Cata and DI stacking

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  1. goldy

    40 DI is +224 STR/INT.
    41 DI is +234 STR/INT. (+10)
    42 DI is +241 STR/INT. (+7)
    43 DI is +250 STR/INT. (+9)
    44 DI is +258 STR/INT. (+8)
    45 DI is +267 STR/INT. (+9)
    46 DI is +275 STR/INT. (+8)
    47 DI is +285 STR/INT. (+10)
    We can go with the conservative estimate of +8 per level(roughly).
    Vow 9 adds 50 to the STR bonus and 44 to the INT bonus, so 5/6 extra levels of DI will beat Vow 9 for Spirit Saders.
    Cata(+2)+Sea god(+1)+Heart of Phantasmic Captain(+1)+Forgotten Land Sub/Silver watch(+1) gives you five levels. Post revamp high tech ring gives one level of DI, or alternatively if you're lucky Skill Experience Ring gives +1 to DI right now. You shouldn't need the 6th level if you green imbue DI some of the slots left(Belt, Shoes, Ring, Bracelet, Mstone), although bracelet is the only slot that doesn't really have good gear(stat padding mstone and ring, halidom belt+shoe).

    I'd test this out except I don't care enough about support sader to invest time in Forgotten Land or pay jew prices for Phantasmic Captain. I'm just curious if that's really the case(or maybe DI growth slows down after 47, I don't have the +3 title or the 3rd DI emblem so I don't know). If anyone is able to check, post in the thread. Pics of DI stats in gallery:

    Note: The only RNG part is Cata- without Cata, the build falls apart.
    44/15 3050 sader looking for sell group
  2. LinkMaster7 Average Lurker

    Some of the other gear you mention isn't likely going to beat VoS, since it scales decently with vit/spi as you upgrade it. Also the VoS ring has innate vit/spi, which the HighTech ring lacks and Ramnu/Lion's Heart are one of the best stat roiders.
    After tooltip nerfs and better stat scaling, you can beat DI levels with stat roider gear if they're potent enough. Also the phantasmal captain necklace would be annoying in longer maps, like raid volcano(waiting generally for 2 clears).
    In short, you have to really consider the stats from the DI boosting gear now, with reworked values.
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  3. goldy

    Is there another rework to DI? I was under the impression that these values are the latest ones after the nerf, since slow heal tp's stat increase effect is gone. I don't think I agree that stat padding is worse with this setup- Vow armor pieces give 24 spi per piece(4 pieces), and maybe 10 spi for better armor scaling, which you can cover just by having two 85 halidom pieces in shoe/belt slot. Not too sure about amp scaling on the FL sub, but maybe you lose 80 off a +11- pad stone and the leftover halidom stats should cover that. The 6th level off high tech may not be necessary as stated before depending on scaling and green imbue bracelet, so Ramnu/Lion might be used. I concur that phantasmal would be annoying however. Bracelet doesn't give any spi, so that's not part of the issue.
    This is just conjecture, since saders are unlikely to want to lug around yet another swap set, and it may be as you say that Vow still scales better, but I am curious as to how DI scales beyond the max level you get with Vow(46?).
  4. highest i could get while burning was active, shoulda threw on melvin ring ;_;

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