying in a cave.
    Another portrayed a multi-legged being dying in collapsing stones.
    The last portrayed a dog-like figure being sucked up into a space rift, body torn to pieces.

    I knew who they were

    "The deaths of the apostles...is the old man a prophet? He is just madly crazy."

    But I was the one who became crazy. I saw hundreds of Luke's faces pop up in the sky as if to talk to me.

    "You wanted it, I showed you...but can you bear it?"

    Perhaps this was a warning and not a prophecy. That this is why Hilder is gathering the apostles here.

    I thought of talking to Luke, but quit. Being "dumb" was a perfect excuse to show anything and get away with it. That might mean he is pretending to be dumb.

    So I could only find everything by myself.
    Part 4

    First I had to know about Pandemonium.

    For a long time, I searched the ancient library and other places where there might be sources. I then organized the legends the Pandemonians told.

    I would fly up to see if Luke had drawn another picture every time he restored power. I was able to see every single image he drew, and a few others he had drawn previously.

    Luke's pictures all depicted 7 more apostles - and presumed apostles - dying. There were those I did not know of. Are they those who did not come to Pandemonium yet? But Hilder's ventures to look for more apostles ended long ago.
    And Hilder and Cain's deaths were not shown yet. Perhaps they will not die? Or are their futures unsure?

    A few decades passed. Lukes progress was slow.

    I was looking down at the latest image drawn by Luke. But this one was different.

    "So this is the last..."

    I thought that because it was no longer portraying deaths. Underneath, I saw a male and a female looking over a bountiful looking world. Although it was not sure who the two were, seeing as Luke did not portray Hilder and Cain's deaths, I presumed it to be them. But I smiled lightly, for I had expected this.

    Yes, this was what hilder was planning. The recreation of Pandemonium. She was planning the "recreation of fallen Pandemonium" which appeared in so many legends and documents. Then, the ingredients are the deaths of the apostles and a universe.

    The ancient documents of Pandemonium talk of a "Neo-Genesis". Most records are lost, but the following phrases are passed down.

    -We declare that sacrifice is hallowed, and we will not bring death upon ourselves
    -Only a blade hone by suffering will pierce our hearts and bring return to the great will
    -This is true sacrifice, and destruction means creation, thus from where our presence reaches and us shall come the creation of those who bring our glory

    The historians of Pandemonium defined this "us" as the "gods who created Pandemonium". Thus the sacrifice of these gods will bring the recreation of Pandemonium...would be the translation.

    But Hilder is seeing the "gods" and "apostles" as the same. So by the sacrifice of the apostles, save for the pair who will lead the new universe, her and Cain, she believes that friggin Pandemonium will be revived!

    I felt something surge up from inside me. Yes. I met fate at last. I was not concerned with the end of the world or the deaths of the apostles. In fact, if it wasn't about me dying, I would not have cared altogether. But it was something else that was shaking me. Cain, the 1st apostle, Cain the Invincible, Cain the Absolute. Shit, even in Hilder's plans he does not die. He will stand on the land created from my death and live forever as a god of the new universe!


    My laughter became more crazy, but my mind became more clear.

    "Ahahahahahaha. If I succeed in thwarting Hilder's plans, then this universe will be spared an many lives will be saved. The Dragon Tyrant becomes a "Saviour"!! HAH!!"

    The laughter which seemed to consume me turned into a calm smile.

    "Yesss, now it does not seem like a normal fate."

    Part 5

    "Trying to dominate Pandemonium alone by taking over the Life Water, we cannot let you do that Bakal."

    "Dominate Pandemonium...so thats the reason so many reinforcements are...here? Sounds like it, Hilder. And sounds like something a Dragon Tyrant would do."

    "Even though it was you, did you think you can face everyone here. This is unlike you."

    "Yes, I wasn't planning on fighting everyone. Well, isn't it that you made them apostles your side before I could? If I achieved in obtaining the Life Water, something more fun would've happened. But I am touched by how fast you reacted when I had done so little so far, Hilder."

    "Let's not waste our strengths and just surrender. When Pandemonium collides into another planet, we will release you there. If you wish, we can return you to the dragon planet you come from. If you stay under custody in peace, that is."

    "You will not leave this place, where Pandemonium has attached to. Is it not, Hilder? It is not moving for decades now..Is this not the place fit for your plans, Hilder?...Don't try to fool me."

    Bakal was trying to sound calm, but the situation was bad. He was surrounded by Hilder and her mages, and the apostles, too. The air was blocked by Hilder's magic circle.

    "Are the dragon-men that I created all dead? They could not have faced apostles anyways. How sad..."

    Bakal brought up the image of the dragon dying in flames. As he thought of dying like this, another thought passed his head.

    "One thing...you tell me to surrender...but this catches my mind. You could've killed me but did not."
    "I might have some mercy left in me."

    "We will not bring death upon ourselves...we will not bring death upon ourselves...we will not..."

    Bakal did not miss Hilder frowning at his mumbling. He looked around at those surrounding him, and shouted.

    "Of course not. The one who could ruin your grand plans, you must kill him when you can."

    Something happened suddenly. Even before finishing his sentence, Bakal leaped up, and with one big flap of his wings, fled at top speed towards Cain. Of the walls surrounding Bakal, only at Cain's side, Cain was alone. It was obvious. He was the Absolute Cain!

    Cain faced Bakal flying at him and raised his right hand, gathering energy in it. The ground shook, and light objects around him could not bear the energy and whirled around him. The weaker beings could not bear the pressure and fainted all at once. Meanwhile, Bakal's whistling sound was turning into a kihop. Before Bakal collapsed into Cain, as Cain was about to swing his arm, Cain frowned, and stopped. Then he instantly looked at Bakal and quickly dodged to the side. That opened a route for Bakal, and he fled just like that.

    All were dazed at what happened in that short instant, unable to react. They all were just looking at where Bakal fled, at Cain, and at Hilder. Even Cain was looking at his right hand, turning it back and forth, as if he could not understand his own actions.

    "Shall I follow, Hilder?"

    It was Isis-Pray. Of the gathered, he was the only one who could fly.

    Hilder observed the direction Bakal ran, and opened her mouth.

    "No need, Pray. At that speed, not even you could catch up. And there is nowhere in Pandemonium for him to be in anymore, so he will flee out. But his endless greed will destroy him one day. We will retreat for today..."

    Hilder looked as if she was crying on this day too, but she probably was happy at least at this moment.
    The first button of her grand plans was well fitting

    Part 6

    "Dumb old man. You know, the images you showed me..."

    Luke was working, not caring for what Bakal said. But Bakal continued.

    "I was trying to get something from Hilder. But if it fails, will I die? Me dying in flames isn't Pandemonium, is it? That isn't cool at all."

    My large body was sitting on top of a collapsing wall. It was possible that one might turn his head at the fear of the wall falling down, but Luke just kept hammering.

    "The apostles would not believe me no matter what I say. They only care about gloating about themselves...all like me. Haha."

    Luke was just going back and forth, carrying bricks. I suddenly jumped down and blocked Luke. The booming sound flew everywhere with the sand.

    "Hey old man, you may be dumb, but not deaf. So how about it?"

    Luke looked at me for a bit, then tried to bypass me. I spread out my arms, stopping him actively.

    "If you told me about all these things, then help me out a little. I need somewhere to run. But this floating piece of rock can be only controlled by Hilder. So where can I go?"

    Luke turned his head and looked far away. As if looking at faraway scenery.

    "Old man...cheaply avoiding my gaze. Or is he really deaf?"

    My two eyes slowly turned to where he was looking. But a faint light shone there, and there seemed to be a tower that wasn't normally there. What is that?

    I immediately flew towards that tower. The tower reached up infinitely, and pierced the skies of Pandemonium. Is it connected to another world! The tower had a mechanism that, if not shone from the proper angle, it could not be seen at all. The sly old man, making a route to come in and out and hiding the fact.

    I returned to Luke. He was silently continuing his work.

    "Haha. Now I know you are with me. Making something like this in secret. I don't know where that leads to, but it sure can't be worse than here."

    This was a new feeling. To know someone was with me.

    "To feel strong just by knowing a dumb old man is with me. Hehe. Now that I see it, the times when I fought young and alone, and the times when I was king, there was noone with me any time. I'm suddenly thankful. So are we friends, old man?"

    I raised my arms and embraced Luke's shoulders. Luke's head was half the size of my palms. Since me and him were greatly differing in size, it might've seen like I was bowing down to him. I stared down for a while and spoke.

    "But you know, I was thinking..."

    I secretly filled my smile with sharpness.

    "What if you are not a prophet, and just doing as Hilder is ordering you to? I mean, it might seem like you were prophesizing all along, but it was all part of Hilder's script to make me act as I did?"

    Luke did not move. I observed this reaction and laughed.

    "If that is true, then I hope you helping me flee is also part of that script. If i survive, who knows. The future is not decided, no? If not, I could still put anything at stake to not die in flames in this desolate Pandemonium. Kekeke..."

    Part 7

    The tower was truly a path to another world, and was connected to Empyrean of the planet Arad. The art of making a path between space-time was probably only possible by Luke. Bakal saw several dead bodies floating around as he passed through the tower. Perhaps tests of the function. Bakal decided to name that tower, "The Castle of the Dead".

    Even though he barely ran away into Empyrean, he no longer needed to run. Noone there was able to face him. He instantly became the ruler of Empyrean. As long as Luke did not tell any others of the existence of the path, his rule was absolute.

    Bakal instantly understood the structure of this place. The large Arad continent on the bottom, Pandemonium stuck upside down on top. Pandemonium was stuck on this planet for decades, unmoving. Luke even constructed a tower connecting the two planets. This was the planet Hilder was planning to sacrifice. Thus Bakal's duty was clear.

    He could not let everything pass as Hilder planned. Hilder's final objective was the Arad continent. So all he needed to do was cut the path in the middle, Empyrean. So all he needed to do was seal the Castle of the Dead so noone could pass.

    There was another thing he had to do. Eliminate magic from Empyrean. So when Hilder comes to Empyrean, he could sense her powerful magic.

    But Bakal's reason was somewhere else.

    "Hilder wishes for the apostles' deaths...But like Cain could not kill me, neithor could she. Not like she is that powerful."

    "'Only a blade hone by suffering will pierce our hearts and bring return to the great will'...So Hilder is planning to train these weak beings so that they can defeat the apostles one day? Even if it was possible, it would take centuries, or even millennia...?"

    Then a thought passed Bakal's head.

    "Her letting me rule Empyrean also might be her plan. Give them suffering called Bakal. Yes. This Bakal is definitely an unbearable suffering...I would be playing in her hands like this..."

    "Then things must not go as she wishes. I must make a factor to change her plans in the middle. A large, grand plan like this is bound to fall because of a small factor."

    Bakal flew up into the sky with a loud bellow.

    "Weaklings. I shall bring you a suffering you have never imagined before, so grow strong. If you have potential and pride, then it may be possible. But it must exceed Hilder's expectations. Only then can we create an outer factor in her plans. I will believe in you more than she does. I shall draw the day that you eventually defeat Cain and Hilder!! But, it cannot be done by relying on one power like magic. Another power is needed. You must find this power on your own...!!!"

    And magic was banned from Empyrean from this point on
    And the 500 years of Dark Ages of Empyrean started
    Part 8

    Meister Teneb was in deep thought.

    Meister Eldirh..who is she. How could she use magic! Is she even Empyrean? Then her many ideas might not be of this world, damn it. What...what is it!!

    Eldirh was always the best. Of the 7 Meisters, noone could follow her. Every time research fell into a slump, she would bring up a revolutionary idea. If she did not exist, then the Gaebolg project would not succeed. Teneb also wondered where her genius came from. Every time he asked, she answered, "Meditation." Teneb just passed this by asking her if she can tell him how to meditate like that, but he did not believe it. Her ideas were, not sudden ideas, but rather technology of the future.

    To be honest, Teneb blamed himself for doubting her all along. Her talents were bringing not only jealousy, respect, but also some kind of love..And so he always felt guilt towards his lover, Jenne, and always consoled himself by thinking Eldirh's talents are fake. He decided that he should end this mix-up quick.

    So he decided to find out her identity. So he carefully attached a few micro robots onto her. But he did not expect to discover something this incredible. Magic!!

    Teneb left the lab and walked aimlessly. He lit his cigarette. He had not smoken for 10 years.

    "Haa...Funny the outside air I breath in so many months should be nicotine smoke."

    'Why so fussy? Smoking stimulates chemicals in the brain and helps think of creative ideas.'

    'Why do we have to reduce our lives for your creative ideas?'

    He thought of Meister Lati and Volgan's petty fights, and let out a small laugh. It was then.

    "No need to worry. She is not from this world."

    A pressing voice, a large shadow, Teneb was struck with fear before he turned around.

    "Wha...what are you?"

    The shadow slowly walked towards him and spoke.

    "Why can she use magic, why does she know what i do not, why do I love her."

    Teneb was somewhat consoled. If it was an assassin, he would be already dead. But a doubt replaced that fear. How does he know about me? And I never told about Eldirh to others.

    "Did you ever see the mirage of an upside-down city?"


    "A long time ago, a splendid scientific culture was blooming on a planet called Pandemonium. But when it blew up, a city fell off and floated in space for a long time. It then became a ring for creatures who climbed up from here and there. Thats how Terra came to be called Pandemonium. That Pandemonium has been attached to the planet of Arad for a few hundred years now. Upside down."

    Every Emprean knew the legends of Pandemonium. Of course, the mirage of an upside down city was never confirmed to be Pandemonium...Why is this brute lecturing me about this now..perhaps?

    "What you are saying is, that Eldirh is a Pandemonian, and is delivering the technology of the old Terra planet?"

    "Seems like you can't be called leader of the 7 Meisters for no reason. Think of her name."


    The legends of the apostles were famous even in Empyrean. The Dragon Wars there brought the defeat of Bakal, in the hands of the apostles. Of course, it is because of that that Bakal came down to Empyrean, causing many to blame the apostles. But many more were hoping for them to come down and defeat Bakal for them. It was a faith in all Empyrean's hearts, and a religion. Of course, the 7 Meisters and other new mechanics believed in science more than religion.

    "Apostle...why does she help us if she is one?"

    The aid of an apostle is a blessing and a surprise, but he did not know the reason behind it.

    "So you can defeat me before you grow too strong."

    He looked up at the bulk. Yes. It was Bakal.

    "I was stupid. You are Bakal. If you want to kill me, kill me clean. Why talk so much? Don't waste your time trying to find out where the others are."

    Teneb gloated, but he knew it was useless. If he knew about his whereabouts, then he knew about the others, and the Gaebolg project too. Damn!!!And they were so close!!

    "Wait a bit. You will die, but not now."

    "I will not hea..."

    "Stop the Gaebolg Project."


    Teneb laughed. To think that Bakal was this mad? While laughing, the thought of talking with Bakal like this made him laugh louder. But he could not let everything pass. Something was afoot. If he knew about me, about the project, why come and talk instead of just killing?

    "If that Gaebolg is complete,"

    At Bakal's pressing voice, Teneb stopped laughing. Bakal continued.

    "...I just might die. But I cannot die like that. Your kind did not become strong enough yet. Even you 7 Meisters are not that strong yet. Gaebolg is not your creation. It is the fruit of ancient Terra technology. You cannot stop the destruction of this planet like this..."

    "Destruction? What madness is this."

    But Bakal wasn't spitting bullshit. Eldirh suggested Gaebolg, and Eldirh removed all obstacles every time they were stumped. Yes, it is Eldirh's success. If Eldirh is Hilder...

    "If not now, when will you kill me?"

    "When you are ready to pass on your fruits to the next generation."

    "To the next generation? What meaning..."

    Teneb tried to reply, but realized that that had a big meaning. Bakal could destroy all documents and achievements if he wished to. But why pass on?

    "Then you will let the future generations absorb our achievements and make their own achievements? Even though something to kill you other than Gaebolg might appear?"

    "That is what I ultimately wish. Although that will take a long time..."

    "What do you want, Bakal."

    "Now are you ready to listen?"

    Bakal calmly told his stories of what happened, he saw and heard, all that time. The dragon planet, meeting with Hilder, Pandemonium, apostles, Luke's prophecy, and Hilder's plans and his.

    Teneb listened silently. When Bakal finished talking, he spoke.

    "The only evidence for this is the fact that Eldirh can use magic. I doubt it matters whether I believe you or not. You will disband the Gaebolg Project whatsoever, am I correct?"

    "Exactly. Why I am talking to you like this, is to give you a chance to pass on your achievements. If you refuse, you and all your research will be destroyed, and I have to wait for others to appear. There were people like you about a hundred years ago. Sadly they refused my offer and they all died without a trace. Your achievements are too good, so its a bit of a shame, but your kind has grown that much, so I think I only have to wait a few decades this time. Not a big loss."

    Part 8 continued

    Teneb knew he had no choice. So then...

    "Alright, but I have two conditions."

    "I'm listening."

    "I can die, but let the others live. They will plan future deeds, no?"

    "That cannot be. Your group has to die gloriously so you will be left in legendary stories and inspire future generations. We need a tragic act for this."

    "Then, let only Curio live. He is the perfect one to pass on our achievements."

    "I offered it, so I accept that. But if he is to survive and gather your research, you won't need much time to live. And the next?"

    "Jenne...she has my child...not much time is left, can't you let it live?"

    "Humans are strange creatures. What point is the survival of your child if you die? I cannot understand."

    "How about this then. If you suddenly kill the Meisters one day and disband the Gaebolg project, then people will fear your information powers and won't dare do anything against you. So I will play the traitor. It was near success, but my betrayal brought failure...then future people will plan things fearlessly."

    "Thoughtful thinking. I shall let your child live. Anything more?"

    Why wouldn't there be. Stop giving us pain and vanish, Bakal!

    "Your mind might be in shambles, but organize it quickly. I will give you 3 days."

    Bakal flew up high, and even though he was not visible anymore, Teneb stared up. In his mouth was a nearly burnt out cigarette, lonely as he was.

    Bakal kept his promise.

    Meister Teneb created evidence to make things look like he was a traitor, and he vanished to somewhere and suicided.
    Meister Volgan fought using the incomplete Gaebolg, and both were vanquished in the end.
    Meister Lati was weary from smoking and overworking, and could not stand the shock from watching Gaebolg being destroyed, spewed blood, and died.
    Meister Curio barely escaped with his life, gathered the remains of Gaebolg and sealed it in another dimension, and organized all their research for future generations to see.
    Meister Jenne, when knowing the Gaebolg Project failed, gave early birth due to shock, and while in recovery, she found out her lover, Teneb was the traitor, and suicided, giving her child to Meister Audruiz.
    Meister Audruiz helped Curio after the failure, and vanished one day with Jenne's child.
    Meister Eldirh was not seen since 2 days before Bakal's attack

    Part 9

    500 years from now, Empyrean

    Machine Revolution.
    The people who followed the will of the 7 Meisters developed their achievements over time, and gained enough power to fight back. One day, the Empyreans combined their power and attacked Bakal's army at once, and all cities in Empyrean were burning, screams ripping the sky.

    Bakal was watching the burning city from his palace balcony. But unfitting with his calm face, he heard exploding sounds here and there.

    "Is it...time."

    He spoke without turning back.

    "You came earlier than I thought, Hilder."

    It was then that a woman showed herself from behind.

    "You blocked my path for so long. But no more, Bakal."

    Hilder stood next to Bakal, looking at the burning city.

    "Is it not too early? There is noone who can face me yet. You don't think they will see the end of me with those puny machines?"

    "Of course not."

    Hilder paused for a bit, then continued.

    "How about people from the future."

    "Hehehe...future...you seem impatient, Hilder."

    Bakal turned to face Hilder.

    "Are they special enough to face me?"

    Hilder looked at Bakal's eyes for a bit, then spoke.


    Bakal's eye's glinted, then a black aura sprouted from all around him. Bakal's bellow shook the land. Hilder looked at the dropping wine glass from his hand expressionlessly. Bakal's shadow grew bigger and bigger, and covered the whole area in black.

    "Not even the apostles can deal with me..."

    Bakal turned into a large dragon and looked down at Hilder.

    "Then who is there that can face me!"

    Hilder looked up at the laughing dragon with grandeur enough to cover the lands. No, in fact, there was a slight grin on her mouth, but it was that Bakal missed it.

    Part 10

    Bakal's castle was burning here and there. Bakal was facing a group of people. He was injured and bleeding in various wounds. Behind the group of people, a rift in time was slowly closing.

    "You are not all Empyreans. Then let me guess. Are you the people from the future? Tell me, from how long after do you come from."

    "Yes, we are. We come from 500 years ahead."

    "500 years...I have to wait 500 more years...then did you defeat my three dragons?"

    "We even defeated apostles transferred to Arad. Your sloppy dragons are no match for us."

    "Congratulations. You passed the basic test. But the stupid apostles died in unfitting areas, playing in Hilder's hands? Let me guess. Siroco, Lotus, and Direzie...no?"

    "How do you know of future events?"

    "Hehe...the order is decided by fate. Whether purposely in that order, I do not know. But Humans, Empyreans, Pandemonians, and even Dark Elves. Hilder gathered all that seemed to have potential."

    "We did not come here to talk, so let's fight. In history, we learned that the Empyreans killed you through the Machine Revolution, but we are here to lighten their shoulders a bit. Unfortunate you should be bleeding, but no mercy to the evil!"

    "Kekekeke...you learned that the Empyreans killed me? With these machines? Sadly they might weaken me, but cannot kill me yet. Although facing all them at once did weaken me a lot. She took this chance to send you here. Good plan, Hilder. Now, let me teach you a real history lesson. If I die today, then it has been so in your past, too. Therefore, you killed me, not the Empyreans. And that did not change."


    "Now you seem to understand. In order for your kind to become strong enough, 500 years. Hilder did not want me to hinder her plans for another 500 years, unknowing what might happen, so she is killing me today. Although even though you did not come here from the future, I was planning on going down to the continent. Ah, so that is why she was hasty. So, Hilder can control space-time as she wishes. Sending you back to the right time."

    Flames were everywhere. Yes, Luke foresaw that I would die in flames. Is that now. I still have things to do.

    "Hearing your words, perhaps I just might die today. Now is the perfect chance. It is unfortunate to just die like this and be unable to test your true strength..."

    Bakal felt his heart beat. The fruits of his efforts are right in front of him! He carefully looked at each one. What has my efforts done to them? Or are these mere puppets of Hilder.

    "Will your strengths be as Hilder thinks, or not. While I hindered her plans for another 500 years, did your kind grow stronger or were unchanging. In a well planned game like this, a small difference is everything."

    Bakal's eye flashed, and he flapped his wings. The sight brought terror to the adventurers' minds. They all took a step back unvoluntarily.

    "Ah, there is another factor. Even though I am weakened, will you be able to kill me? I might die today, but it might not be you, but others who also come from the future after you."

    The dragon opened his mouth, and a fireball started to form
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    NONE of these are real lore, these are just some pretty funny stuff i found while searching for lore 2 years ago(now 4 i guess?)

    I know i said i wouldn't post troll stuff here but, i decided to have one post for this just for shits n giggles

    The Sercet Of Dairy Bakarl But Now We Found It OK?
    By: BlackJeda on fanfic.

    Nerds on youtube reading it, pretty funny
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    bunched up stuff that i still have to fix
    dark knights
    The boy…
    was infected by Kazan and banished from his town after being disowned by his parents. He wanders around and is found and imprisoned by the Imperial Guards.
    The princess (the loli) stimulates the boy’s mind and accelerates the infection until the boy goes berserk.
    The boy is selected as a test subject for the Transfer Test and is sent to Vilmark (Top Secret Area). The test subjects, the guards, and even Iris fears the disgusting kid in the final stages of the infection.
    The Transfer Test fails and the boy accidentally slips into the Time Gate and goes through many challenges and is freed from the Kazan infection.
    The boy wanders around the Time Gate in search for any adventurer in a similar situation as him.
    The boy [now a Dark Knight] sees the end of time and uses most of his power [Lv80 -> Lv1] to break out of the Time Gate and return to Arad in an attempt to prevent the horrible future.

    Alright basically, The Dark knights is a boy who had Kazan infection/syndrome and was kicked out of his house for having it, He was found by some guards and sent to prison. He is then sent to Vilmark to do the transfer test but it fails and he slips into the time gate, lots of stuff happens to him and his infection goes away, in the time gate he finds creators and while in the time gate he seens the end of arad(Cataclysm)so he uses his ability, time break and tries to stop it, but in doing so he becomes weak and has to train again to be able to stop it.

    All my limits have disappeared after I was released from Kazan…
    But the released darkness only grows stronger.
    The Dark Knight is a Ghost Knight that has been released from Kazan with the power he gained from the Time Gate.
    The Dark Knight can release all the power that was sealed by Kazan and can even use skills that did not exist.
    He can even still communicate with ghosts and borrow their strengths. His previously red arms are blackened and he can use those arms to absorb nearby ghostly energies and exert supernatural powers that exceeds the limits of Ghost Knights.
    The Dark Knight has a unique ability called ‘Time Break’ that can stop the current time and move onto a different time line.
    With this, the Dark Knight is not limited by any position and can freely use his abilities.

    In the beginning the world was chaotic, void, and nothing but pitch black submerged into itself
    Among them only the Great Will merges upon the surface of nothingness.
    As the Great Will raises his head and calls his own name, a primal light was born from it
    His power spreads all over the world, that’s [what we call] the root of the creation.
    As the Great Will creates the world, the wicked, dark side [of him] breaks apart [from him], wandering unending universe.

    After eternity one world and the humans of the land got extremely high wisdom
    Their civilization called Terra was capable of creating body with a breathe of life, rivaling the power of god.
    One day, a sage who studied all knowledge said
    ‘My brothers, can you feel that powerful force wandering in the universe
    We shall harness that force into our creation, give it strength, and make our civilization even wealthier.’

    Soon, all the human of that land came to agreement with the sage, creating the 12 creations
    And succeed on harnessing certain forces that were wandering in the void on their 12 creations
    Indeed, from their [the 12 creations] body flows dignity, from their mouth flows wisdom of god.
    Thus, the Humans rejoiced and worshiped the god that they created.

    However, the 12 gods were one of the sides of the wicked, dark force from the beginning
    Soon they sensed an identity of their kind from deep part of the Terra, and say with one mouth.
    ‘We shall liberate the imprisoned power on this land to fill up [our number] to 13.’
    Soon, as the 12 gods give revelation to sage in one voice
    The sage begins a war against king, filling whole land with brimstone and crimson sky.

    To rectify the world, the Great Will itself looked at all 12 gods and said
    ‘Look, as they gain shape and become a thinking entity, they seek vile corruption
    It’s righteous of them to abandon their bound shape and will and return to the primal light.’
    Thus the 12 gods stood against [the Great Will]
    Terra’s sky and earth extinct, and the life of body which the 12 gods stayed on went out
    Scattering the force of the 12 wanderers all over the universe in search of a body to stay in
    And finally, yet again, the 12 found comfortable places to stay, take place, and gather around in one place.

    [The Great Will], who could not overcome the strength of the 12, got hurt badly and trapped himself in the other side of the world
    And staying in various places in wounded shapes
    Thus no one recognized its true form.
    Among all, Nemer, the one who received the primal wisdom opens its mouth and says
    ‘The origin of everything, the master of heaven and earth crumbles, and thousands of the orders of the universe collapse. How could I not worry about this
    I shall raise my hand and make its name prosperous.’

    Thus the Great Will regains its true shape, travelling all over the universe, combining scattered shapes into one
    The universe that was divided for a countless amount of time combines, with [the Great Will's] power growing while doing so.
    Consequently, fulfilled energy bursts out, splitting and tearing the universe once again, sweeping throughout the whole world.
    The 6 remains, and when all shapes are combined [into one]
    The universe will go as the providence of Kaloso, the Great Will.

    Thanks to Branzilla for this
    Nicholas and his sister, who were dead before the Great Metastasis(Cataclysm), were revived due to the weird-ass shit that the Metastasis caused and are now fighting over who is going to lead the Kingdom of the Spiders. It's apparently causing a great deal of havoc, so you're supposed to pick a side to end the fighting quickly before more damage can be done. I think you're spawned inside the dungeon on a random side, though, so you don't actually get to pick who you support lol. Depending on the side of the dungeon you get placed on, either Nicholas' sister or Nicholas will go through the dungeon with you. Whoever you get spawned with decides who the boss of the dungeon is. If Nicholas is your ally, his sister is the boss. If his sister is your ally, Nicholas is the boss.
    weird-ass shit indeed
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    Last one just in case i need lots of space for all the new stuff
  7. Space Fish Fishstick Van Platin

    Gonna take you a damn long time to clean up all that dated info.
    Organization's gonna be a bitch too. It was kind of a mess even in its original state back on DFO Core.

    If you end up needing this post gone for extra space, lemme know.
  8. Blastu

    Oh hey, i was looking for that link, thanks mate

    Yeah ill have to figure something else out, the format wasn't very tidy to say the least. I've already started on the rough draft for what happenes during and after dfo metastasis but you're right on how long it's going to take. Atleast the old data is still relevant as a pre metastasis history lesson
  9. Space Fish Fishstick Van Platin

    Some of the pre-meta info may be outdated too. I know a bunch of translated character bios were from like 2009.
    I think there's an archive of info right before metastasis, but I'd need to dig for it.
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    Ohhey, I'm that nerd (You just can't hear the other nerds that were with me at the time of the reading)

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