DFO-GG 3rd Official PvP

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  1. Chaosnegi

    Welcome to the 3rd DFO-GG Discord Official Tourney
    Entry fees are 40 Demon Challenges or 550k of Gold. The tourney will begin 12/29/2016 around 6pm central

    The rules are simple.
    • Best 2 out of 3 in each round except the final.(Which is best of 5)
    • Discord allows roles, which is set up as your two mains. Those can be used in the tourney. However you need to stick with that character for the set of 3 games each round
    • Epic Weapons are banned. Legendary Weapons are fine.
    • Double Elimination
    • We might have a twitch stream like our last official tourney. However, I cannot make any promises.
    • You can either use your IGN or Discord Name for challonge. Either will be fine. NT7xx3t.jpg

    For more info, Our Discord Chat is https://discord.gg/0ktO6umqXHR7fYq3
    Challonge link is here http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/AmJKyaGKve

    Good Luck and Have Fun! As a Thanatos user, I expect some great pvp action.
    Chaosnegi (IGN: Isaveli)
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