Dark Empress Awakening Dialogue

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  1. For those you care about the dialogue that goes on during the awakening stuff, this is for you. I plan to do this for all the other characters (those that already have posts on the Wiki I'll skip.) Now your probably asking, Advent, why don't you just post the stuff on the wiki? Simple answer, I don't know how... If anyone wants to do that be my guest. (Note this will be the last one for awhile, Demonbane is on the wiki if you want to look at that up and I'll need a bit to grind up materials)

    Dark Empress Awakening 1
    Knight Robato: I sense potent energy of the darkness... No, I was wrong. It's not darkness. It's death
    Do you know you look like a grim reaper? You're gaining power from the souls of others, and you worship Usir, the God of Death. Your body has long crossed the boundary between life and death.
    If you push your body further into the realm of death, you'll become one of the few who can employ Usir's authority. Of course, that means your body will be more precariously close to expiration, having brushed with death.
    Do you wish to get closer to death in exchange for greater power, or stay where you are to cherish however much time you have left? It's your choice.

    I knew you'd choose that.

    Dark Empress Awakening 2
    Knight Robato: What do you think you can do to push your body to the verge of death?
    That's right: walk into the mouth of death. Your body, however, is the vessel of your soul, and must be protected against damage.
    Walk into the tower built by the god of death.
    Your body already crossed the boundary between life and death. It'll naturally dissolve into death while you're fighting formidable warriors you meet in the tower.

    You're bringing a thick cloud of deathly energy with you.

    Dark Empress Awakening 3
    Knight Robato: The energy of death your body radiates terrifies me.
    Check if your mind has complete control of your body. The moment your mind falls into the pit of death, your body with break and your spirit with scatter.
    You'll have to fight warriors who equal your strength.

    This is the essences of strong warriors. You're ready to become a Dark Empress.

    Dark Empress Awakening 4
    Knight Robato: Dark Empress is one of the few knights who are endowed with Death God Usir's authority. As Dark Empress, you are to worship the god without letting death consume you.
    Able to absorb and control the spirits of others, you're already above death
    But the moment you let your arrogance get the best of you, death will drag you by your ankles into its dark maw.
    Remember what your deathly power is for.

    I hope you'll use the authority of death for the right reasons.
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