Chronicle Set Recommendation?

Discussion in 'Glacial Master' started by Drifter, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. Drifter

    I was wondering what Chronicle sets are recommended these days.
    I assume all the 3rd Chronicle sets have their merits.
    What about Short Ice Magician (OV2) set?

  2. Alex X

    -The most popular set for Anton is Ice Arrow Shot due to very high damage and stopping power that is easily sustained for long periods of time.

    -For burst damage and easy room clearing, Ice Floral Hell remains highly popular. Place Grand Shatter on the targets, and watch those HP bars shred!

    -Ultimate Ice Magician is if you want a cube-focused burst build. Weakest of the C3 options, but for general dungeon runs it's more than sufficient and will serve you well.

    -For C2, Short Ice Magician has become popular now that melee-based builds were significantly buffed post-revamp. I personally use this set, and it's great for skillspamming the ice weapon skills for steady damage as well as freeze utility that the ice weapons offer. Your second awakening's ice spear procs will occur very often with this one, as they proc based off skill usage, not number of hits.

    -Long Ice Magician is not great, but if you like spamming super holds with Ice Trap it can be useful for that combined with Blizzard Storm burst damage.

    -Ice Vine is typically considered the worst. The 3-piece set is good if you want to go with 6-piece of another set and then 3 of this one, but Ice Orb is really tricky to use well and ice field is good but not enough to carry the set.

    Since Glacial Masters are fairly chronicle-dependent, you typically want to pick your favorite set(s) and get as many pieces of those as you can. The sets all make a pretty big impact on you gameplay, and the sets don't cost anything but OV commitment to obtain, so they're very much worthwhile.
  3. Drifter

    Does 9 pc Ice Arrow Shot let you shoot arrows infinitely as long as the enemy is not dead? (Am I losing my mind here?)
    Good to know Short Ice Magician is a viable set. That's what I was planning to go for.
    The 3rd Chron sets seem nice but running the OV3 dungeons hurts my head.
  4. Alex X

    Yeah with Ice Arrow Shot the skill cooldown basically finishes the same time you finish shooting all the arrows, allowing you to start another volley immediately. The fact you can fire indefinitely is pretty much the reason it's so popular in Anton: steady, consistent damage is more important there than burst and Ice Arrow Shot has the least downtime once you get going.

    In terms of Short Ice, it's a good idea to get the full 9-piece if you can since that makes it easier to skill spam for more of those ice spear procs, though if you get lucky with hellmode drops you can potentially drop it to a 6-piece depending on epics (like if you get the Ice Princess accessories or something). I can agree on Chron 3 dungeons being more annoying than 2, but post-second awakening it becomes considerably more tolerable, for whatever that's worth.
  5. UnKnown_Drive Immortal Sapphire

    Alex X did a good rundown of the chron sets, so all I want to add is some videos to show why Short Ice Magician, Ice Arrow Shot, and Ice Floral Hell are the top 3.

    Short Ice Magician:

    Ice Arrow Shot:

    Ice Floral Hell:

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