Devil's Toybox end game

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  1. Im 100 frags away from the 9pc and I already have the semiauto shufflector so i am kinda stumped on what to work towards next.

    Is there anything worth replacing in the 9 piece? I keep seeing 6pc + 3pc of another set which really doesnt interest me. I guess I could mix some tainted pieces in there with +atk damage but eh. To be honest, I'm kind of interested in the 9pc itself. Sparrow factory is a great tool for keeping an enemy in place or protecting home base (behind the vipers XD ). I don't care much for the +40% attack damage given to the skill once the 9pc is completed but that CDR+duration is going to make that usable in just about every room.

    Weapon wise, nothing truly complements the Toybox set from what I've seen so if you already have an epic autogun I guess you could spend time grinding for the Vilal Guerilla Machine Gun or Captain Troopers gun just for the additional fire damage if you wanted. Open fire gives +2 viper, +2 tempster, +30 fire, and sparrow factory duration +4 seconds so I guess that's probably your best option if you are wearing Toybox.

    Armor wise I was going to grind for the burning mana set. However, I just got magic burn trousers which I can't even proc with buffs, which means I'm not going to be able to proc mana burn robe either. Has me wondering what else I wouldn't be able to proc from the full set bonus.

    The only thing I can think of doing right now is grinding EX Vilmark for the +20 fire beads and saving up for a selist tear.
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    I'm gonna guess the route most people go on kDnF is to use the 3pc Anton accessory configuration. So for now, you can kinda just fill in the spots with whatever you want or happen to find.
  3. So this is where I am currently.
    Weapon: Semiautomatic Shufflector, +10 reinforced, +6 refinement, +38 intel bead.

    9PC Devil Toybox
    Shoulder: +5% Phys/Magic crit
    Top: Intel +38
    Bottom: Intel +38
    Belt: Ele dmg +3
    Shoes: Ele dmg +3
    Subequip: No beads
    M.Stone: Selist tear, no bead
    Bracelet: Ele dmg +10 (going to upgrade to +20 fire)
    Necklace: Ele dmg +10 (going to upgrade to +20 fire)
    Bracelet: +20 fire
    Title: Katana Ele dmg +15
    Avatars: +25 intel and +3 m.crit in all available slots. Fire dmg +10 aura.

    -Does crit damage affect bots? Debating on getting the crit +9% on the shoulder.
    -Highly debating whether or not to get two more +20 fire damage beads (currently at 114). The extra fire damage was definitely noticeable on my RX bots and Tempster but I felt like the improvement on my vipers wasn't noticeable enough to warrant the cost of buying the two +20 fire beads.
    -Any suggestions on beads to throw on sub-equipment and title? Or replacement beads for any of my current pieces?
    -Any other suggestions welcomed.
    Also, I don't know much about the Anton being released next week. Am I ready with this gear?
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    I would grab that +12 ticket for your shuffle, ex floo enchants also a stronger enchant because % clas
    sub equip you can grab one of those anodron cards and katana can be rolled to +16 fire

    title grab the +10 matk bead

    shoulder +9% iris

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