Can you of the staffs UPDATE DFO TO ALLOW AVG?

Discussion in 'Ranting & Venting' started by Antonio, Dec 10, 2016.

  1. Antonio Useless creator

    For the love of the GOD: Can we please ASK the staffs so THEY can update DFO or XIGNCODE so it also runs when AVG is running? I keep getting the THEMIDA error SAYING that a debugger has BEEN found RUNNING in my SYSTEM. I am using Windows 10, and DISABLING TEMPORARELY AVG seems to fix it, BUT THIS PROBLEM is that I have to DO IT every time.
    CAN we GET A UPDATE that allows us to RUN DFO even with AVG?!
    We NEED to flood the staffs with requests like this, or something! What can I DO!?
    Rant ALL YOU want about that AVG stuff, but don't protest with me saying to uninstall AVG! This is not a bug, I TRIED different games that uses XignCode with AVG, and they WERE the SAME. SO, FIND A WAY TO FIX IT, STAFFS!
    Also, can you CORRECT something? After updating, every time I start up, I GET THE ERROR saying the AUDIO CREATION failed and that I HAVE TO REINSTALL the sound driver. This IS NOT MY PROBLEM, I CAN HEAR AUDIO JUST FINE. It APPEARED last month but I fixed it.
    What can I do?! Please do not ban me just because of this... *huff puff*
  2. Mormolycia Administrator

    Uninstall AVG, it's straight up garbage.

    Get malware antibytes instead

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