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  1. The Standards/Restrictions:
    • +10 Unique Weapon, Ghost Train pants, TAO +2 Mana Burst title, and Petit Oblivion pet (weapon shown at the end of each video along with the featured set's bonuses)
    • Elemental Shift: Water to freeze enemies
    • Ex Vilmark & the Time Lord gear MUST be in the 5th room (room before the final boss)
    • 1st Awakening Active and 2nd Awakening Active can only be used ONCE per run
    When comparing sets, don't ONLY look at clear times, but also the cooldown and damage of the set's buffed skills

    2nd Chronicle Gear
    3rd Chronicle Gear

    Additional Comments
    The weapon standard used is to give an idea how an entry geared Oblivion would do in the True Ancients environment and EX Vilmark is one of the easier dungeons to start because it doesn't have any annoying special gimmicks. Please don't think that once you get a 9pc LSA you'll be one/two-shotting every boss in solo True Ancients (without a highly reinforced and very good weapon).
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  2. My Analysis
    Filler = any skill that isn't the skills buffed by your set
    • Elemental Halt: Flame Circle is awesome, why can't this be the standard? Dark Zone still weak and Infernal Road buffs not very noticeable. Darkness Mantle size increase is good for gathering and the extra damage is okay. Downside of this set lies in the TP distribution. I had to remove the Crystal Storm and Elemental Rain TP to fit in Dark Zone, Dark Mantle and Flame Circle TP. You're depending on Flame Circle to do damage on bosses and spamming filler spells while waiting for Flame Circle.
      • Infernal Road cooldown: ~4 seconds. Dark Zone cooldown: ~12 seconds. Darkness Mantle cooldown: ~14 seconds. Flame Circle cooldown: ~12 seconds
    • Boost Asran: 2 Lightning Walls one right after another is pretty neat, and the damage dealt by the two walls is around the same as the 9pc LSA Lightning Wall. Another Dark Zone boost and Darkness Mantle size boost. Dark Zone is great for mobs, but not Bosses. You're depending on Lightning Wall to do damage on bosses and that's still a significant 14 second cooldown to use filler spells. Once again, TP distribution issues, got to remove Crystal Storm and Elemental Rain TP to fit in Dark Zone, Darkness Mantle, and Lightning Wall TP.
      • Dark Zone cooldown: ~13 seconds. Lightning Wall cooldown: ~ 14 seconds Darkness Mantle cooldown: ~9 seconds.
    • Elemental Ball Expansion: This is the set I am most familiar with, so the quick clear time compared to the other sets is not surprising. Having very good Rapid Fire damage is amazing and Elemental Rain hits like a truck. What was a filler spell becomes a hard hitting bread and butter. Therefore it's easy to weave Rapid Fire between 1-2 filler spells. You're depending on Elemental Rain to do burst damage on bosses. Easy TP distribution: Max Elemental Shift, Elemental Rain, Darkness Mantle, Crystal Storm, and Infernal Road with 1 point left over (which we can just stick into Basic Training).
      • Rapid Fire cooldown: ~2 seconds. Darkness Mantle cooldown: ~15 seconds. Elemental Rain cooldown: ~35 seconds.
      • Bonus Silly Playstyle: For solo play only, surprisingly safe in a lot of places. DO NOT mash rapid fire button, otherwise you won't be able to stay hovering (which you can do when you hit 6pc bonus).
    • Mage's Ultimate Elemental: The most painful set to actually complete the dungeon in. The one bounce on Concentrated Force doesn't seem that special, but the explosion range on Elemental Strike is nice. You depend on very long cooldowns skills Concentrated Force, Elemental Strike, Elemental Rain to actually do damage to non-trash. Another downside is that there is no TP skills for Concentrated Force and Elemental Strike. Should stay as a 6pc Buff Swap set.
      • Concentrated Force cooldown: ~26 seconds. Elemental Strike cooldown: ~43 seconds. Elemental Rain cooldown: ~35 seconds
    • Lightning Storm Abyss: Lightning god is here. Wide Lightning Wall to sweep through rooms, Chain Lightning that hits hard and fast. Only downside is that I had to choose between taking TP points away from Crystal Storm or Elemental Rain (I chose to to take it away from Crystal storm) to get Chain Lightning TP and Lightning Wall TP. The standard set used in KDnF and it's easy to see why: a hard hitting, relatively low cooldown spell, and a hard hitting, relatively low cooldown room clearing spell.
      • Chain Lightning cooldown: ~7 seconds. Lightning Wall cooldown: ~17 seconds.
    • Ice Rain Abyss: Crystal Crash looks awesome, Elemental Rain is now blue, and all those ice crystals in Crystal Storm. But where's the damage? The set gives it range, more hits, but no additional +% damage on Crystal Storm or Crystal Crash, which is what this set needs to be better. You're depending on Elemental Rain to do damage on the boss and squeezing as much damage as you can with Crystal Crash, Crystal Storm, and of course filler.
      • Crystal Crash cooldown: ~5 seconds. Crystal Storm cooldown: ~5 seconds. Elemental Rain cooldown: ~35 seconds.
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  3. Shirouzen Heaven's Wrath

    Cool, more people need to do this for every class while we have rentals floating about.
  4. Jadefrost

    Does rapid fire receive the elemental shift damage mod (i.e. 1161% per orb times any additional modifiers)? If so, 9pc elemental ball expansion will deal out ridiculous damage and I see it being incredibly viable for Anton.
  5. Yes, Rapid Fire should receive the elemental shift damage mod as well. I'll make a video later tonight.

    As for it being incredibly viable for Anton (raid) that's up for a very heated debate that I rather not start again.

    Edit: Video showing Rapid fire completely unbuffed, with elemental shift, and then with Eshift and Mana Burst for 0, 3, 6, and 9 piece bonuses. Using a +10 lvl 80 Unique Staff because Wizard Staff is unstable for this kind of test.
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  6. Jadefrost

    Thanks for making this video. I can see now the pros and cons of the set for Anton, so we don't need to go there if you don't want to.
  7. The Winged Professor だが断る!

    One thing I want to chime in on since I use 6pc Mage. The benefit of 6pc Mage is that you can use strong pieces for your off slots and IMO it does better than EBE and LSA 9pc. A lot of the phases in Anton are short without a holder so the more instant damage you can deal out the better. Currently I use Spell-Burn Shoulder Pads, Executioner Butchery Necklace, Red Fang Pants, and Rainbow Energy Magic Stone. Plus you can run any element with this setup, so you don't have to worry about the fact that no one runs light for Tog.

    For regular dungeon clearing I also have no problem with this setup. I mainly use LSA 9pc for OV and for when I'm lazy and just want Lighting Wall to take care of everything for me.

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