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  1. Isa Sheep

    Hey guys. Just thought it would be a cool side project to analyze the data from the current Virtual Tower of Despair event and report it back to everyone once the event is over! I'll report things such as pot weightnedness as soon as I get enough entries ~150. At the end I'll post some fun facts and such. Something similar to what Neople has done on their Facebook page for our last two game anniversaries!

    The link to the short survey is right here click me.

    One response per person, per account please! As this is a group effort, I'd appreciate if you were truthful and posted your epic regardless of the outcome. These types of things only work when the data is as unbiased as possible (though in reality it will be impossible to eliminate all bias).

    Pot Weightedness Results 5/9/17:
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  2. Isa Sheep

    Updated with pot weightedness at 183 responses.
    DISCLAIMER: This was done using the responses of random people. They may or may not have told the truth and some people may have submitted multiple or false entries. Take the weight with a grain of salt.
  3. DTK #FFB400, simply #FFB400!

    So so far the chance seems to be 25% of getting a lvl 85 and 37.5% of getting either 75 or 85 each. I knew it'd be biased against lvl 85, but I was expecting it to be much worse lol.
    Still, it should be accounted by weapon type because there's short swords that have 2x75, 1x80 and 2x85 while brooms have 4 freaking lvl 85 brooms and 1x75 and 1x80, but I imagine the data pool is still too small for that.
  4. Isa Sheep

    Copying from what I posted on Reddit:
    Hello everyone!

    So a couple of weeks ago I had asked everyone to fill out a form to see some statistics regarding the pot preference as well as the drop rate! I know I said I'd wait till the end of the event, but the responses are essentially peaking, so why wait?

    So here we go:

    Over 258 people recorded responses, however I only took 258 responses because others were either incomprehensible or straight up trolling.

    Of the 258 responses,
    this picture shows the spread of the choice of pots!

    The top three chosen pots were, in order of popularity:

    • Broom: 27 (10.5% total entries)
    • Knuckle: 24 (9.3%)
    • Bowgun: 22 (8.5%)
    Seems that many was taking advantage of the fact that brooms were indeed the best choice overall for their respective classes. It also seems that people were really hoping to gear their Nen Masters and Spitfires (getting ready for that rework, huh?)

    Some of the less popular choices included: Chakra Weapon, Wand, Bludgeon, Rod, and Hand Cannon. These weapon types all received either 1 or 0 responses!

    The spread of weapon level was as follows:
    • 75 - 34.9%
    • 80 - 38.4%
    • 85 - 26.7%
    The most received epic award goes to:

    HANDMADE BROOM with 11 pulls.

    Finally, I'll leave you with some of the more interesting entries below...

    Manchinst's Fury | Blood Sowrd: Dainsleif | tactician's blowgun | NIPPLE AUTOGUN | Epic Soul | Ise Spark Bowgun | Blood sword dainsleif ;___; | +3 [Black Dragon] | Wizzard Staff (you're a WIZZARD Harry)

    Thanks so much for those of you who answered honestly and participated. I hope to be able to do something like this with you again.

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