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    Hi. Launchers are currently the least differentiated among the Gunner classes, so this short guide will help clarify what these two are good at. This is a good topic to cover since this is a question I see asked often. Thanks @kt132 for helping me with male Launcher stats.

    EDIT: Season 2 updated both Launchers, so I removed the spreadsheet linked below until I get Destroyer's new info to use for a new comparison. Stormtrooper's changes can be read in detail here.


    Using data from the succeeding sheets, this compares both classes. For each skill, the first value is Destroyer and the second is female Launcher. Blue values indicate Destroyer advantage, whereas orange indicates female Launcher advantage. E.g., female Launcher's Gatling Gun is x% (orange value - 100%) stronger. Red values are estimates. Destroyer's difference in critical rate due to Spectral Search Eye is a factor I cannot account for.

    Movement is the base character movement speed. This is multiplied by the movement modifiers on Flamethower, Hellfire, and Pampero Booster to give a better idea of how mobile each class actually is while channeling those skills.

    Female Launcher holds her weapons lower on the Z axis than Destroyer. Aside from being able to hit some short foes, this usually doesn't matter. The most notable thing I've noticed is how her Steyr AMR seems able to OTG. She also has less post-execution delay on many skills which is really useful for getting out of trouble and transitioning between fully channeled skills more smoothly.

    • For reasons I can't comprehend, the piercing rate parameter of Stormtrooper's Gatling Gun Upgrade is additive, whereas Destroyer's is multiplicative. This isn't unprecedented; Sudden Annihilation 3's effect on piercing rate is multiplicative too. That set brings her up to 98% piercing rate, so she can brutally mow down hordes effectively. Destroyer would only get 58.8% piercing rate.
    • Strangely, my damage tests didn't detect the increased bullet damage from Heavy Weapon Enhancement (HWE) at all, so I left it out since I guess it's bugged.
    • Destroyer's Charged Laser Rifle is actually not as strong as it could be. This is because the mini laser from HWE is currently unaffected by Eagle Eye (anything unaffected by this probably is unaffected by all heavy weapon damage modifiers) and all Laser Rifle damage modifiers don't affect it. Only Charge Laser Rifle modifiers (force C2, Quantum Theory 6, Laserholic) do.
    • An unmentioned advantage of Destroyer's Grenade Launcher is how it works with effects that increase grenades fired. With the upgrades alone, the difference between 3 and 4 grenades isn't much. With Hell on Earth 9, it probably changes to 6 and 10. The lower base number probably means he gets a greater benefit from Kartel Air Machine Cannon as well. Future changes make his Grenade Launcher function just like Steyr, including the slight Y axis guidance. The downside is losing the ability to lob grenades across the room for great use of the explosions. I'm not sure if they explode on impact with objects anymore either.
    • Stinger is better because its explosions have Z axis (allowing you to hit enemies of civilization like Bakal, the King of Hitboxes) and are large enough for you to get a good amount of hits on small targets. Lancer's lack of Z axis is a major limitation.
    • Stormtrooper is able to hold Extruder for 1 second longer than Destroyer which is good for gathering, but inconvenient if you want quicker damage when using this skill as an assist (ideally with Saturation Bomb 9).
    • Spectral Search Eye allows Destroyers to know where mobs are offscreen in front of them and supports the party by reducing the foe's critical resistance and evasion rate. Knowing where things are offscreen is really convenient for sniping and effectively increasing you party's critical rate is a rare ability.
    • Satellite Beam does nice damage, is fire and forget, and reduces light resistance at level 9.
    • Pampero Booster has low growth potential since it's water damage. 2AR and AJ immensely buffs this skill for Storm Trooper. Even though this skill is mainly for its near-absolute freeze (it will freeze anything that can be frozen. Awakened Michael, Ozma, Bakal, and Darksteel are some foes that cannot be), maxing it isn't bad since this increases the freeze duration and movement speed. Destroyer is strangely able to move faster.
    • Stinger SW and Lancer SW are both good skills once you get used to how they target things. Lancer SW has the same Z axis issue Lancer does. The molten land damage from both skills has been unlisted for ages now :hiyuu: and is unaffected by heavy weapon damage modifiers. For Stinger SW, the molten land does a lot of damage, so you really want to keep foes on it if possible.
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