Can a m.striker hit Gaunis between phases?

Discussion in 'Striker' started by Mr. Sly, Oct 27, 2015.

  1. Mr. Sly Guest

    Most of our skills are on the x axis... I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to Dragon Kick or Spin Kick Rift Master Gaunis between phase changes. Any skills in particular that will hit him in any way at all?
  2. SilentGuy

    Unfortunately, M. Strikers can not hit Gaunis right now. Once we get 2nd Awakening, the skills Falling Strike and Supreme Emperor's Consecutive Strike should be able to hit him.
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  3. Mr. Sly Guest

    I thought so, ty, it's a shame we have to wait so long though.

    Also, it depends on which version of the Supreme Emperor's Consecutive Strike we get. The world's strongest low punch version, or the one that's actually a few consecutive attacks...
  4. Jay 테미

    There's no reason why DFO would get punch version from test server. That version has been scrapped.
  5. SkyArt

    I don't know much about M striker, but F. Striker can hit him with lightning dance if you throw some oil and then hit that using fire damage. Maybe males can do something similar?
  6. Mr. Sly Guest

    Ah, well that's something I guess. I kinda like that more, needed to be a lil flashier in my opinion.
    Someone actually suggested that to me in game too, I guess that's where they get it from. I practiced it in training on mobs using oil but it didn't seem to work for me.. at least for the male striker anyways. I also think that the timing for that would be a lil more difficult than normal to hit the oil and get the kick in for Gaunis between phases. Not too difficult but still would need some proper setup and timing to get right. I guess we wait until the 2nd awakening to hit him q.q
  7. The oil trick doesn't work with M.Striker because you actually need to hit a mob to start lightning dance off. Gotta wait until 2nd awakening to hit Gaunis.
  8. Mr. Sly Guest

    I discovered a way you can hit Gaunis. Though it's not necessarily much at's still something lol. Our awakening gets that aoe effect upon a certain level and does damage to everything surrounding you when it's cast. So.. I guess if you really wanna help in the dps, as minor as it is... walk right up to him and awakening as the phase changes.
  9. Reitousei

    does spin kick not hit gaunis? unless it only hits with the improved version after 2nd awak, saw a vid of falling strike into spin kick to hit him in between phases.

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