Common Question... Daggers V Dual Blades!

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  1. Lashaquana

    So I've had a rogue for quite a while now, and I've recently just got back into it. Long story short, the masteries are completely different!
    To my understanding, daggers is speed, dual blades is strong. That is a no-questions-asked.

    However, which is better at this point? Are they even considered to be comparable? It seems so one-sided favoring daggers, since they removed the huge charging/AOE abilities DB had to offer.

    I want to know mostly if Dual Blades are worth using compared to daggers, (for example, if DB damage could keep up with daggers in OV and Anton.)
    <I get that it's a preference thing, also relying heavily on gear/builds/player skills, but I want to know if the damage is balanced between the two.>
  2. The only dual blade worth using right now is The End, if you have full Hit End chrons or Assassin's Attitude. If you have a smash modifier nowhere else, then Hit End chrons + Goddess Knife is also acceptable.

    The setups for each weapon are generally:

    Gracia 6 Piece = Goddess Knife
    Hit End with no Smash mod = Goddess Knife
    Hit End with Smash = The End
    Tactical = Goddess Knife (unless you also have Refined full set)
  3. Lashaquana

    I'm sorry, what is a Smash Modifier? Weapon damage type, right? I read somewhere that there are two, slicing and smashing, but how do you modify/influence these? (and i honestly didn't know twin swords were smash damage :| )
  4. Twin Swords aren't smash damage. Usually smash damage weapons say "multiple % damage bonus does not stack" like:


    There is no such thing as "slicing". The % damage bonus is what is called "Smash" damage modifier because of an old type on Magic Seal weapons.
  5. Mojo_Rhino

    Just to flesh out this for lower gear levels if other newbies benift at all from this:
    I am new to the class but have been playing around with low gear lvl 86 rogue the last couple days and neo prem+. I can say at this lowby gear lvl I much prefer the safety and fluidity of lower cd's dagger to the higher burst of twin swords. Nothing in Hells/ancients/ OV seems any harder without the burst.

    I misread op, deleted origonal post.
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