Despair on Elementalist made simple

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  1. Jy~ :3

    Have a friend that is is video showing how to do despair on ele very easily and using extreme bare minimum gear...i do this same strategy for 99% of floors...

    only floors ur gonna have even slight trouble with:

    51 - (if the meteor is still hitting you using this method. remove all equipment/avas that give you movespeed)
    that true asura that uses perma 1st awaken - use disenchant on him and he literally just stands there
    96 - ur gonna wanna use all ur light skills. he will die in 1 lightning strike most likely. max leap and ice wall+tp to stall him
    99 - keep void inbetween you and the fighter on the y axis. when she runs into the void she runs in the opposite direction of you. use dark skills~

    all i can think of really lol

    hordor-->buffs-->spam frosty/void till halloween buster/arctic burst-->they dead

    if you're still struggling feel free to optimize your TP skills better...its so easy i dont even bother lol

    for floors with summons if you're stuck maybe try max ice wall + ice wall tp + frosty head tp and get 3 pc infin warden...
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